June 14

Best Fishing Pole For 3 Year Old

When fishermen get to introduce their young children to the sport of fishing it is a great day. We are all filled with excitement that our child will be the next Bassmaster Classic champion. However, we all have to start at the same place. One of the first things that they will have to learn around 3 years old is how to use a fishing pole. 

My mother proclaimed that I learned how to fish at 3 years old and my son caught his first fish at 2.5 years old. However, we didn’t learn in exactly the same way. I learned on Zebco 33 rod and reel combo and my son learned on a Zebco Dock Demon spinning rod and reel combo. These two different types of fishing poles are a world apart when it comes to skill. So that goes to say, what is the best fishing pole for a 3-year-old?

Fishing With My Son

Fishing Pole For Kids

Each individual fishing pole has a use that is consistent with the type of fishing reel that is being used. One thing that you can count on for kids is that you need a light action rod. The fishing pole should be as sensitive as possible just like finesse fishing setups. 

Kids haven’t learned the subtly of the fish bite and will not know when a fish is hooked most of the time. This will lead you to have to de-gut hook fish over and over again if you are using live bait. If you are using lures, which will happen very soon as they get bored with the passive nature of live bait fishing, you will have to teach a totally different set of skills. 

If you are wondering how to teach your child to cast and do fishing basics you can visit the links below where I have gone over these basics at the same time as I wash teaching my child. Everything is fresh because I had just accomplished it. If you wondering, about 1 week in the yard and he was able to cast in any direction that he wanted within 20 feet!

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Zebco Dock Demon Fishing Rod & Reel

I have used the Zebco Dock Demon for 5 years and it has consistently been one of the best fishing reels for my child between the ages of 2-5 years old. After they they can move to full-size rods and reels that you would commonly use.

A smaller reel and shorter rod allows for your child to learn how to cast quicker. There is less to worry about with how far they will accidentally cast and they will be able to handle lightweight lures that will actually catch all kinds of fish. This will extend the fun they had with live bait.

We all know that micro lures work well because panfish and bass will all eat them steadily. Many fishermen focus on large fish instead of thinking about quantity when it comes to teaching children. They need to catch fish and you need to guarantee that it will happen starting out. After a couple months you can get into the talk about how fishing is slow when it comes to “quality” fish like bass. You can even start talking about fishing techniques then. However, for now keep it simple and consistent!

Zebco 33 Spincast Reel & Rod

For most people including myself, a spincast reel like the Zebco 33 was there first rod and reel combo. It did everything you needed to do and kept you out of your parents hair because you couldn’t create a bird’s nest… easily. I do believe the Zebco 33 is the best spincast reel that you can get for beginners including children. It will help them learn about casting, but it will however give them the same crutch as training wheels on a bike do. 

If you don’t learn how to balance on a bike, you won’t learn how to ride your bike. This is why balance bikes have gotten so popular. They also don’t have any moving parts, but the wheels. The same thing goes with a fishing reel. If you don’t learn how to hold or press on the physical line and feel the cast happening and know when to stop the bail then you will have a hard time upgrading to a more professional reel.

Best Fishing Pole For Beginners

The best fishing pole for beginners is something that you may not think too much about. Fishing poles are usually very sturdy and don’t break very often…. I have broken three in my lifetime. However, when you are new you need a certain level of sensitivity and strength to get you through most situations. 

The last thing you need when you are a beginner fisherman is to worry about what your fishing rod is or isn’t doing. For this reason, I put my support to one type of fishing rod. That fishing rod is the Ugly Stik. Back when it was time for me to make an upgrade so that I could handle Striped Bass my friends knew my gear was not suitable for something that large and strong. Magically a beautiful fishing rod appeared and it performed just like it looked. 

I sometimes wonder if a G. Loomis or some other super expensive trendy fishing rod would make me a better fisherman. Low and behold the only thing that will make you better is going fishing more often and learning from your mistakes. Guess what. That is the way you learn everything!

Best Dock Fishing Pole

I believe the best dock fishing pole is the Zebco Dock Demon. Not particularly because it has the word “Dock” in its name. This was the first fishing pole that my son got from his grandfather when he was 2 years old. It is a spinning reel with no safety measures for children at all. However, it is very small and can make any bluegill feel like a monster and still be able to handle a 2lb bass with ease. I am speaking from experience.

One of the best things this rod and reel is good for is dock fishing. We have used it almost exclusively for live worm fishing. I would suggest you make an adventure for your child in the yard after a rainstorm. Worms will be crawling everywhere and birds will be there too. Get yourself a nice container and start collecting the big ones. You can put the small ones in your garden or compost. 

The most important part is that you have the child actually holding the rod when the fish bites. You can either throw it out for them and let them hold it. This will give them the possibility of letting the fish gut hook itself if they are new and you haven’t instructed them. You can also hook the fish for them and then give them the rod. I suggest this for there very first fish. Afterward, they will demand that they hook the fish themselves. That is when you know you have a fisherman in your midst!

All in all, remember to make sure they have a good time while you have a good time as well. Fishing is a fun and relaxing activity that everybody can enjoy. I hope that more people will go outside and just enjoy the great outdoors as well as fishing. There is so much to experience outside of your home.

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