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Ultra Light Spinning Rod

As a continuation of the ultra-light reels blog post, I have decided to make the ultralight spinning rod blog post. It is important to have a complete combo set when you're doing ultralight fishing. A lot of people don't think too much about this and just buy a name brand, set that seems light. what you're really getting is a cheaply manufactured product from China. Most products are made from China when it comes to sports and outdoors, but just like Apple who makes the iPhone if you pay up you get better quality.

ultra light spinning rod

Ultralight spinning rods are important when you get the proper ultralight reel for them. Balance and sensitivity are two of the main components when thinking about a fishing rod in general. Most people that are doing ultralight fishing are looking for the thrill of the fight. other people want the best possible rod for the type of fishing they are doing. One of those types of fishermen are a crappie fisherman. You will see them with setups where they have six 8 or even 12 rods perfectly laid out on their boats. when a fish bites on their floating system the rod does most of the work. This allows them a time to catch the fish not tangle up the rest of the lies they have out and continue catching lots of crappies so they can have a crappie dinner... that's a joke.

In this article, we're going to go over the best ultralight spinning rods you can get for your fishing pleasure. some of these will be from major manufacturers that you have heard of and others will be unknowns. so if you have a particular brand that you like please keep an open mind. These are suggestions typically from me and I want you to consider them for your next ultralight spinning rod.

The Best Ultralight Spinning Rod For 2020

Choosing the best ultralight spinning rod can be a hard thing to do when you only have one viewpoint to think from. my particular experience goes back to my days on the Chesapeake Bay. I was fishing for all kinds of very large fish and one rod came through then and in the past.

If you think about the specification side of choosing the best you have to think about the sensitivity, action, and the materials. do you need a fishing pole that's highly sensitive so he can feel every little nibble from a smaller fish and be able to figure out what the bottom feels like or if there's any other structure. 

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Action is important because you need to be able to fight the fish with regard to longevity. most people get rods that are stiff so they can force a fish to come in and they hope their fishing line is just as strong. In reality, it's just more fun to fight the fish using your rods and your skills with the drag and your particular pound of line. I believe a true freshman has the skills to use the features of the year they have to fight the fish rather than forcing a fish to come in like they're a professional bass fisherman.

Obviously there are many to choose from in this space, but you will get the best when you go with an Ugly Stik. In particular, the Ugly Stik Elite. You will find others that come close, but this may be one of the places in life where you can be the ugliest and still win Best In Show!

Ugly Stik Elite

Go try out a Ugly Stik Elite!


You will find that the 5ft and 5.5ft Ultra Light fishing rods from St. Croix Triump series are the only ones available. I sometimes wonder why the ultralight series fishing rods aren't made to be a little longer. I know that when they're late you can't have them but so heavy so making it longer and not being able to snap is something that's hard. This is one of the reasons I went more toward the Ugly Stik which has more or less perfected this. 

Some of the cool features that will finance the aluminum oxide guides and the cork handle. I've always denoted a cork handle meaning expensive or unique. Most days you'll just find a phone or a solid plastic handle which doesn't really feel soft or really nice. Little inexpensive upgrades like this can really Propel a fishing rod visually but also performance-wise. Cork is one of the lighter materials you can use on a fishing rod that won't deter from its strength.

St. Croix Triumph Series

Now you know that St. Croix is a pretty expensive company. That's why they have a five-year warranty on This fishing rod. This is one of the reasons people will buy a more expensive fishing pole so they know that if something goes wrong the company has her back. Companies like LL Bean who allow you to return items that fail you even after 20-30 years or forever. the outboard manufacturer Suzuki has an unprecedented 6-year warranty on its outboards. I didn't think this was special at first heard it but apparently nobody does this because people can't be trusted to take care of their stuff. this has me and many other people thinking about repowering to a Suzuki boat motor. 

With all this said Saint Croix is an excellent company that you should think about when you are looking for Ultra Light fishing rods. They have High Performance and excellent quality when it comes to everything they make. If I had more money I would buy more of their stuff and even G. Loomis but I don't. this is the reason why people look for budget or cheap things because they can't afford the best so they want the runner-up.

Other Ultra Light Fishing Rod Options

Like I said previously not everybody has the money currently to buy the fishing gear that they want. I know just like everybody else that you have to make decisions in life about what you can or cannot afford. I personally believe that if you can't afford what you really want and you should take some time to think about what it is that you truly want and what you are willing to do to get it. If you find that doing all the couch and working every day to make your life better and to be able to afford things that you want is too hard for you then maybe something cheaper or budget is more in your wheelhouse. However, if you want all the nice things in life then you will have to do something about it.

Okuma Celilo

Go try out a Okuma Celilo!

So what is all this talk about working hard and getting what you want to have to do with the best ultralight spinning rod available?  plain and simply the rest of these rides aren't cheap. Some are very expensive and most of them are in the middle of the road which is where I believe everybody should aim. when you get in the middle of the road people want to have quality and they want to have performance but they don't want to spend all their money. Some manufacturers will put in a little bit of this a little bit of that but I have to go all in.  

Daiwa Presso

Go try out a Daiwa Presso!

This is why you'll see carbon fiber pieces on your fishing gear when the whole thing could be carbon fiber.  or you'll notice that you have a foam butt to your fishing rod when you could easily have something nice like corked and it wouldn't cost that much more but they don't want to pay the extra few cents to make you happy because they want you to buy something more expensive.

G. Loomis Trout/Panfish Spinning Rod

So to that effect, you need to think about what you want when it comes to your fishing gear. these fishing rods are top of their class and will give you the performance that you were looking for when your ultralight fishing.  I wouldn't promote something that isn't of high-quality because I know how sad it is to have a fishing rod which was seemingly working fine just snap you during an everyday event. 

Pflueger President

Go try out a Pflueger President!

You could tell a fish tale and say that the biggest fish you've ever seen snapped your fishing rod but in reality, you know the truth. do yourself a favor allow yourself to catch every fish you possibly can and not have to think twice about whether your fishing gear will actually be reliable or not. Great fishing gear can last you throughout your life and maybe somebody else's as well. If you put in the money now you will get the results later.

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