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Best Fishing Time Of Day

Best Fishing Time Of Day

Hello, I'm Dwight Norris of and today we're going to be talking about the best fishing time of day. Now depending on where you are in the world or U.S.A. you might have different seasons going on. one of the most important things when it comes to the best fishing time of day is what season you're in and the temperature of the air and the water. 

Fall Season

Right now it's fall, and it's going on to winter. The days are getting colder and the night are even getting colder than that. So obviously, the fish aren't going to be in the shallows. they're going to go out into deeper sections of the river or whatever what a body of water that you have and seek shelter there. there'll be looking for structure and cover on state drops, which is something you can do using topographic maps.

I think I have a video or some other kind of documentation for that. I'll put that somewhere in the notes below this video or up in a little pop up somewhere on the stream. So the best fishing time of day during the season will be more towards the beginning of the day and in the middle of the day. 

Summer Season

Usually during warm months, it doesn't really matter what we fish, but these two particular times are important. First, during that first light, is a kind of a sign of a beginning of the day. the fish are going after the the forage. the bait fish are going to cover their hiding points and going look for food.

So during the morning when you're going to work or wherever else you'll probably see lots of splashing going on. you'll see birds like a heron and pelicans staring down in order or like floating a higher above. the seagulls are right here and looking for schools of baitfish and any kind of fish they think they can gobble up.

night fishing for bass

This is the prime time like for feeding and getting that meal. it's like you're eating your cereal or your buttered toast in the morning. It's that essential food that you need during the day. So that's important. The other part of the day that is great during the late fall. winter is the middle of the day and the reason for this is because it's warmer.

When it's really cold outside on the air and water you want the most amount of sun to hit the water and get heated up. that will bring the fish from their deep water columns in order and bring them up so you can actually catch them easier. You won't have be using like deep water crankbaits or vibrating baits of some sort to make that happen.

So if it's any other time of year, the spring, the summer or the early fall like that beginning fall fishing time, then the best fishing time of day is going to be the early morning and the late afternoon. you should completely avoid the middle of the day. Why? Because it's too hot. When it's too hot, the oxygen depletes and the fish can't breathe.

Best Fishing Time Of Day

So they go to either the shallows where there's more vegetation or they have to go to the deep waters where it's cooler. that happens depending on what type of day it is. if it's like a super heatwave or they're going to go deep. They're going to be hiding under those lily pads, or any kind of structure that gives them shade and gives them the ability to cool down.

Temperature Differences

So it's really does two basic things, If it's too cold, you go to where it's going to be the hottest and if it's too hot to go where the water is going to be cool. It's a very simple concept because it's hard to imagine how the fish will react to it and where exactly they'll go when this happens.

If you want to think about it in terms of point of where they'll go when it's hot you can just rewind this video and go back to what I said. When it's hot, they seek shelter that's cooler. it might be deeper creek maybe or toward a sharp drop where they can still get access to shallows, where the bait fish are, and or other types of forage like crayfish and still get still stay cool. they can breathe easily.

If it's too cold, they're going to go to where it's warm. it's only warm for a short amount time during the day. That's usually during the middle of day. they just can't stand it and they're starving and they're going to hit those shallows. they're going to hit those they're going to search for schools down deep and pop up at schools when they roll by, but they always want an easy way to retreat either way.

Kayak Fishing

So when you reach the extremes of heat and cold, they'll usually be on the drops you see two things happening there. they're almost always going to drops when there's extreme weather. If it's a nice great day, it's 70-75 degrees. It's absolutely perfect, they will gonna be everywhere. they're going to be in the drops. they're going to be in the shallow. they're gonna be in the rocks. they're going to be under forge. I mean under a lily pads, they're gonna be out in the open.  they will follow in schools everywhere.

That's one fishing time is easy, but when it's not easy, which is most of the time you actually have to think. You can't just throw your lure out there and hope some bites. you want to fish effectively. Like if you're fishing at work for your best fishing time of day. that's what you're going to have to do. So those are just an easy tips to think about.

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When you're trying to fish when the weather doesn't seem right, think about the time of day that you have available and then you use it effectively. So if you're trying to if it's really cold right now. it's like horrible outside and you like oh, I'll just do some fishing after work when I can have some free time because it is the best fishing time of day.

Maybe the fish aren't shallow there. maybe you have to go get a boat and hit some crank baits around some bridge abutments or something that you can easily reach. you can't really fish from shore anymore because they are in the shallows. you're just wasting your time as well.

Throw a worm, a live bait of some type out there and wait for them to come to you. Maybe they'll happen, maybe they'll float by checking the scene out and you'll get a fish. that's not where that's not the way you want a fish because when it gets colder, and everything. the bass will actually school up like fish would.

It's not really because they want to have friends, it's because that's where they want to be and it's the best place during that particular time of season and because of the temperature or the water pH for the word of clarity. It's a variety of things, like I said before, it's really simple, when it's hot, you know where to go. If it's cold, you know where they're going to go.

Find Fish During the Day

So trying to fish the middle ground. learn about your area or your body of water and get a nice topographic map. find those really steep drop offs. you'll find that they'll be sitting there waiting probably uncover a stump, a log, some kind of man-made structure that's down there. when the fish go from the shallow down to the deep to try to retreat from whatever environment is, if it's too hot, or too cold, then boom, they're going to ambush them.Home

So get those crankbaits, get those spinner baits more or less actually get the crank baits more than a spinner baits in this start hitting the structure. Boom, boom. If you if you don't hit anything, you're not in the right spot.

You want to hit something during that steep drop. there's something down there so as you hit it then you give a slight pause. let it rise as a  bait fish head came running down there and it hit something. maybe it's like oh no, boom, easy meal they're gonna light it up. That is an attribute of the best fishing time of day

So that's the tips I have today. I hope you have some good fall fishing and some good weather like there is today because yesterday was 30 degrees. Not good, not good at all. I'll be fishing. I'll be showing you new videos and emails from the email list. we can go to and subscribe and get your 10 Step Process To Fish At Work. I just finished a PDF or how to catch more bass and I'll be a making a way to get that on website as well.

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Thank you.

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