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How To Cast An Open Face Reel

This blog post is going to talk about how to cast an open face reel. When we say open face we are talking about a spinning reel. there are various types of reels that you can get.

Namely, open face, spincast, and baitcasters. Just for the record I don't use spincast reels because those are usually for novices.

For the most part, you will see me using a spinning reel. I do this for various reasons but most of all for the easy casting. So if you're wondering which is best it is definitely a spinning reel.

Everybody has their own opinion and style and that is okay. However, for versatility, usability, and durability, spinning reels have proven themselves.

Open Face Reel Vs Closed

Now the debate between open face reels and closed reels is something to think about. Back in the day, many people use spincast reels which are closed reels. 

Are push button and easy to do what about having to deal with the fishing line. Novices could easily pick up a fishing pole and go fishing without too much instruction.

Abu Garcia Revo Rocket Baitcaster Reel

Closed face reels almost completely different than open face reels. They rotate the spool at a different angle and different direction. It will take more practice to learn how to use them as well.

You really should have this thought when you are trying to get a fishing combo set for your young child. If you don't know much about fishing yourself then I would suggest going with a spincast reel. Anybody can learn to do it in a day. It's easy to use and you don't have to learn many things. 

Abu Garcia Revo Rocket Spinning Reel

Spinning reels have been a favorite of mine since I started fishing. They can do anything you need them to do and they are easy to use if you are inexperienced. If you go high quality you will not be disappointed.

Why Use Open Face Reel

Spinning reels or of a different breed. When the line is exposed you do have to deal with casting skills. A+ is the fact that you can use thicker lines to catch bigger fish. You're also able to cast further because the enclosure isn’t there to impede the line naturally falling off the spindle.

Open Face Reel

You also find that when you're fighting the fish and bending the rod the line isn't rubbing up against a piece of metal which helps the Line Stay Strong. You also find that spincast reels are going out of style.

The Zebco z33 is one of the most popular spincast reels of its time and now. However it is being produced as a classic reel.

Why Use A Closed Face Reel

Most people think that closed face reel doesn’t get hung because the line is contained within the spindle inside of a cylindrical box. However, that could be no further from the truth.

if your line is allowing enough Slack or gets wet or has dirt in it it could easily cause problems for you. You will find yourself opening up the enclosure and having to unspool a bunch of line to find out where the problem starts.

Also, there's the problem of having to add lime to this reel again. You do it like every other real but then you have to put the cover back on.

If you want to use it for bigger fish then you will have to go by the requirements from the manufacturer. these will be small lines between 6 and 10-pound test and less than a hundred fifty yards.

I'm not saying that this reel doesn't work but it's just not for me personally. You'll do just fine fishing with it and you'll catch many of the fish in freshwater areas.

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How To Cast A Spinning Reel

Back when I learn to cast a spinning reel I didn't have any instruction. I spent a lot of time in my yard casting a weight and an object. The more I casted it the closer I got.

Next thing I know I can hit that object almost every single time. after I had mastered this technique I moved to different types of casts.

I currently use a “learn and do model” for teaching people how to cast their fishing rods. When I was younger I just use a “do model”.

So when I set out to teach my son how to cast a spinning reel I had to come up with an easy method that he could remember. just like your ABC's kids can remember about three things in succession.

Below, I have listed the three-step process that I use to teach my child how to cast an open face reel.

  1. Hold the line - use your pointer finger to hold the fishing line while you grasp the fishing rod (This is also good for sensing bites on live bait).

  2. Open the bail - Flip open the bail, which is the metal ring hovering over the fishing line spool

  3. Pull back 45 degrees and cast (let go of the line) pointing the tip of your rod at the destination - This step could be cut into smaller parts, but it happens in one fluid motion so I provided it as a single step. Remember to close the bail once the lure has hit the water.

Hold Fishing Line With Pointer Finger
Open The Bail
Cast Your Fishing Lure

How To Cast A Spincast Reel

Casting a spincast reel is quite similar to a spinning reel. You still use a finger to hold the line, but you do it through a button.

The bail is opened automatically. Once you think about it why would you use a spinning or baitcaster reel? The reason is PERFORMANCE! 

Also once you try out new cool things you don’t want to be the guy in a cool new bass boat that looks like a beginner.

  1. Press and Hold the button - This will lock the line in place and set the bail to open

  2. Swing back 45 degrees and cast - Preparation of the cast

  3. Let go of the button at the end of your cast - The end of your cast is when your fishing pole is pointing toward your destination

  4. Start Reeling - Reeling engages the bail and then it’s like any other fishing reel

Are Spincast Reels Any Good

I thought about this question for quite some time before I came to this conclusion. When you are going fishing it doesn't matter what tools you are using. Your objective is to catch a fish.

If you are objective is different from this then maybe it matters. You may be fishing for fun. You may be fishing to catch a fish. You may be fishing to gain new skills.

You may be fishing to get the support of another. you may even be fishing to show off.

No matter what you're doing a spincast reel can provide you that result. Having the best gear looks cool when you're on the other side of the water looking at the grass that is greener.

At the end of the day, the person with the biggest fish or the most fish is the winner. That is a person who's going to brag. That is a person who's going to tell all his friends. And that will be the person with the coolest fishing gear.

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How To Cast A Fishing Rod From The Beach

If you are ocean fishing with a surf fishing rod, you are using an open face reel. All surf fishing rods use open face reels. the way you cast these are a little different than normal.

you have many different elements that you have to deal with. the steps in a beginning remain the same but where and how you do those steps is different. Below I've gone into detail about these differences.

  • Stand at the Edge of the wave line or go up to your waist in water - If you are trying to catch fish in the waves then you want to stand at the water’s edge. If you are going after fishing way behind that you will have to go deeper in the water.

  • You will take the back 180+ degrees to get the biggest variance - This angle will provide you a full overhead swing that will allow you to cast over the waves and go further using the weight of the lure

  • You will cast up 45 degrees hard and quick to move heavy lures and weight over long distances - a 45 degree cast will allow the longest cast just like a football quarterback throwing for a long touchdown. The quicker and harder you throw the further it will travel.

The Complete Guide To Surfcasting

If  you have wondered what is the best way to find the fish and cast to them from the surf the answer is here. Sometimes it is best to sit down and read a good book to get the time honored answers you need.

How To Cast A Fishing Rod Far

If you just read the section about how to cast a fishing rod from the beach you will know generally how to cast far. there really is no trick too this ability.  

The only thing to think about is the weight of the lure. If you have a heavy lower you can use the exact strategy I used for the beach. if you have a light lure you will have to use some finesse to get the longest cast out of it.

When are using lighter lures the line weight comes into play.

A light lure will have to pull a heavier line. This will slow down the lore and give you a shorter cast. If you put on your lightest lower on a heavy line you will see and probably already know that lure will not go very far.

It's simply an equation of distance and weight.


I hope that this blog post has helped you discover how to cast an open face reel. I also hope you know that an open face reel is also called a spinning reel. These two names are interchangeable.

You should also know that a spincast reel is not a bad thing. It is known as an old fishing reel that is now used for young children who are learning to fish.

If you have any questions you can comment down below or use the contact page above. If you would like to learn more about how to go fishing at work or any other time click on the little advertisement above this section and you will be sent to a page that will teach you all about my story.

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