November 15

Fish More

Fish More

Hello, I'm Dwight Norris of Today we're going to talk about how I can help you fish more! 
Now, if you've come to this particular web page, or this YouTube video to Google. You may or may have not come here for a different reason.

Since your here, if you love fishing and you want to fish more; I have a way to help you. If you go to the Fishing At Work website, you will see an email subscription login, where you can get a 10 step process to go fishing at work. What that means is, I found a solution for my problem. My problem was that I wanted to go fish more.

Workplace Depression

I had a serious issue. A series of issues that I normally went through every day, which you may be going through as well. You have a nine to five job. You only have time on the weekends. Maybe you have a family like I do, and they take a lot of time. You want to give them the time. Then that means less fishing for you.

You're spending a lot of your money on life's other necessities. You don't have enough money to spend on the many rods, reels, lures, boats and whatever else you want to spend your money on. I know that's very important because I want to do more of that as well. I've been doing more of that now since I solve my problem.

What exactly helped me solve my problem? First of all, because I wanted to fish more, I thought that this isn't impossible. There's no time in a day. Nothing I can do about it. I am not making any more money to give myself that time freedom. That lifestyle that goes with people who already fish more.

There are some people who have found it by starting their own businesses. Particularly fishing charter businesses. The problem with that is they want to fish while the people they are taking out want to fish as well. People that are paying are more important.


They don't realize that they will actually make more money if they stop fishing and focus on making the customer happy. That is by doing your research and everything else to make sure they catch fish. That is what I want to do for you. That's what I've done for myself. 

10 Step Process To Fish At Work

So I'll talk a little bit about my 10 step process to go fishing at work. It all started out with me wondering where in a day can I possibly find any time to fish. I had reached the end of my whole thought process on the topic. I'd given up on it since I guess way back in college.

So we're talking like almost 20 years of reduced fishing and just fishing on the weekends. The weekends are already packed with stuff. People want to go places. We want to get hang out. People want to go to movies. People want to eat out and go to all these events. If you're like me, all you're doing is thinking about fishing.

Wow, we just passed the lake over there. That looks nice. Whoa! Is that a river? I wonder what's in there? Huh? What the ocean? Oh, do I know somebody with a boat? Do I have a boat? Can I get a boat on Craigslist for free and fix it up? Do I have that time? No. So I actually did a time management strategy, which you can get on the PDF.

time to go fishing

I actually made a special side video, which is linked to the PDF that shows you exactly what I did. I'll just tell you. I took an Excel document. When I ran a time and I figured out what I was doing. Then I saw some big gaps. Not sure why I said that twice. The fact is I saw things that I didn't need to do or I could do more effectively or more efficiently. I made a decision to try something out.

At lunchtime I was sitting at my desk. I was staring at a computer screen. I was on Facebook. I was on Craigslist looking at boats or looking at cheap fishing reels or thinking about "hey, I want to I can try out fly fishing". Wait. Oh yeah. I don't have time to fly fish. So I thought what if I didn't eat lunch at work? What if I took my lunch with me? I could eat outside? That sunny place that has the clouds and other things.

It's not raining. It's not snowing. I walked five blocks to the Charles River Esplanade in Boston to see how long it takes to get there. I also wanted to see if people were fishing. I wanted to see if a good place to fish was available. I don't even have my rod with me. No lures, no license, nothing! Totally unprepared.


So I went outside. I walked. I got there in 10 minutes. I looked around and people were running, people were jogging. It was a great sunny day. Everybody was happy and smiling. I was one of those businessmen in my dressed up suit and wondering why am I not out here running and jogging and smiling and being happy in the sun. 

I looked down at my watch and 20 minutes have gone by. I still have 20 minutes for lunch. I know it will only take me 10 minutes to get back. Which would leave me with approximately an hour and 40 minutes to do whatever I want at that spot. At that spot was the Charles River Esplanade. 

It's just little side channel off the Charles river and in there there's lily pads everywhere. There's overhanging trees, stumps, rocks, and roots. I can see the blue gills! I can see the bass! I can even see crappy, which I caught the next day. I'm wondering to myself, Dwight, where's my fishing rod?!? Where's my fishing stuff? I can cast my line right now! 

Don't Be Like Me - Go Fishing Today!

So I went back to my desk feeling like you idiot. How long have you been sitting here or in the area not just this job. Two years before this job you were closer to the ocean. I could have gone to the ocean in five minutes. I was right there and I could cast my line in at a particular time when the herring are coming in.  Just 5-10 minutes from that location and  could catch 30-40 pounds striped bass. My only problem with that is how can I get this puppy home. Low and behold I still can get to that spot. Might take me 20 minutes, but this is just me.

How long does it take to you to get your local watering hole? Not drinking hole but you're fishing hole or Honey Hole. Whatever you want to call it where you like to go fishing. Is it near where you work? Have you actually checked around where you work and seen any ponds or lakes or there's a million different names for bodies of water you can think of one and see if it has fish in it.

Visit My YouTube Channel

Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel. You can hit the subscribe button and be updated when I make videos which I'll be trying to do almost daily on great fishing topics.

Go to your local fish and game wildlife State Department website and see where these bodies of water are that have the fish that you want to catch. if there's one within 20 minutes whether you're walking or biking or or you're in the car. Don't even bring your stuff. Just do the travel part. Go from your job. Go there. Bring your lunch eat it. Stare at the scenery. See who is walking around. Do some people watching or do some fish watching.

If you see those fish are swimming around and then time it then use that time to get back once this the opposite ways is worse. That usually doesn't happen least not during lunch time. Figure out how much time it took me it took to get there.

Business Suit

Fishing Problem Solved!

Fishing problem solved and now you can fish more! You have your time to go fishing problem solved every day. If you're in Florida well it is every day here. Here it's gonna freeze over for a period of time. The Charles River will freeze over for about three months out of the year. Which will make me have to learn something else, ice fishing and I'll be glad to teach you as I take that journey as well.

I'm also going to learn how to fly fish. It looks super cool. They have all those nice you know videos on on the fishing shows and they're slinging it back and the lines like slowly going in slow mo and the water is coming off of it and the lights hitting just right and then they hit that a trout or salmon it's jumping all over the place and they're reeling the line in and the shiny reel looks super cool. Yeah, I'm gonna try that out. Oh, why I'm I not doing it? Well, one, It's not quick, it's not easy. Is that what I've done and I have my other problems. I can't fish anyway.

So once I solve this problem, everything became possible and it can for you. Now I have created my 10 step process at go fishing at work PDF, which will show you from A to Z how to go from very sad sitting in your office staring out the window or staring at your computer, look at people fish or looking at a body of water near you and wondering Wow, I should go over there and go fishing. That'd be cool.

Go do it!

Zoom Lizards

Yes, go try. You don't even have to go to my website. You don't have to get the 10 step process to gofishingatwork PDF. Just go out there and use information that I just gave you and go try it up You don't need anything else from me. I just told you the solution, the basic premise of the solution, you can go out there and try it and you can learn and develop your skills with it while you do that. that's, that's awesome. I am so happy for you. And I'm so happy for myself because I'm fishing as well.

If you need more guidance, please get the PDF. Join the email subscription list. I will be providing valuable content every other day on video and my YouTube channel and also on the blog where I will mostly transcribe that information and then beef it up with a lot more detail and put it on the blog with videos and pictures and everything else you need to go fishing at work.

How To Catch More Bass

Learn the secret techniques, tips and tactics to catch more and bigger bass!

Now you're probably thinking, Hey, what's the catch guys go out there and do my stuff and go fishing, maybe. If you have fishing stuff and you have a car, throw it in the trunk and go there. Even better. If you have a boat, put it on top of the car, put an inflatable boat in the car and try that out. See how long it takes. See if it works for you. See if you're able to catch the fish that you want to in the time that you want to.

Maybe we'll catch one maybe we'll catch 20 it's all do you what do you perceive as a good day of fishing. If you can do this while you're at work or even before work after work. If you don't have obligations. A family a strict time schedule us stupid crazy commute you can do before and after go fishing early in the morning.

Maybe you can get somebody to cover for you, whatever it's like bogging you down and hit those that hit those bad boys right when they wake up you know sunrise and sunset is awesome and night fishing is even better.

Berkley Power Worms

It's the best so if you can avoid the day and go fishing any other time outside of normal timeframe of normal people go do that that's awesome but if you don't have a car you have some things you have to deal with.

Maybe you want to be discreet. Maybe you have to go into work by bike or a car. I mean by bike or a bus and you have to carry everything with you. Obviously can't put a canoe on your back or even inflatable one and not get a few eyeballs looking at you. If you don't care about eyeballs cool. What I do when I go to work now is have my fishing poles in my backpack. I used to have an old one, which was like stupid long.

Sometimes you get caught in your day to day. You just don't think about anything else. What everybody else does. You become call it a robot. A robot for your job, which is fine. You're productive. You get the work done. if you're mentally stressed, and you're tired out and only thinking about fishing. Maybe you aren't being as productive as you can.

What if you went fishing before, during, after work? Maybe even every day? Do you believe you'd be a happier person and companies always try to make their employees happy. If you make yourself happy, you'll be a better employee. You'll be more focused.

You'll get more done you'll be happy at your job. you won't be spending your time wondering about doing the things that you wish you could do because you're already doing them. you'll be a more productive employee. you'll get more done. you'll get more better so you'll get more notoriety ever. You get that promotion or whatever else you're looking for.

you can strive for the top, awesome! if you're something else, you can probably look at getting even more time and getting a lifestyle business, which will pay for whatever you need to do. 

You don't have to hide and sneak around. This is your time to go fishing. That's why I use the lunch time. It's your time to eat. that's not really what it's written. what's written in stone and the contract prior didn't mentioned that you have a lunch. I think it's a state or maybe a federal, then that's probably a state thing. it's really use to need to lunch. I am going to eat lunch. they give you an hour lunch, then that's what you have to use. They give you a half an hour lunch. That stinks.

I used to do that when I used to work at a door making factory. I worked from 6am to 2pm. something like that or more during extended shifts! then you have a half an hour to eat. everything is about 15 minutes away if you want actually get something to take out. So if you don't have your food you can't have any time for yourself. You're in your car. You go into McDonald's wherever else you can afford and your headed back.

It teaches you hard work, but not my place. I say always strive for something better. Always improve your skills. You can do it. whatever you're doing now you can do better if you want to. If you try hard enough. If you really go after it. It's possible.

I'm kind of slipping off the slope of teaching you how to fish more, but it all works together. Fishing more does requires more time. If you want to catch more bass. If you had more time you could catch more bass. That's true as well. you could use better techniques you can use better lures you can go to a better place you can learn how to fish more effectively in a lake using a topographic map as a variety of things.

I'll stick this video of a stamp of approval now you know how to fish more and I've done my job so please go to and sign up for the email subscription list. If you want to get the 10 step process to go fishing at work. Go to my YouTube channel, subscribe and get all my videos that I make about different topics about fishing network and beyond in your inbox every day. 

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