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Fishing Time – My Story

Hello I'm Dwight Norris of Today I wanted to talk about my story about fishing time and why I created and how this can help you. So as an avid fisherman in my younger years as a kid through college, and even after college, you could find me in only one of two places. One fishing at the local watering hole on the river, wherever that may be catching lots and lots of fish or on my bike, having a great time.

As you may know, as a nine to five employee, it gets a little stressful and fishing time actually just disappears. You don't even know where it goes. You don't actually take the time to look where it goes. But you're so tired. You're so stressed. Fishing just becomes something that you're doing the week when you have time at that. If you look back in the past, you probably remember going fishing all the time, having a great fishing time being very low stress and really enjoying life.


Once work started happening, first you got tired, then you got annoyed, then you felt like people were watching you. You always have to be on top of your game, you weren't really allowed to do things you thought.

Losing Your Fishing Time

I started off still fishing a lot. That's when I was sick and didn't have a very stressful job. As soon as I got into a more corporate environment where people were watching me, they were watching my time, watching what I was doing, and I need to be on top of my game all the time, I found that I needed to focus on that and not anything else.

Then when I got home, I was too tired to do anything else. Anybody else at that point? being retired, let's go all the way to do it. So on the couch, get a drink and turn on the TV or play games together until it's time to go to sleep. Then you get up and do it again.

That sounds like a lot of your lives. Is that the way you want your life to be? You will probably say, I can get fishing time on the weekend. Yes, you can do that, but that's just a weekend and you have other things you need to be doing like cut the grass, groceries and go play with the kids. Even if you don't have kids. You need to see family before getting fishing time.

There's a million things to do. Especially if you own a house. Yeah, always breaking down. There's always something to do. There goes more of your efficient fishing time. You can go all day. Maybe you have friends and they're doing something and they can't find time. Then you're efficient alone. Sometimes it's fun.

Sometimes it's not and I ran into situation over let's say it's been way over a decade, maybe? No, it's only one one and a half decades, 15, almost 15 years now. I've been stuck in that rut of just not getting fishing time that I want too.

The Beginning of a Solution

I never really looked for a solution until recently. I went online. I did some searches. How can I find fishing time and irrelevant things popped up. No real answers, no real solutions. This thought that you could just go fishing and you can't figure out how to question you must have a problem. What people don't really know about this problem. The problem of you fighting yourself and your time, but constant struggle of time that you have all the different activities and things that you do.

So I said I need to find fishing time more often. So I tried to figure out when I had fishing time. I just thought about it. I couldn't think of anything. So I said why can't I think of one tiny piece of time to go fishing. This is ridiculous! So then I took my day for two weekdays and one for two work days and two weekdays and figure out what am I doing with my time.

With that I discovered I'm wasting fishing time. I'm doing nothing for large quantities of time. I'm sitting on the couch, watching the TV which we can call the electronic income reducer. Playing games for incredible amounts of time.

time to go fishing

I don't need to do those things. They aren't of high value to me. They're just things to fill in the void. Somehow they became routine to de-stress me from the long work week. I thought to myself what if I took some of that time to go fishing and it worked. It worked on the weekends. I got some time back now I can go fishing. Now I can prep I can do other things too. I can work on a business. I can improve my skills. Time to submerge. Then I said hey, there's five days here where I'm not fishing. Does that have to be reality.

Then I did my test again during those eight hours. I discovered there's one point in time I'm not actually being efficient and effective. It's lunchtime. I sit down. I I take my lunch and I'll eat it in front of the computer. I mess around with my phone and then an hour goes by and back to work. Everybody else is doing this and wasting their time at lunch. You can do things while you're eating. You can walk. If you can go out to a restaurant, oh man. If you work in a business district like I do, you gonna spend all that time just getting lunch. That's a waste of time.

The "AHA" Moment

I thought why don't I just make this fishing time! So I did! I got my stuff together. I got a nice compact rod and reel. I got some lures. I got a bobber and a hook, and I brung some worms. I went out and I tested how long it took me to get to the water. It was 10 minutes. I said, "Wow, that was kind of fast". Then I pulled out my stuff. I cast my bait bait in the water, and boom! I caught a fish (Crappie). That was Fishing At Work. This just happened, but this is crazy! Why haven't I been doing this the whole time? Why aren't other people doing this? So few fishermen in the business district that nobody even tried this out. I haven't even heard of anybody doing this.

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I searched around and I saw somebody lunchtime fishing once, you know, a couple years ago. But it's not a regular thing. I was like, why didn't you keep doing it? Don't you love fishing? Don't you want to catch fish? Don't you want more fishing time? You should be doing what works continuously! That's what I'm doing. That means I need to make systems.

What About Lunch!?!

It takes me 10 minutes to get here. It takes me 10 minutes to get back. Guess what that leaves me 40 minutes to go fishing and eat my lunch. eating lunch is not a big deal. One, do the sandwich and get a drink. Here's some chips even while you're walking, while you're in the car, traveling on a bus or a train, basically during the transportation modes and best time to eat. While you're fishing you can take a couple bites and continue to do that until you're finished and you're finished fishing.

You have various options to eat your lunch. We're not worried about that. You need to plan to actually bring it. That gives you the most time efficiency. If we're going to go to a restaurant, you just lost some time there. You should buy before going fishing. The best use of time is to not waste time going somewhere waiting in line getting your lunch finding delicious and being happy. Then boom, it's time to go back to work again didn't have fishing time, didn't have fun and you didn't distress.

Now you get home and you're going to be worse for wear and you will have less energy as well. That's just not the way the world should be. So once I actually found this out I was like this is crazy. I got to tell some people about this so I told my friends what I was doing and that made videos. Everyday fishing time at the Charles River fishing and Charles River esplanade and talk about what am I doing.

How To Get To Open Water

I will get an inflatable kayak. I think I can get enough time to inflate one . They take about five minutes to inflate. Wow, I can put them on as a backpack. I can get around 25 minutes of fishing in if I have all of my stuff ready to go. In reality it will be really hard to do this and will take a lot of planning and foresight to get the most time possible on the water.

That's not bad as this is for my situation, you might be able to get to your body of water faster. You may be able to drive a car, you may have more than an hour to actually go fishing. Maybe you're in a worse situation like I was when I worked at a door making factory when I was in college and you actually can't leave the facility. For those people, I don't have time I think of. You're the exception. You have to be one of those guys. In the cubicles and stuck working next to the river or an ocean to make this happen.

Take Action

Don't Let Your Job Stop You!

If you want your fishing time to come back to you, then you need to get the skills and find a way to get a better job. That will give you the time that you deserve. You don't deserve to be caged up like a rat at your job. They tell you "hey, gonna need to eat your lunch on site, you're gonna need to work these hours".

They tell you need to work one, two or three more hours extra per day for a week. So they can meet the quota. You won't feel like you been trapped in your job. You're miserable. You hate it. Maybe you think "oh, this is all I can do". Let me tell you, it's not all you can do! There are a lot of things to do out there in the world.

In brick and mortar and especially online, if you believe or have heard of people actually working remotely it is a thing their websites actually cater to this. They run in a mirage of skills from the bottom to the top of management there's something for everybody. You should take a look at that because that will even give you a location freedom a lot of people are looking for that they don't think they're looking for.

Everybody's greatest asset is time. If you give away your time you're giving away your life. That's the last thing you should give away. You cannot buy time. It's the one asset that you have that has no dollar value. Don't complain about not having fishing time if you don't care about how you spend it.

Change Your Fishing Life Today

So that's the solution I came to when I decided to make fishingatwork. com and I thought other people should know about this information. It's something that I believe a lot of people should just try you don't have to buy into the whole thing. Do some research find a local body of water and then make a plan.

I'm gonna try to go there. I'm gonna bring my little small rod. I have to walk there. I'm gonna put some stuff in the back of my car and drive over to it and we get all the gear and whatever. I'm gonna pop in for a little bit and hope I get lucky. Now leave and assess. Did I catch fish? yes or no? Did I have fun? Yes or no? Did I get back in time? Yes or no? Did anybody notice that I was doing something weird Yes or No?

That's your fishing time. You can do whatever you want to do during your allotted amount of time like I'm doing right now. I'm making a video during lunch time. It's my time. I'm here to talk to you and tell you that you can get out here and go fishing or really do anything else you wanted to with this period of time. There's one thing I would like to get across, please value your time more than anything because it's really all you truly have.

Dwight Norris of Fishing At Work is telling you to use work lunch for fishing time.  You simply just provide your email address and you'll get even more great information from me about this whole thing. How it works and what you can do to improve your fishing time and hopefully how many fish you catch. So do that and follow me on YouTube. I'll be making more and more videos of high value content and hopefully I'll be getting better at it over time.

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