June 26

Eating While Fishing

Hello, this is Dwight Norris of fishingatwork.com, here on a Monday morning in June and today I'm going to talk to you about eating while fishing. Now when you're fishing at work, you're usually fishing at lunch. Now you're probably thinking, what's this guy talking about? Fishing at work? During lunch? I got to eat, man. I'm starving!

Everything's packed and all the good restaurants are filled up. I got to do a reservation. I have to go early.. Maybe I have to go eat lunch later just so I can avoid the lines. That's what I do if I'm going to eat at a restaurant. But if you were planning on fishing that day, you had to think a little bit differently. You have to think about 

  1. how hungry you are.
  2. What do you really want to be eating while fishing 
  3. How do you want to eat it?


So basically it starts with preparation. The day beforehand you should think about what am I feeling like I want to eat tomorrow? Maybe I'm feeling like a sandwich. So get everything you need, you have the ham, mayo, et Cetera, et Cetera, et cetera. You may eat the sandwich, like you did it back in school.

Plastic bag, throw everything in there, get your food, get your festivals, something healthy and something clean. Most importantly it needs to be something that you can carry easily while you're on the move to wherever you're going. However you're going to be eating while fishing.

Say you're walking, you need something that can fit in your backpack. Sandwiches work well and subs work well. You can almost bring anything like, you know, take a salad or something. That's fine.

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Now you're bringing some kind of like a sauce or something. It should be prepackaged. You don't want to put something like in a soft plastic bag that's floating around. It might leak out, it might get too hot and the bag will expand. Nobody really thinks about that. In general you can really eat anything that you don't have to heat up.

Now if you have some kind of cold chicken and you want to heat it up and stuff like that, that's going to be tougher. So I prefer to stay with cold things or things that are supposed to be eaten cold while eating while fishing. You can eat cold chicken if you want too. Preferably I like to have it heated.

So in light of this, if you do work at a place, which has a microwave, you could heat this stuff up and put it in a hard container like a travel device and still have it heated up and ready to go while you're on the move.

Where To Go Eating While Fishing and How Much?

Most of your food will be eaten while you're at your location. You could do a variety of things, but more or less you want to not actually eat at your job because once you're eating at your job, they figure you're taking up your time. Your clock has started. So you don't want your clock to start until after you leave.

So how do you maximize your time and eat as well? Well, one of the things you can do is eat while you're fishing. If you're doing live bait and you know you have things set up and you throw it out there and you're waiting, it's a perfect time and you just kind of wait for the bite. There really isn't that much time to waste doing that.

if you have travel time and you don't need to use your hands as much, let's say you're driving a car, perfect time to have a sandwich or a drink or pop some food in your mouth to survive. But it will be best if you weren't truly starving the day you wanted to go fishing.

Now the day you want to go eating while fishing like everybody I know you're going to have to accept that in general. You have to make a decision of what you want to do. What's more important, fishing or stuffing your face. You only need a certain amount of food for a certain amount of time.

If you have extenuating factors and you can't get home within a period of time and get something else to eat before you felt like your about eat a horse, no priorities will change, but for the most part, a small, quick, fast meal that's easily portable and doesn't need to be heated and can be transported easily will work.

It's the best thing to do. That's why I promote that for eating while fishing. So for those lunches, which I would think it wouldn't be every day you would have a sandwich or some kind of portable stuff like a potato salad. I keep using that for some reason when eating while fishing.

Maybe I want a potato salad right now. That wouldn't sound bad, but I'm not going to get one. And you know snacks are in a can. You can hold them easily. Really the only real problem is

  1. The size of the meal you're eating
  2. If it needs to be heated, because those would require extra efforts like using a microwave.

How to Eat and Fish?

So what else do we need to think about when we're eating our lunch while we're fishing? One thing you want to think about is using artificial lures worse while you're doing this. So let's say you had to skedaddle and you have your sandwich, you have your grapes and you have like a drink and you're running there.

You finally get to your destination and get set up and you start casting. Then you think "oh man, I'm starving!". I'm going to eat the sandwich and cast and reel at the same time. We all know this is near impossible. Here's a little technique.

Do a couple casts, see if the fish are biting and decide if you want to move to a different spot, a little bit to the left, a little bit to the right of the side of the lake or wherever you are. Then during that travel time or wait time in between, you take a couple of bites of your sandwich, you eat a couple grapes and you take a sip of soda and then you start again.

This technique is called eating while efficient and a lot of people do this. It's not new or anything. You'll see old pictures from back in the fifties of people sitting on the shoreline fishing with the bobbers in the water and a sandwich next to them while they cast.

They wait a little while. They catch a fish, they let it go. They take a little bite of sandwich that takes 30 seconds or less and then go back to fishing and continue. It's almost seamless after a while. You don't have to think about it. It's just what you do and that I believe is probably the best way to fish. If you're not traveling like I do.

I sometimes eat while I'm walking to the location, which is 10 minutes for me that the closest location, the Charles River, and while I'm walking I'll eat my sandwich, I'll eat my grapes and I'll drink some water and I may or may not finish by the time I get there, but I have time to eat it on the way back and I have time to eating while fishing.

Final Thoughts

‚ÄčSo with all that time you're gonna get something to eat, you're going to get nourishment and you're not going to be starving and you'll get your fishing in and you'll be at work. Isn't life grand? You can have it all! Yes, it's possible. You should think about things like this. Don't just, you know, throw it off. Oh man, I can't fish today. I gotta go to work. There's always possibilities. There's always things you can change. The environment changes, things change, you can change and when you change you can change everything. So get out there and go fishing while you eat.

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