July 19

Legal Breaks At Work

Dwight Norris of fishingatwork.com and today we're going to be talking about legal breaks at work. More specifically the lunch break. You could be having your lunch break at work, but you want to go fishing. Maybe you haven't even thought about fishing during your lunch break. It's something you can do! You can also do other things as well, but let's talk more about the intricacies of making it happen.

A lot of people may have thought of this or thought about the before or the after and they've thought about how to deal with people that are involved with that specifically. Whether it's your boss or maybe it's your wife or it's dealing with your children. There are different things you need to do to calm your nerves about it. Dealing with your family and your children should be an easier thing to do than your boss. Your children, your wife, your husband are your family. You should know how to talk to them about what you want to do.

Labor Law Breaks

If you would like to fish before and after work, obviously you have to gain some type of permission besides your legal breaks at work. I actually have a video below where I talk about getting permission to fish. I believe that's the title, but it's in the blog post below and it's also on the YouTube channel. Please subscribe to that and you get that easily. But the harder one is actually dealing with your boss or your coworkers or anybody else in your office or workspace or wherever you work and trying to deal with that possible problem. 

So you're going to be thinking all sorts of things about legal breaks at work. What if somebody finds out if I go late, what if I leave on time, but if I can't get back on time. What if I do it too often and people get wary of you going to look for a job, but you're not. Or they think you're doing something else unscrupulous. Or if you just don't really care about their job and you'd rather be fishing, which you know, how can you not deny that you want to work? Really? No, I don't think anybody wants to work or at least no one wants to work for somebody else. Actually, I think working for yourself is even harder because it's hard to tell yourself no, but that's an entrepreneurial thing. So how do you deal with this legal breaks at work thing?

​You have to think about it. I believe sort of differently. You have your goal which is to go fishing more. I presented a possible solution, which is to fish at work and you see many different issues in between there. You're thinking is this even viable.

Maybe you've looked at the 10 step process to go fishing at work PDF and you're still a little befuddled. You haven't contacted me yet. The solution for your problem is easier than you think. That is a pliable thing. It really depends on what you're doing and how you're doing it.

Working Hours And Breaks

Working Hours and Breaks

Now I will deplore you. If you have a job, you should work very hard and do your job and work your hours as you're supposed too. Whatever the laws are in your state or in your workplace, you should follow those laws when staying in for your period of time which you're allowed to do something else other than work. You should use this wisely for whatever you need to do. You can do chores. You can do errands. Or you can go fishing. That's a great thing.

So there are what we call lunch break laws or legal breaks at work. Those are generally provided by the state or I believe that's a federal one as well, but the states had their own, which they may follow. Your company may follow the federal one. you should learn what these things are. When you start a new job, they aren't written on the job post and plastered on a wall at work. If you ask around hr and say, “hey, how does lunch work around here? Can I like leave for an hour? Is it a half an hour?” I'm happy to stay at the job to eat.

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You can get the answer nonchalantly without having to go into too much detail about what you're doing if you care at all. If somebody asked me specifically, I'm going to tell them, “hey, I'm going fishing during my lunch break because I don't like to sit in the office and waste time.”

So if you're open and honest, you can do that as well. Not everybody wants to do that. A lot of people want to remain to themselves and have their fun then go back to work and continue doing a good job and nobody's the wiser and you won't have to deal with any confrontations.

I myself am an introvert naturally. Here I am on a video talking to possibly more and more people every day. everyday I do it, I get more comfortable. you're probably thinking this guy is an extrovert or at least a middle ground, but nope, this is not what I'd actually do, but I can help myself improve. you can do that for fishing as well. This will get your closer to using your legal breaks at work for fishing.

Failure * ? = Success

How do get over this hurdle, which is legal breaks at work used for fishing? Basically you have a goal and you may believe that if things don't go right all the way through, it's a failure and you should stop, but that's probably the worst way of thinking about it to reach pretty much any goal.

It's a different kind of a stepped process. You probably think that on either side of you is either success or failure just like you believe there's a good or bad, but in reality to reach your success, you have to go through failure. You should go into it knowing that you might fail and that's what you're supposed to learn. 

Help With Stress

You tried something, maybe you left at 11:30 a.m. and then stay for an hour. oh cool. I got my lunch hour and then you got back and people ask because they weren't on their lunch hour. They asked you where were you? you're like, “oh, I didn't want nobody to ask me about what I was doing during my lunch hour. I just took a half an hour earlier. I thought that was okay.“ Maybe that didn't work out, so you try again instead of saying this doesn't work and you leave at 12 p.m., which is when everybody else goes to lunch. then everybody else thinks you're going to lunch. you're going to lunch alone.

You're going somewhere else and they don't really care because they're doing their own thing and you get back at the same time and then nobody cares or knows what you were doing and you don't have to deal with the confrontation. That's how you can improve. That's how we can move forward and that's how you can reach your goal with this fishing at work thing. Legal breaks at work can help you get their through your paid breaks at work.

Fix Your Job / Fix Your Life

I won't claim that some people don't like you doing anything and that's a tough place to work. It shouldn't be a problem to use your legal breaks at work for fishing. You shouldn't be working in a work environment like that, but maybe it's all you can get in your area and the best paying job. you have to deal with people you don't like and you might already know this before you can try and you're trying to relieve that stress knowing that somebody is going to be up in your case immediately.

So the advice I can give for that is to start looking for a better place to work and You should try to improve your expertise. Try to see where the market's going for your line of work and look for that next level. do what you need to do whether it is training online, offline, on-site to get to that next level and then talk to your bosses about getting a promotion.

Find out what you need to do to get that promotion. Focus on that one thing until you reach your next level. It's a six month review or the one year review and say, Hey, I completed these steps that you stated I need to do for a promotion. then you get that and you continue it and they may say, “Oh, you missed a requirement here.” Then you must sit in there and then give it one more try. If they give you the old glass ceiling again, telling you even though you did exactly what they said you can’t go up.

One year in a bad place of work and you need to work even harder.... just go out and look for something else. I always say you should be trying to prove yourself anyway. Maybe you're working to move up inside the company. Maybe you don't like who you're working with.

You should be looking for somewhere else to work or maybe you're trying to do something by yourself and getting out of the workplace and working for yourself in your own business. Anything is possible. So I want you to take that to heart when you are thinking about how you can fish more often, not just at work but before and after and dealing with people about legal break at work.

There are other courses of action to take in regards to legal break at work. there's better ways of actually interacting with people. It's not cut and dry. There's other things you can do. success isn't about does it work? One time I tried and if it didn't work, it's over. I'm a failure. This thing is a failure. I'm stopping everything. I'm going to go do something else. I'm going to go after that next shiny object that somebody told me about because this doesn't work because it didn't work the first time. That's not the way it works. Failure is the way to success. You may or may not heard that before, but if you look around, you keep your ears open.

Keep your ears open for things that people are saying from real experts. You'll start to hear that a lot. So this is Dwight Norris of fishingatwork.com telling you that failure is the way to success.

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