November 8

No Time To Go Fishing?

No Time To Go Fishing

Hello Dwight Norris of, here to tell you why can't you go fishing whenever you please. First I want to start by just telling you about my story. My problem of having no time. My real issue before all this started. The issues I was having and probably many of you out there also have.

Suffering Through The 9-5

I have had several different corporate jobs over the years. I had nice windows, got nice benefits and all the different perks. I get paid well. I get treated well. It is the whole work the nine to five. I go into my commute and then I come home and use whatever time I have just trying to relax. I need to be with my family. I need to eat dinner. I need to hang out with my friends, play games, watch movies, etc. etc.

However, everyday became monotonous. somewhere along the lines. You forgot about fishing. You forget that you loved it. You've forgot that you did it. When you're a young guy you forgot how much fun it was hanging out with friends catching big fish trying to figure out how to catch more fish.

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How I Lost Fishing

Saturday mornings watching those fishing shows with Bill Dance and Roland Martin. Maybe you don't remember those guys. Kevin Van Dam has some stuff. There's a bunch of people who I still watch and I used to dream about. Oh man, I wish I could fish as good as that guy. I have created a How To Catch More Bass PDF that shows you just how to do that! I gotta get the rod lower to make that work. I gotta fish this certain way to catch fish in this certain environment.

Life changed. After a while you went to college had to all the studying. There wasn't any prominent place to go fish. once I look back and actually thought about it. There was! I just was too busy. when work started, I really forgot about it. maybe you're in that same situation as well.

You're really struggling and working your butt off every day. you come home dead tired, and you don't want to do anything. you're like, oh, oh, yeah, it'd be pretty cool to go fishing. Maybe I have a buddy that has a boat. we can go fishing this weekend, maybe not. Or I'll do this weekend I had to do that. gotta cut the grass. I think the kids are here. I gotta go meet this person, I got a meeting over there, or whatever.

time to go fishing

Fishing is impossible to do. You think about it and it looks impossible. You give up on it. However, every day when you're at work, you look out that window if you have a window. Maybe you see a body of water like this, or like that, or have a great ocean view that they promoted at your business right on ocean view. You go out and you're on your your time off after work. You go do the events that happened in the water, go stare at the water or take a boat ride.

It's cool. you show up and you do your nine to five. you're still in that same turntable going around and around, you don't have time to enjoy the sights got time to look around. We have time to do anything. All you have to do is you're work and you go home. Hopefully you go home to a happy home and not a miserable home or a home where you're just alone. you wish you weren't.

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Maybe you want something different. you never really thought about how to make life a little better and how to get more time.

I came to conclude I wanted to do something more with my time. one of those things was fish. I really couldn't think of any way to do it. I didn't know anything about fishing in the area. I've done some local stuff. you might get a panfish.

Right now though, worms can catch some fish. However, to do any real fishing. Fishing with lures. Fishing in different areas, rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, reservoirs, oceans, you have to do different things there. Typically, when you're fishing the ocean, there's tides that you have to adhere too. Then there's places where you can get access to fish. If you want to use the boat that's even more work and less time.


So after a period of time, I just became miserable. I got tired of looking at my gray office and seeing the water there staring at me. I'm sitting here working and all these people have all this money. They have all this time. They are going out and doing whatever the hell they want to do.

I'm stuck in this damn office working all day. Then I only have time to go back home. everybody else is stuffed like a sardine can in a bus, subway car, train or I'm in my car alone, surrounded by people.

The highway becomes a parking lot and you just feel like your life is just filled with monotonous things. you do the same thing every day to just pays the bills. then you have to deal with other crap that takes up all your time. you're tired the whole time too. So the last thing you want to do is put in an effort get something else done.

Stop Dreaming and Start Doing!

I have to tell you that you will have to do some effort to get what you want in life. I wanted to go fishing more. So I took the time to do that. And when I did, I found the solution. I found a way to get out here. Now I want that for you too if you want to go fishing. Fishing before or after work. Fishing on a weekend. Just fishing more often.

You could use your time for something else. I have a solution for that as well. Finding time! That's my, real big idea. How to find more time to do what you want to do. Instead of what life tells you have to do. You have to go to work. You have to pay your bills. You have to get in that commute and go home. You have to pay those high monthly fees, You have to pay all all these taxes because they say you do but in reality, there's ways to get around and reduce those taxes. Nobody wants to tell you that because they just want to take your money.

Beware Of The Fake Gurus!

Then all the while there's people out there preying on you because they know you want more money. They know you want more time. They know you want financial freedom. They prey on you and they try and steal your money by giving you empty promises. If you just do this for 30 days or a couple months boom! You can sell some products and make millions of dollars. Then you'll be free just like I am too. Look at my fancy car! Look at my fancy house! Look at my jewelry! Look at my friends! Look at where I'm staying on vacation! Screw those guys!

They don't know what the hell they're talking about. To get this you have to work very hard. They try very hard at taking your money every day! They're out there working their asses off trying to take you for a ride while you work your ass off trying to get out of your situation.

I want to do my best to do one thing for you. That's to get you out here fishing more often. That's my goal. Somebody else might help you do something else. Maybe making money. Maybe find a job. Maybe finding true love with somebody, but that's not what I do. I'm a fisherman! I want to help you go fishing 

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