June 29

Is Today A Good Day To Go Fishing?

Hello, this is Dwight Norris of fishingatwork.com. Now you probably have some questions during your day when you're thinking about fishing. What's the best time to go fishing today? Is today a good day to go fishing? Will fishing be good tomorrow? Will fishing be good tonight? All of these questions are irrelevant. What you really should be asking yourself is, can I go fishing tonight?

How can I go fishing tonight or tomorrow or in the morning? What do I need to bring? Where will I go fishing? How will I go fishing? These are way more important questions than asking if the fish are biting. The fish are always biting, unless they're frozen. Even then ice fishing still exist. The fish are still biting, they're still there. They're still waiting for you. All you have to do is find a way to get out there and go fishing. It's as simple as that. I've said it over and over again, those previous questions are totally irrelevant.

What Is Holding You Back?

So for the real question, what's holding you back from your question is today a good day to go fishing? Where are you at work? Are you laying in the bed watching the video? Are you on the couch watching TV? Are you at a party somewhere and you're thinking about fishing instead of being there or are you over at your parent's house?

Are you doing some other activity that you don't like as much as fishing? So what do you do about this? How do you remedy this situation? Let me tell you one way and probably the only way to deal with these things that are unknowns is to plan. You can't plan when you don't know what's going to happen in the future. When you have unexpected things that happen, they really shut everything else down.

Time is wasted and the only thing you're able to do is wonder if today is a good day to go fishing. Then you're left there thinking, "Man, I wish I could have gone fishing". I wish I had done something that allowed me to go fishing. So you have to do this. You have to plan. Say you go into work every day, Monday through Friday, 9 to 5.

Research Your Daily Hours

Let's go through your hours every day. What are you doing? Is it consistent? Is it inconsistent? Are People bothering you at random times. Is every day the same? Every hour is exactly the same as the next and you have a certain amount of time during the day that you don't do anything.

Maybe it's lunch. Maybe it's first thing in the morning, maybe right after work. You don't need to go home if you are thinking is today a good day to go fishing. Maybe you usually go somewhere to hang out with friends. Maybe you do some other activity. Maybe you have a few beers and go home. All of these times can be used efficiently. I honestly believe you only need one hour to get your fishing in.

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Hopefully you can get to a fishing location within 10 minutes, either by car, your bike, your feet, a bus, even a train like your local commuter train. If you have those in your city or your whatever. Wherever you live or work any mode of transportation works as long as you can bring your gear with you.

Fishing Is Simple / Work Is Not

There's really nothing else. Fishing is simple so why are you thinking is today a good day to go fishing? You have your rod and reel, line, you have a hook and bait. You hope the fish is enticed by the baits presentation. They taste the bait, then you hook it. You have fun. Take a picture. The day is great and I wish every day was like that. I used too until I got into the workforce or the workplace, whatever you want to call it, and you know how things go. Work becomes more important than having fun.

You have to get those documents done. Those spreadsheets need to be made. You have to go to special meetings, oh, we need you over here now, oh now you're going to do that. This is why you are thinking is today a good day to go fishing. Could you do that later and work on this? It's all horrible. Once it starts it continues and it becomes more frequent and more, well frequently infrequent, which means that you don't know when it's going to happen next. Your nine to five might be totally inconsistent and you will have to make hard choices about that.

A Fishing Day

Why You Are Wondering Is Today A Good Day To Go Fishing

Maybe where you work doesn't actually give you a lunch hour. I used to work at a place when I was really young where my first two jobs only gave a half an hour for lunch and you weren't technically allowed to leave the work site. With that kind of job you're stuck and trapped. It was not an ideal job for really any reason.

It didn't pay well. People were nice, but that's about it. You got paid. You got 30 minutes to sit in 98 plus degree weather outside in the sun and eat your lunch and then you go back inside where it's over 100 degrees, but you know every job is different. I always thought is today a good day to go fishing.

You might be working in corporate life in some high rise with air conditioning and stuff. You're looking out over the blue skies and maybe a nice little river or a lake and wondering about fishing. You might be working on a construction site, sweating and working hard and then you were working on a bridge or something and you look down and there's all this water and you see people fishing.

You're like, oh, I wish I had my fishing rod and is today a good day to go fishing. I actually have a few minutes or 30 minutes or an hour to do some fishing for the break. My day could have been a little better.

It's these things you need to think about because you have to make a decision. What's more important to you, your joy, your love, your dreams or you know, making a couple bucks. There are other jobs, but you should still work hard to keep the one that you're currently at, but you should be able to take the time that you are given to do what you need to do. Either eat or walk around to remove stress or take a walk around the block or whatever people do with their free time.

Maybe read a book or something. Why can't you go fishing for that period of time? It's not hurting anybody. It's not upsetting anybody. You're not bothering anybody. You're doing what you love. You're having fun. It increases your mood. It makes you feel better and then you would come back to work, rejuvenated, revived, and awake and ready to go for the next four or maybe more hours.

Everybody else's had their lunch, the turkey meat stuff that makes you fall asleep immediately is bearing down on them. They're sucking down coffee just to stay awake and you're ready to go. You've had your fun.

you're ready for the rest of the work day and can't wait to get off of work to do it again in the afternoon if that's possible for you. So I really want you to think about these things and find periods of time in your day to enjoy fishing or enjoy a walk or enjoy a hike or run or bike or whatever else you want to do.


I really want more people going outside and just enjoying life in it's simplest form instead of asking is today a good day to go fishing. Don't be like your coworkers that sit at their desk, eating their lunch, looking at Facebook or staring at their screen and thinking about doing more work. They work during their lunch hour thinking that's actually going to move them forward in their career when nobody actually cares if you work during your lunch hour. It's not going to move you forward at all. A previous boss of mine told me I wasn't going to get a promotion for looking pretty. I figure I will just dress down and go fishing then. So this is Dwight Norris of fishingatwork.com telling you to go fishing whenever possible.

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