November 23

Personal Time For Fishing

Personal Time

Hello, Dwight Norris of and today I wanted to talk a little bit about personal time, your personal time is something that you have for yourself. Many people go through life wondering and hoping and wishing they have more time for themselves for so they can do the things they want to do, but doesn't exactly work that way. You are You. You own you. you can do whatever you want to do every single day with your personal time. Will this have consequences? Of course, do you have the right to say "I'm just gonna do I'm supposed to do?"

Yes, you can do that. if you want to do something bad enough, you have the power to change that, you can make the decision to do what you need to do. You can go to work, you can  get the groceries, you can cut the grass, you can go fishing, you can go hunting, we can do whatever you want to do.

Fishing Time Today

What I want us to talk about is people who think that maybe fishing at work doesn't work because they don't have personal time. Maybe it's not for me. Do you want to fish? If the answer is yes, then you can make time. How do you make time? Well, geez, timelines for tools. Like the one I created on a 10 step process to go fishing at work PDF, which is a simple Excel document where you describe your day, hour by hour for a couple days and on the weekend to figure out what exactly you're doing how you're using your time.

The Wasted Time

I won't say you're wasting your time, every day of your life is your decision. So if you decided to waste your time, the natural choice, please do that. if you want to go fishing more, and you think there's no time the day you should take a second look. In fact, take a third look, and a fourth and a fifth, look again and make a hard decision about whether you're using your time effectively.

Use Your Time Wisely

if you're not using your time effectively, then maybe you're wasting your personal time. maybe you could be using it for something else. Maybe fishing. maybe you could spend some more time with your family. maybe you can go travel more. maybe you can use that time to make more money. Just like job, you can get a side business, side hustle, whatever you wanna call it and work on maybe making a better life  for yourself. Maybe you only want something else on the side so you can get more personal time.

Because time is the most important thing in everybody's life. It's the one thing you can buy, you're not going to get more of it. Nothing I know if you know somebody who was found to make aging stop, please text me, email me at the website. I would love to know. as far as now that stuff is not happening. You have to use your personal time effectively. So, in the spirit of fishing at work, you should use that personal time to go fishing more.

time to go fishing

How Time Management Helps You

I have a nice little video, I will show you how to get started on this. Even when you think you have no time it will at least show you where your time is being used and where the places are along that where you can make some changes. Maybe you're watching too much TV, maybe you're eating lunch somewhere where you're wasting a lot of time, you could be spending some time fishing or doing something else.

I don't know maybe there's something else in your life that's taking up your personal time that maybe you don't need to do maybe you're working too hard. Maybe you're working somewhere that's not great. it's not great. it's all you think you can get if you think you've reached your  peak level and I'll just tell you now you haven't reached a peak. No one has reached a peak there's always a higher level you can go you can always strive to do better.

Complacency Can Hold You Back

You can always strive to a higher goal and if you really want it you can go after but just a decision to be complacent that you're comfortable which is most people problem. Most people's problems like myself, I got very comfortable in life. Oh, oh, yeah. Excuse me. Oh, I got a job. It pays the bills. I mean, pays all the bills, families they're happily living through life and things are good saving some money.

Looking Within Oneself

I looked deep. I asked myself, I think it's been called the, like, five whys or something. I wondered why I'm doing this. Why I'm doing everything. I'm doing all my side business. My side hustle and what's the real purpose for that? It came down to something kind of emotional, something deep, something I'd forgotten about. I thought I knew my reason why but turned out to be much deeper than that and I was really humbled by the fact that guy told me to do it. He said, just keep thinking why? when you answer a question, think why again until you don't have another why. That's when you reached your true why.

Love For Fishing

Why do I want to go fishing? Do I love fishing? Why do I love fishing? Oh I used to go fishing with my family all the time. Why do you go fishing with your family on time? Oh, I know. My dad taught me and when I was young and it's a family bond or something like why you care about family bond? Because you feel very sad and miss them. it's gone and you don't get fish them anymore.

How To Catch More Bass

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Maybe that's your bottom. Maybe you want to relive those times of old times with your friends, times with your family. Maybe this time for yourself. You just enjoyed being alone on the water like fog rolling over that morning that crisp morning and the sun's coming up to see the fish biting at the forge locally. You get excited you like "Oh man, I can't wait to go fishing man. Oh, I gotta get this lure tide on quickly as possible. Because I'm gonna I'm gonna light it up today. Whoo".

Maybe that excites you? Maybe not sure why? Why aren't you pursuing it? Why aren't you moving forward on reaching that goal? You're looking for a real goal. Oh, maybe I can get a pay raise. An extra couple bucks an hour that would be fantastic. "Oh man. I can I can kind of do have a couple bucks an hour extra, get a bigger house, maybe get a better car, maybe put my kids in a better school or better school district".

It was a great goals but what about your goals? What about your inhibitions? What about, what about your ambitions? What about all the things you want to do in your life have you forgotten about those, have you just settled but a couple things by to do these few things that mindset. I'm just gonna let it ride baby all the way to the end for okay it's gonna make everything great and the government's going to take care of me my job to take care of me, families on take care of me when I get old.

No Time To Go Fishing

That's all certain isn't it? That really gonna do you really believe that's going to happen maybe it will maybe it won't. What if it doesn't? Maybe we don't get to go fishing again like you wish you would every day. I know people wish about going golfing every day they live on a golf course they practice golf, they have trainers they have the put golf course in the house, they buy all the best gear they buy new gear every year because there's something better out.

They're all in, you need to be all in, you should think about that and let's make it a personal development goal to think about it. then once you've thought about it take action on it action is the only thing that's going to make change if you think about something changing it's not gonna happen. "Whoa I wish I one that Mega Millions last night over half half a billion dollars.

I thought about winning, I dreamed about winning, some  said "Oh Dwight I think you got the numbers today. That's not gonna make you a millionaire or billionaire or trillionaire or even a buck it's not gonna make you anything. The only thing that's going to make something happen is action and you need to take action today.

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