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Sebile Pivot Frog Fishing Lure Review

Sebile Pivot Frog lures is a unique lure, and one of the best topwater frog lure for bass fishing in the market presently. These lures imitate the natural behavior of baitfish with tremendous technical designs. Each Sebile lure is designed to make different actions and movements that imitate different natural movements of the prey such as fluid movements, intense vibration, and subtle disturbances. These actions provide the triggers that attract strikes from the most severe predators.

The brand is named after the French fisherman Patrick Sebile, who is the founder and designer of these lures. After years of designing lures that helped him achieve fishing fame. Patrick brought his designs to the world by beginning to produce his lures for the masses. This is how Sebile lures were born. By the time the company started, he had already designed more than 200 lures for himself.

This lure first penetrated the US market around June 2006. It took just six months for one of the Sebile lures, Flatt Shad, to lead the bass fishing market by storm thanks to two successive victories in Texas. In few months later, Sebile had another big hit when the Magic Swimmer won acclamation when Todd Faircloth and Kenyon Hill won the Elite Series championships at Bassmaster circuit.

Why Is This Frog Lure Better?

Many frog lures in the market, no matter how attractive and comprehensive they are, still lack the ability to offer reliable and clean hook sets, which is the reason Sebile has strayed away from the usual to offer a frog that is not only attractive but very effective. Unlike most frogs that keep the hook stiff and unmoved, the Sebile Pivot Frog uses an innovative gravity hook system, which enables the sharp weighted hook to swing from side to side.

Sebile lure action with its highly-collapsible construction provides lightning-fast hook sets that help you catch more fish. The lure is very effective in open water and is very easy to walk due to the “keeled” posturing created with the Gravity Hook System and weighted design. It comes with various amazing amphibian colors that make it very effective.

Sebile Pivot Frog

Go try out a Sebile Pivot Frog!

The lure available in 2 1/2 inches sizes and 8 color selections, adds the needed innovations to the hollow Frog group. With the Gravity Hook System, the rotating single broad gap hook enables the Hook to change position freely. This leads to less snags and improves landing ratios and hook-up, it is hard to hook bass with two hook systems, but this lure focuses all the power that the fisherman applies at one hook point.

Sebile Pivot Frog offers powerful and clean hook sets using the gravity hook system. This enables the tough hook to move freely from one side to another, while still adding a "keel" to facilitate "walking" over open water. The lure comes with thicker, more durable plastic than the traditional frog, although the body is still foldable. This, in addition to the large gap in the hook, gives you enough space to stick those frogs.

Sebile Pivot Frog - Specifications

  • Lure Length: 2 1/2in | 6cm

  • Lure Size: 1/2 oz

  • Package Count: 1

  • Swimming Depth: Topwater

  • Packaging: Box

  • Number of Hooks: 1

  • Hook Size: 5/0

This Sebile pivot frog is one tough lure, with a very dense body. This frog casts very well and skips better. The only concern you will have to worry about is during the windy weather conditions, you will have to watch her do the alligator death roll in midair, but for most of your fishing time and conditions, you shouldn't have any problem placing this frog anywhere you want.

Sebile Pivot Frog

Go try out a Sebile Pivot Frog!

Sebile lures are widely available in the United States and Canada, so you don't have to worry about finding this frog at your local store or online. The price is pretty good too, it is affordable, unlike most frogs that comes with high price tag, therefore when you see Sebile frog with all its great features, there will be no need to complain.

Sebile Pivot Frog - Colors and Variety

Sebile's Pivot Frog is available in one size and 8 different color options, I really didn’t have a tough time choosing from these colors and the fact is that no matter what you are fishing for, there is something for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced bass fisherman, one lure that you must carry at all times is a sebile pivot frog. This frog is easy to fish and effective in all regions of the country. It elicits some of the most exciting and explosive bass blowups you will ever experience. Thanks to its popularity, there are eight different colors to choose from, so if you are still wondering which one is the best color for bass fishing. The good news is that each of these colors works well and offers the best value.

Choosing the color of the frog is much easier than you think when considering these basic concepts. First, frogs are generally fished in a heavy cover where the bass are unlikely to observe frog colors. Secondly, most frogs will be a shade of green, white, or yellow. And lastly, a topwater frog can also mimic baitfish such as bluegill and shad. So you can condense all the following eight sebile frog colors into one of these groups: black, white, and natural. The 8 colors are:

  • Black Yellow Frog

  • Brown Frog

  • Green Frog

  • Orange Frog

  • Spotted Mess

  • White Lime Frog

  • Yellow Frog

  • Firetiger


During the video, you may have noticed that I was using the Firetiger version. I used this because back in the 1990s the most popular frog color was just like that. The biggest component I could think of was the belly of most frogs is yellow. I think the more yellow you make it the better it will get the attention of a big bass.

First and foremost, remember to have a great time and don’t give up on your frog. They can produce excitement from Spring to Fall when it comes to bass fishing. You may be surprised and run into some Pike, Musky, or even a Snakehead!

Dwight Norris

Dwight Norris

Dwight Norris

Dwight Norris

Dwight Norris

Dwight Norris

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