January 28

How To Go Fishing (At Work)

How To Go Fishing At Work

Hello. I'm Dwight Norris of fishingatwork.com and today we're going to talk about how to go fishing. Now you're probably wondering, hey, I know how to go fishing, it's easy. I grabbed my fishing rod, I got my fishing reel that's attached to it, I've got the lures, I get my license and then I go out and go fishing. have you thought about when you're going fishing for most people this resides only on the weekend. 

Why is that, it's something I thought about for a long time and wondered if there could ever be a difference in my life or other people's life when they wouldn't go fishing because as a fisherman we want to go fishing all the time and just like anybody else who has a hobby or sport they want to do it more often and they only do it when they have time, time is the problem, time is the enemy, it's all times fault, but what you'll soon find out if you look through my 10 step process to go fishing at work PDF, which you can get for free at the website fishingatwork.com that the problem with time is not within time itself it's within you.

The answer lies within you, and at nor the point and right now has it been so clear that this is a problem that you have to deal with? No one, no one can change your life, not even me to make this happen. If you want to make time magically appear, or you want to buy time you have to make it happen, whatever it's going on in your life, if you're busy, if you're working hard for trying to find a job, or you already have a job, or you don't like the job, or you want a new job, or you're in the wrong place where there's no fish, there's no water, all this resides in you.

You made the choices in your life and you can make a change, if you want to go fishing whether it's at work or this before work, after work at night and like we all have the weekend, that's all we live for. We give five days to have to, now and what world would you give someone $5 and get back to? You'd say Hell no. What kind of deal was that you're taking from me and giving me crap. So why do you let this happen? Why do you, why are you complacent with just two days of fishing.

you know, even though you're going to get those two days, those two days you have all your free time to do anything. You want to get repairs in your house, your DIY person maybe have to hire somebody, maybe you have to do a lot, maybe you have to do some financial stuff. You have to go talk to somebody about whatever or or your your your all your odds and ends you need to get done. You want to see some friends you want to hang out. You want to go to the bar, you want to go on a like short trip vacation to somewhere like the beach or wherever else.

all this time, all this stuff you want to do all the things you want to do in your life you only have two days a week to do, how the hell  that supposed to work? Every day everybody at least in America but I believe the whole world goes to work and you've seen a commute so mass on and the mass out and everybody's going to the same place. Almost that's what it feels like. that's why there's traffic down the weekend guess what everybody's doing.

Everybody's out. Know trying to rush and get to wherever they're going because that's their fun time. That's the time for themselves and because of this rush and everybody going every which way everybody's rushing. You lose more time, you're in the car, there's lines everywhere. Yeah. there's like, oh, sorry, we're booked for this weekend. Because everybody's out there doing the same thing every weekend, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, those places are empty.

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Why is that? Well, that's because we can't manage our time well, and that single factors, we don't have the money we need to get out of whatever situation we're in. that's a bigger story. Now, back to what I'm saying about how to go fishing. What I do on this channel is to find a way for you to go fishing more often, I found that if you just do some a little bit of time management with your day, you'll find out that you have periods of time. nd that's done to the time entry strategy strategy, which a which is a excel sheet which I made.

That's the first part of it, which you can get on the 10 step process go fishing at work PDF, and I actually made a video on that. So you'll see just how easy it is to map out your day, and what you're currently doing and find those little tidbits of time. for some people they don't think they have any time left. When you look through your day, you'll see things that you're doing that you don't need to do. They're not necessary there. they're not a need. There may be a lot, maybe I want to watch the show.

Maybe I need to go out to this place to get lunch every day. Because that's what I do. Maybe I need to talk to these people because you know, they're my friends, anyone I hang out or whatever you need to send them from your desk and stare at lunchtime or sit at the cafeteria table and talk to your your peers that going your coworkers at work when you could be doing something else. If you really truly want to go fishing, then you should do that. Find those times during the day where you're wasting your time.

There's some person I know a, may be I'll name him a later time, said if you want to have time to do something like what I'm doing right now. You need to get rid of distractions and things that you don't need to do, right now I could be watching TV or you know, looking at Facebook or some other crap instead not watching TV, which is called the electronic income reducer, everybody's zoned in and they can't get out of it. They have all your your TV shows. They have all the advertisements. They have all the sports they have all the HDTV or or the entertainment channel.

 all the all the News, the news, too much news turn off. Don't even listen to them, not  important, what's important, figuring out a way to do the things you want to do. If you want to go fishing, you focus on that you find the time you open it up not doing this crap because I'm doing this crap. I mean, I'm doing this stuff that I love, give her the crap put in the stuff you love. It's really it's really simple. This is all I've done. I've put it into this 10 step process fishing PDF. it's just more or less a template. As you've seen, it's about 14 pages. it's a small little update. So plan don't do it a certain thing with it.

I thought about it, you know, changing it up. I'm going to ask you right now I'm thinking about making a fishing at work course. I'm going to provide that to you for free to start, right now it will be baseline and it will go through everything you need to do and it will go into specifics that you'll need help with. Particularly with dealing with work situations, dealing with people that are in your life and how you need to actually talk to them and convey your feelings about what you want to do in life. 

maybe maybe going fishing really isn't a problem maybe the problem is not making enough money or you don't like where you're working or you don't like the location where you're working or living maybe you live in the desert and you're a fisherman and there's no lakes rivers streams or oceans around and you're like, "oh man I usually fish all the time I cannot cannot believe I'm here at the desert", which is nice, great mountain biking know hiking all that stuff camping. where's the fish maybe this was the wrong decision.

Maybe you need to go back to the land of water, which covers two thirds of the planet. Just saying, so fact the matter is, I want to make a course. it's going to be expensive. It can be large. If you've ever been on any kind of course off site they have everything laid out, maybe a lodge in, I can pull that in. then there's little things you can do. It took off, you know, chapter one, there's the steps thinking about going fishing at work.

What are you doing, to have to have the time management strategy, all the steps you need to do thinking about what you do every day, plan out your hours writing out an Excel sheet. Actually thinking about your mindset and what you're doing and what's actually important to you in your life. Hanging out with your kids, having quality time, doing your job working on your skills so you can get a better job or work in a different place. going fishing or watching I don't know what's on TV, Game of Thrones, some movies, some Netflix, some Facebook, some Instagram, Pinterest, social media, entertainment channel, watch the news.

Whatever else that might possibly isn't important to your life. when you're staring at because you're so used to the staring at you spent your whole life staring at it says something you do. It's a habit. some habits are bad. Some habits aren't good for you. Because they don't get you closer to your goal. So take this one simple tip. If what you're doing right now, whatever time it is during day, if that's not getting you closer to your goal, get rid of it. It's not important because of what you're doing isn't getting you closer to your goal.

It's a waste of your time. time is something you do not have a lot of. It's not finite. You can't get more of it. Maybe people saying can't buy time. you can buy other people's time. It's possible you can do that. you can make time, Why? I mean not why but how well you were doing something that wasn't important. Get rid of that boom, that time is now freed up, you just got some more time in your life. Maybe you're in a commute that's super long, maybe it's an hour and a half. If it's two hours. I used to have an hour and a half commute each way.

Down like I used to live in Virginia and used to go near dc in the Fairfax area then back down to like Southern Virginia and 95 like it is up the East corridor. It's packed all day, every day, during those times, people come in people go out from city to city from from the city out to the country using all the transportation types and it's ridiculous, and it's only getting worse than most people world some people working, all the good jobs are in the city you've noticed and that's where the traffic is.

guess what, more traffic, he more you waste your time the less time you have the fishing the less time we have for increasing your skills so you can get a better job to get more money which can give me more time or making your own job, thought possible so don't want to drag this on too much but back to the matter is how to go fishing is not hard just making it hard for yourself, every day is a day you can go fishing, all you have to do is figure out how.

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It would be takes time and think about it which most people haven't done, I didn't do it for a long long time, I sat there. I just sat there and stare that the window and hoped and gas and get sad and then forgot. Then it came back up again. then I forgot again. Yeah, watch Netflix. Forget it again. he comes back in oh man which I can go fishing, definitely effort. Any thought? No, not at all.

That's what you need to do. thankfully, thankfully for you. I've done a lot of this thinking. I've done it all,  and I'm going to put out even better content in this course to show you exactly how you can do that. I need your help to make it better over time. I'm going to have a certain situations, all the ones I can think of in there to help you out. There's issues with where what types  of place you're fishing the distances from where you work to where the fishing is, is the fishing during on the way to your commute, is it close, is a far away, what type of places it, what type of fish are in there.

How do you how do you fish in those places? And how can I get you in the on the fish catching the fish, having a fun getting there and getting back all within the timeframe that you have available, which may be an hour maybe more, maybe less, if it's less, there's a whole situation to deal with that, maybe you're in a bad situation. I used to work in a job where I only had half an hour to go to lunch. 95% of the people stayed on the job to eat the lunch and I'll just tell you what the job was. I was at a door making factory.

it was 95 degrees and the place and I was actually working on this gigantic machine which must await I don't know 100 tons and it all it did was come down. Make a stamp on the door here's a nice little designs and the door to squares and you know how you having your cabinets it's just a giant thing that stamps it on this piece of sheet metal slaps it between two pieces of a compressed wood and boom, you got a door since sharp but you work your butt off.

 some days I say Hey, can I have to work 10 hours this week. Or hey, you kind of have to work 12 hours a day this week. then boom. You know, not only do you have less time for lunch, but you're losing more times more time on both ends. No, that's a crappy job. It's a crappy job. you shouldn't settle for that you should always be pushing for better, that's what you deserve. You're working your ass off and you should have time to go fishing you should have time to do the things you want to do.

Even if you're listening and you're not officially you just kind of browse around. if you even get this far in the video and you're maybe you're not that enthused about fishing something you do part time still don't you deserve more, you need more time your time is your most precious commodity and you should use it to the best of your effort. Because we as time gets later on and you start to realize that there isn't that much time left it gets even more important and if you ignore it, you'll get to a point where you'll do something which I hope you won't do.

You'll regret things, never regret anything, don't live your life that way, take action now and do the things you need to do to be able to go fishing. I have that for you. I want to make it better or make this course and I want to get it out to you if I won't be fast it's I want to make it good but I know my perfectionism is going to try to take control but I'm going to control that and I'm going to get this out to you as quickly as possible, it will be a series of videos, now transcribe at the text, now put it into it easy to read format hopefully I'll have some comments sections below so you can say something about the actual content and how can we better now making updates and hopefully pulling in all the information that everybody needs to be able to go fishing at work.

besides all that if you're here right now get the 10 step process to go fishing at work PDF and go out there and try it don't don't read anymore my blogs don't looking one of my videos, get the PDF and go out there and try it make it happen. It was winter cool there's still fish out there you don't have to go completely ice fishing, I will say that the Charles River is completely iced over right now. guess what, in a couple days maybe next week I'm going to go out there with a gigantic rock maybe I'll put on a string Let's throw it out there right in the broad canal and make a hole in it and I'm gonna go ice fishing.

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Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel. You can hit the subscribe button and be updated when I make videos which I'll be trying to do almost daily on great fishing topics.

That's what I'm going to do, because I love fishing that's what I'm going to do with my time, the time that I have available and I'm going to make great content like this for you to help you go fishing, so you will enjoy life and I'll be working on getting into contact with some other people and businesses that also enjoy fishing as well to help provide great information and hopefully some products for you because I would like better mobile fishing gear I haven't seen any great stuff you know tough rods.

Most are craft bags aren't exactly made specifically for fishing at work and more about you know the weekend fisherman wanting to not carry stuff or or their backpacking or they're going can be when that not for work. I think I need to make something I don't know how but I'll be thinking about it. if you have any suggestions, please tell me, tell everybody, make a comment down below. while you're down there, subscribe. also go to the website fishingatwork.com and get that PDF.

So let's not push us any further. I've told you what I need to tell you how to go fishing, how to deal with your problems of not be able to fish and about the fishing at work course that I want and will create for you and with your help. So please do me a favor go down below, comment tell me if you think this is a good idea that you want to but you would like it or that you been thinking about it or you know somebody else that may like it and go and tell them and get them to comment below or on website or just give me an email. so I'm Dwight Norris, fishingatwork.com telling you how to go fishing, it's easy but don't let yourself make it hard.

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