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Best Time To Fish For Bass

Best Time To Fish For Bass

Hello, I'm Dwight Norris of  and today we're going to talk about the best time to fish for bass.

Now I'll actually be fairly straight and very blunt. I believe the best time to fish for bass is at  night. There are a variety of reasons of why is but first off I want to tell you about the other video I made about is today good time coefficient, which is sort of in the same row, but not a really useful question.

Best Time Of Day To Fish For Bass

Because the best time to go fishing any day is anytime you have available. I believe you can do that. But back the bass. Why is night fishing great for bass? Why is night fishing great for any kind of fish? Well, first off, it's because there's less fishing pressure and they can actually easily attack their prey. 

night fishing for bass

So let's start off with the fishing pressure. Every day It's sunny outside and people don't realize how well fish can see they can see out of the water about 15 or so feet. This is one of their senses. We all know that sense of self is their strongest one by far, but their sense of sight does not lag behind as much.

So when you're on the shoreline or if you're on a boat and you think you're sneaking up on a fish, you're really not and to be even more but if you use an electronic device that sends off sound waves not particularly like a hummingbird sonar, but electric trolling motor, the actual clicks and sounds from it, that it sends out are actually really bad for fish to actually scare fish and we get to close with it. 


They'll either one be used to the sound, and no that's not that's going to harm them. Or two, it will be new. They'll be skittish. The bass will run away, but that's besides the point. The fact is if you're within the range that they can see you they know you're there. They know you're probably trying to come after them or you're just looking. The most likely thing is they'll stick to the fact that you might be a threat and threats must be avoided.

When you come in with your lures that may or may not attract them. They're gonna get tight lipped and it's one of the things people will talk about specifically in tournament's about fishing pressure. It may be a great area that has a nice drop off or a ledge or some structure. It's the perfect area at the perfect time, but there was like 30 fishermen over there just slinging rods and lures and and causing commotion. Being visible and making a loud sound will increase fishing pressure at that given point in time, which will make the fish not want to bite that much because they don't know what's going on.

This is abnormal to what they're used too. So doing that with nighttime fishing is much better is that the fact you can't see. Using the right equipment like lighting to stay safe going into areas that you know and or been on a boat. 

Best Time To Fish For Bass In A Pond

This is great because you don't  have to worry about anything else like that except by running into a rock or tree or or some structure that you can't see you know not the Titanic or anything yeah nice berries ago pop out of nowhere. You have to stay safe way out in the water especially specifically if its salt water and the tide is coming in and going out. You don't know exactly what you are anymore. So use all the proper equipment and have all the proper safety devices with you when you do night fishing.

I will go more specific nighttime fishing and all that entails in a different video. I just wanted to let you know but that if you wanted to go fishing and you want to catch a lot of bass and specifically a lot of big bass you want to fish at night. It's just easier, they can't tell what the lures they are more attracted to sounds. It's kind of like fishing and muddy water.

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You can use a bigger bait because they're really going after a silhouette of a bait or the shadow of a bait or the sound of a bait. And if it they can't tell exactly what it is. They're more likely to check on it and see what smells, see if makes a sound see if it feels right to a mouth. And if it's a really large Lorna, like oh, this is like the money somebody dropped a giant honey  on my lap, obviously they're going to take a bite of it. 

So the be ham sandwich, right? We're watching the Superbowl you don't even like think about it. You see the ham sandwich. Next thing you know it's in your mouth. That's what happens at night. They're more likely to react and to taste the bait without actually inspecting and know using their their normal daytime senses to decipher. 

This is a Berkeley power bait worm or is it a nice juicy blood warm or earthworm or whatever the forage is in your area that they enjoy. There are some other great times the fish and those times can vary depending on the season.


Best Time To Fish Topwater For Bass

Most people have a much better time fishing for bass when they're on the shoreline and that's usually during the spring and the summer when it's nice and warm but not too hot because when it gets too hot they go deep again. When you can see the fish go on the shoreline they're kind of spread out that's the way bass do and they they get it gets to a nice temperature you know above 60 or 70 degrees they'll go into the flats and they'll search for prey you know be like a roaming wolf but wolf will usually going packs but a lone wolf does roaming the shoreline looking for the next meal and then more spread out. 

That's one of the reasons a lot of pro fisherman don't actually try to go in there too much unless they know all the fish are in there. This is the perfect time from the beat to be in there. They're more likely to go after structure that's in slightly deeper water or on some kind of drop off and it doesn't have to be a big job off you can be three to six feet but it's usually better there's some kind of current going on one side and they can get the bait going by and wait for that little dip just below there just below them and attack them into the fast current and that do not able to react or even see the bass there which makes it easy for easy meal for them. 

It also makes an easy catch for you because those areas are usually pretty small and don't really encompass a large area. So if you have a great contour map and you do a little research just like the pros do, you can mark off these areas. Then when the perfect time comes you can go there and there'll be a concentration of bass. 

There'll be a whole bunch of them around the same size because they weren't the same size they probably eating each other because they just can't stop eating you know be maybe two three pounders maybe for the five even bigger over this I'm really big ones down there or just below them and you're just rocking them out. 


Boom Boom Boom! You're wondering how the pros do that they found a spot with a concentration of large bass and they use the term apps in the user knowledge of when the best time to go fishing for that specific area is not easily have to do have some have some testing which maybe we time crunched fishermen can't do they know that the fish are going to be hanging around 10 feet. 

They look for drop offs near 10 feet or eight to 10 feet and they go down a 20 or maybe just 13. That's enough in a short area, which you can see that contract because the lines get closer to each other, which means there's a steeper pitch to one depth to another. That's one of the things you should focus on if you have a topographic map of your local fishing place.

I think that's pretty much my one talk about the day. I'll actually make a blog post about this, which would go a lot more in depth. I'll be able to describe to you more in depth why nighttime fishing is better and also have a nighttime fishing video and blog posts later now that thought about it.

So if you're thinking about the best time to go fishing for bass the best place to go fishing for bass then you should try out night fishing in your local area wherever that may  be fresh water will be salt water but just get out there and try it. It may be a little scary maybe a little dark be just get the right gear "Lights Camera Action", yeah you know lights like here safety gear right tackle maybe some special stuff like some something that actually sparkles or glows at night. My good things attention I usually help things it helps in software.

But anyway. Yeah, this is it. Go out there. Get some fish.

P.S. a local fishermen the next town over from me writes publications for On The Water media. He taught me a thing or two about fishing the Charles River. Check him out here ​Eric Harrison​​​

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