November 27

Why Fishing Is Good

Why Fishing Is Good

Hello Dwight Norris here of and today I wanted to talk about why fishing is good. Now you're probably wondering, why is this even a topic of discussion. I'm here because I love fishing, but some people may have gone stray.

Maybe they've forgot about fishing. This is mainly who I'm going after. fishermen who used to be fishermen. they've forgotten. They ran out of time, ambition. They are sad and wondering how do I get out there and go fishing more again or really do anything to be happy and healthy.

Why Fishing Is Good For You

I want to remind you that fishing has always been a good thing. It's been a great thing. A wonderful thing. A beautiful thing. people need to be reminded of that. One reason fishing is good is it helps your health and not just physically. you're getting out into nature and you're walking through the woods. you're getting that boat ready.  working on your balance from the boat is something you don't normally do.

Usually you're sitting on your butt in the office or you're working your butt off in some manual labor job. I've done both! They both kind of stink in their own way. They have to be done because you got to pay those bills and you have your obligations to fill.

No Time To Go Fishing

Mental Health Fishing

Now another part of health that you really haven't thought about is your mental health. This being able to relax, free your mind, and reduce stress. It can do wonders for your health. People don't really realize how much stress can really weigh them down over a period of time. It can be detrimental to your health and sometimes for some people, it will come out in different ways. Other people will get sick to their stomach and get sick more often.

They'll have to go to the doctor for weird things. They'll have weird complications that nobody else in their family does. maybe it will come out externally. they'll have things popping out the body. they'll have cold sores and ulcers and also the internal but one big thing is shingles. If you're not old and you have shingles is because you have high stress. If you think that you are not going to get shingles because you're young, think again. It can happen to you. do not let stress take over your life and hopefully take over part of your body with serious fire like pain. Not cool I hear, not cool at all.

Fishing Vacations

Fishing Success and Failure

Another valuable lesson for why fishing is good is the fact that you get to learn a little something about success and failure. most people don't really think about it the correct way I believe. most people believe that failure is a bad thing. They think when they failed they're useless. they're no good to anybody. everybody's proved them wrong. Oh, you can't do that. That's not possible. That's impossible. If I can't do it, you can do it either. You start to buy into those things. those thoughts and opinions. If you think about that long enough, you'll start to believe it and it will become true.

They say if you want to fail, all you have to do is stop trying and you will become a failure. You can't succeed if you don't try, you can't win if you don't show up, it's the same deal. So when you're confronted with failure, like you are fishing, sometimes fish aren't biting sometimes that new technique that new lure and new space or area, you thought it'd be super cool that new bass boat or whatever else you thought that was going to give you instant success turns out not to be true.

It actually turns out, you need to work hard. You need to actually learn about what you're doing and how things interact with other things. The environment, how the fish move,how the fish actually see and visualize a bait, about the seasons, about the water clarity, about the temperature, about what area you're in, a lake, an estuary, a river, a ocean, it's all different. Nothing's the same. Oh, I've thought it's so warm in there, I'm  going to get something right.

Maybe most of the time. sometimes you can't catch what's not there. if you don't know it's not there, you'll be casting your line over and over again and failing over and over again not knowing what's wrong. you may blame yourself. it's not your fault, you just don't know. That's why failure is a good thing. Because once there's a problem, you can take action to fix it. you should really do that whenever you have the possibility of doing that. Because overcoming failure is something that can reach much further than fishing.

It can work in your personal life. whether you're dealing with social problems, or work problems or education problems. it can in the same way help out business. In business it's an extremely big thing. Everybody knows that anybody who has made a big business has failed over and over and over again. the people that give up, they give up and go try something else foolishly.

Fishing With My Son

Shiny Object Syndrome

That's something called the shiny object syndrome. They go to the next best thing. Oh, I thought that was cool. We'll try it out for a while. it started out cool, but now I'm working. I'm just trying this out and the little wheel just keep spinning around. You end up right back at the same place. Because really, it's not a straight line to success. By casting more you get better and better every time. There's going to be dips and little squiggly in the graph on your way there.

you're still taking action. so you're still getting better, but it's not every time you go up. It's not a game where you get experience points. Maybe it is a game. we get experience points, you get hurt and you go down a little but then you work hard. you get better at not getting hit and using you hit points. you go up again if you play games. you might not understand that, but that's the way life is. usually there's always a dip and usually a dip is the so bad people think they failed and it's all over.

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if you keep going forward, you'll see that that's just a step in the process. You'll keep pushing and keep learning. you'll be back on an upward trend. you'll reach your solution, your success or whatever else you're trying to reach for. so that's one big lesson that you learned through fishing. Part of you think you'll learn something like that fishing wouldn't you? We go with many ways, but it's definitely one way.

Actually for example, I'll tell you, I was teaching my son how to cast. I was like, Oh, I have no prior experience with this. Nobody really taught me how to cast. I taught myself how to cast so this is a lesson for both of us. So I made up a little skill. I had a small little fishing rod and tied a very large bobber to it. Like the biggest one I could find and the brightest one. It was orange and yellow. I mean you can see it do to the fact that it was really heavy that's what I really wanted.

So I tied it on and I told him that I want you to cast 10 feet out there to that bush and our yard is only like seven eight to feet wide. So he threw it sideways, he's been throwing in the cars. So I was like don't hit the cars. He took it a lot better than I thought it did. It did almost go out past that sidewalk and hit them but over a period of like 20 or 30 minutes, I kept reassuring him to watch with the bobber goes, you have to do your steps first.

The first step is put your finger on the line because it's a spinning around. So you have to put your finger in the line then open up the bail, that step two. Then you take it back to a full back position, you swing it and once you reach like zero degrees, I thought it was called the zero, you let go to your line and it should go forward, and every time you do that I want you to track where it goes. The fact that he's using the very bright bobber allows him to do that he can see his progress.

He can see if he does something different that there's an actual consequence. There's a type of failure. I felt this way, I felt that way, I felt this way, I'm going to follow the steps and see where the steps take me. I need some adjustment because I'm a smaller size.  I need to go at 3 o'clock, or 10 o'clock, or 12 o'clock to reach where I want to go.

Help With Stress

He makes adjustments and he actually improves on that because he sees his failure. he sees where successes is. he entered incrementally keeps working. He keeps taking action on those issues so he can reach his success. by the end we must have been out two or three hours. he was hitting that bush or getting within a foot I'd say about 70% of time or more.

I was quite astonished. I would not been that good learning how to do this if it was me. I honestly was scared of using a weight or something with a hook for him the first trial. if it swings back and hooks them in the face or something or it  knocks him on the nose he might get angry.

He might get angry at fishing and quit the whole thing. you don't want that for your children. You want them to fail in an environment that's safe. that's also good for you. You don't want to put all your life savings into this new like venture like a real estate and adventurer. I'm going to get high values on the rent and it's going to go fantastic and then you get down and it's not filling up as fast as you want too.

You have to decrease the prices and people get in and start complaining things are breaking. You're replacing furnaces and there's water leaks and all kinds of problems. money is leaking out the bottom and you're like I thought it was just gonna be awesome. I thought this was going to be how we're gonna get to sitting on the shores on some fantastic island with this new investment. now I'm barely breaking even. I'm actually working this J.O.B. to make no money.

That's the hard way to go down. That's a hard lesson. that's a hard failure. In fishing you really won't have too many of those unless you're a pro fisherman and you lose the Bass Masters Classic by like a pound.

After Fishing

So we're a little deep on that topic of a why fishing is good, but I think it needs to be said about success or failure is a very big thing. a lot of people give up on fishing because it's hard. you have to work and day in day out. the weather gets cold now the fish are not biting so good then you pack it up and do something else. Maybe I'll go hunting maybe, I'll try a new sport or able to sit in the couch and watch fishing that's a little safer.

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Fishing Environment

Think I had one more thing I wanted to say. why fishing is good? Well there is another thing is especially good, it's good for really the environment. We keeping everything level and when people are active in their environment, they actually care about it. they're actually advocates for the environment. So when something goes bad you see trash going down your river like I saw in Charles' , they say it's cleaner now but I'm seeing motor oil bottles, liquor bottles, paraphernalia, sometimes even underwear.

I'm like where's this stuff coming from? Why is it getting in the river. why is this floating randomly by getting stuck in the lily pads. Who's cleaning this crap up? Like obviously it's not going to be me. I don't have time, but if I had the time and I had the right material I would pick those stuff up. .it's ridiculous.

Actually had a conversation with a guy who was on the Charles River Esplanade. we were both watching this large rusted can go by, like oh man, he's like, "I'll pay you $5 if you can hook that can and bring it in". I was like man I wish I could grab that can with my hook.

  1. I would be an awesome awesome fisherman and caster
  2. I'll be able to clean this place up a little better for some of those things I don't want to touch

So just be a better advocate as myself. I think I'll be joining the local not sure I think there's like a fisherman kind of group. they might be more inclined to help out or get involved with the environment and cleaning up the river and the local area. the Boston Harbor as well which has gotten way better over the years after all the manufacturing and stuff have stopped leaving all the chemicals into the river and fishing is come back. Even the trout and smallmouth bass, which don't like dirty water so that's a very key thing.


So those are three things why I think fishing is good and fishing is healthy and fishing can help you learn about success and failure. So trying to think about these things on beautiful days like this in the fall and get ready for your fall fishing. remember that fishing is good and you should share your love for fishing with everybody not just yourself.

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