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Bass Fishing Ontario

Ontario has some of the best bass fishing in all of Canada, and it is always a good idea to go where the fish are waiting. There are many places that offer excellent opportunities for bass fishing in Ontario, but we will give you our expert opinion on the best ones. We will also share with you some tips and tricks that will help you attract more Canadian bass when they bite!

The best bass in Ontario is found by locating excellent spots only known by fishing guides. If you want the inside track of where these locations are, one of the expert fishing guides will be happy to tell you what they know. I can also share some tips and tricks that will help you attract more Canadian bass when they bite!

Best Bass Fishing In Ontario

If you are looking for a place with excellent opportunities, there is no better option than at one of the many lakes and rivers that offer both saltwater and freshwater fish populations.

Lake Joseph

One spot we recommend is Lake Joseph because it has lots of underwater cover such as lily pads and rocks which make it an ideal habitat for bass, sunfish, or perch! It also has plenty of aquatic vegetation on shorelines which can be used by all species as protective cover while they feed. Not only does it have these options, but it is also a great place to go for swimming, canoeing, and fishing!

Lake Of The Woods

Lake of the Woods offers excellent bass fishing opportunities. There are many different kinds of fish out there in its coldwater lakes, but bass fishing is one of the most popular activities! It hosts a combination salt- and freshwater species that provides anglers with a great variety.

Lake Of The Woods Map

Go try out a Lake of the Woods Map!

Lake Opeongo

A couple more spots to consider for your next bass fishing adventure include Lake Opeongo, which has lots of underwater cover like sunken logs. The bass has gotten used to anglers and is less wary, so it is easier to catch them at this location as well.

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Because this lake is full of cover, you will spend most of your time working it precisely with specific lures.

Cedar Creek Reservoir

Cedar Creek Reservoir where you can find both largemouth bass and smallmouth. How you want to go after them is your choice. You can use live bait, artificial lures, or a combination of the two.

The bass is an iconic species to target at Cedar Creek Reservoir because it has both largemouth and smallmouth bass populations living in its waters. Fishing opportunities abound here with coldwater lakes like Lake Opeongo that are full of underwater cover which makes for excellent hiding spots for these fish when they feel threatened by anglers onshore and offshore alike!

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The close proximity of this reservoir to waterfowl-rich wetlands also means there are many different types of food available throughout the year. Even if you’re not targeting bass specifically, fishing any time during the season will yield some type of catch sure to be satisfying! 

Lake Erie

Almost everybody knows about this lake, but not everybody knows what parts of the lake that they should be focusing on. One of those spots is Rondeau Bay. This area is filled with bass, panfish, and pike. All three of these can make a great day for kids and adults alike.

Lake Erie

Lake Erie

You will even find a provincial park there where you can park and do other activities with your family and then go for a day on the water!

Lake Erie is one of the Great Lakes located in Eastern Canada. It has a surface area of 24,000 square miles and is shared between Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan & New York. There are over 40 species that live there including bass (of course!), walleye, trout, and muskellunge to name just a few!

NOAA Lake Erie Map

Go try out a NOAA Lake Erie Map!

The most popular fishing spot on Lake Erie for anglers who want to catch bass is Saginaw Bay which also happens to be one of the five major habitats found here. You can usually find them lurking around any type of shallow water or even in deep water when they are feeding at night so if you're looking for some top-notch locations where you will be able to experience a great bite then you are in luck.

Another great bass-fishing spot is the Ottawa River that flows from north of Lake Erie and winds through Ontario & Quebec before merging into the St. Lawrence Seaway at Montreal which provides excellent fishing opportunities for anglers who want to catch bass in Canada!

Lake Huron, located on the border between Michigan and Ontario has a surface area of over 31,000 square miles making it one of North America's largest lakes by volume but small compared to its sister Lakes Superior or Erie because it only holds about 21% as much water. It is also home to ample numbers of Canadian bass (and other fish) for all you anglers out there who are eager to catch them! 

Balsam Lake

This lake is a popular bass fishing spot in Ontario. The lake is located on the northern end of Algonquin Park near Trans Canada Highway 17 and has plenty of access points to reach it via canoe or boat.

Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin Provincial Park

If you like to catch both large and smallmouth bass you will find it here when the water is cold. It's a good idea to try using different baits and make sure you have several rod holders on your boat if you're going to be catching bass for an extended period of time.

Balsam Lake Map

Go try out a Balsam Lake Map!

Balsam Lake has one of Ontario’s best-known fishing spots: Big Stone Bay. This bay offers plenty of deep, weedy areas that call out the bass in search of food year-round so it can become very crowded with fishermen at certain times during the spring months as well as August through October.

This lake also features crystal clear waters which are ideal for fly-fishing, too! I am personally on a fly fishing journey and crystal clear water is not in my state. I actually have to go up north... anywhere up north to get that. Always respect people that have clean waters!

Lake Ontario

I obviously can't leave this blog without mentioning the lake named after the province. As most of the other lakes have this one has specific areas that do better for bass fishing. One of those sections is the Bay of Quinte.

Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario

The Bay of Quinte is located in the eastern region of Ontario. It's an excellent spot for bass fishing because it has plenty of submerged timber and natural cover which creates a unique habitat environment that fish enjoy to feed on. This makes this area great place to target bass, muskie, walleye as well as other species such as smallmouth buffalo.

Lake Ontario - Western Basin Map

Trent River

I have mentioned many lakes, but no rivers. I would be remiss to leave this bass fishing destination off the list.

The Trent River is located in northeastern Ontario and it's known for having a lot of smallmouth bass, walleye, muskie as well as salmon so you have plenty of opportunities to try out many different species all at once or overtime.

The types of lures that you will use in a river can be a little different because of the natural tidal current that goes through them. You want to use lighter lures that will cast further and you should be fishing in shallower areas like around the river mouth, eddies, or deeper pools.

The Trent River is one of my favorite bass fishing destinations because it has a lot of different species all at once as well as being really close to other great fisheries too (such as Lake Temagami) which makes for an excellent day trip if you are bass fishing.

Georgian Bay

This has got to be one of my favorite lakes because I used to spend summers there when I was younger. The Georgian Bay offers great opportunities for largemouth bass fishing with submerged timber creating that perfect environment these fish love! There are also other popular gamefish such as northern pike found here too. It's not hard to find them even if they're just hanging around weedlines looking for baitfish.

Georgian Bay Paddling & Hiking Guide

Lake Superior Provincial Park

The last spot that you should try out for your next fishing trip in Ontario is Lake Superior Provincial Park! This river has a lot of shallow rocks which provide cover from predators while the bass feed on insects off these surfaces. The water's flow also makes it difficult for fish like walleye or sauger to ambush their prey - just make sure you're wearing polarized sunglasses!

Lake Superior

Lake Superior

The rocky cover will be sure to be a haven for smallmouth bass, walleye, and sauger. If you want to focus on smallmouth bass then you will need to use the right set of lures. A jigging spoon is an excellent option as these have a slight curvature that provides more action for the bass.

You can also use spinnerbaits, crankbaits, or even topwater baits with success when fishing in Ontario's Lake Superior Provincial Park - just make sure you keep your line tight and reel fast to entice fish to strike!

Lake Superior Map

Go try out a Lake Superior Map!

A lot of fishermen often overlook gullies while they are on their quest to find good spots but don't be fooled into thinking this is not an area worth exploring. Gullies provide some great cover from predators such as walleye and sauger which makes them perfect for smallmouth bass feeding opportunities. You won't need anything fancy either like deep diving crankbaits or special rigs for this bass and, thankfully, the fish are not known to be particularly picky.

You may also want to keep an eye out for other types of prey too such as perch or panfish which provide a nice opportunity if you're looking for something different. It's always best when on the water in Ontario to have at least one rod rigged up with some live bait - this might just net you that big prize!

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Is Bass Season Open In Ontario?

There are some bass seasons that run all year round in Ontario, but depending on the location of where you want to go fishing for bass they may only be open at certain times of the year.

For example, if you're looking for a place to fish when it's cold outside or during the winter months then there will likely not be any bass fishing opportunities available at this time. There are however plenty of places and rivers that allow anglers with licenses from December 15th until March 31st (the last day before trout season starts).

The official bass season in Ontario is in the spring months from April until June. The best time to go bass fishing is when the water temperature reaches 12°C (54°F) or higher, and there are plenty of shallow waters such as creeks and shorelines that can provide excellent opportunities for catching bass during this time.

Bass season typically starts on the last Saturday in April and bass season ends on the first Sunday in September.

Summer Bass Fishing Ontario

During the spring, summer, and fall months bass fishing opportunities are available all over Ontario, but the best places for bass to be found will differ depending on what time of year it is.

For example: in May and June when water temperatures are warmer bass can be found near shorelines as well as deeper bodies of water like lakes or reservoirs that have a lot more current running through them due to higher levels of rainfall and snowmelt from earlier months.

The low-country might also offer some good bass fishing opportunities during these two months with slower-moving waters allowing anglers to drop their line further out into open areas without much risk for snags or getting hung up on trees, logs, lily pads, etc... Because there is less chance for these things happening you'll want to bring live bait or some kind of artificial lure to keep the bass coming back.

In July and August, bass fishing in Ontario is going to be at its best.

The water isn't as warm so you'll have a greater chance for some good bites on live bait or traditional lures like spinnerbaits, crankbaits, worms, crickets, etc... that will work well with this time of year because they require less "bite" sensitivity than when the water was warmer during May and June. The cold water also means there's not as much food available which could mean more hungry fish willing to take your line should you find them!

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September marks one of the most unpredictable months where it may either be really hot out or actually cool off during certain random days where the weather may change.

Look for bass to be active in the morning and evening hours rather than midday where they'll probably be too lethargic from being out of the water all day long.

Fishing during this time will also require a slightly different technique with spinnerbaits, crankbaits, worms, or crickets being better options as live bait won't work well because it only remains alive for less than 15 minutes before becoming unusable.

October is when things start cooling off (almost three weeks earlier) which means that bass fishing can get tough at times but there are still opportunities if you know what spots are best! The bite sensitivity goes back up so now traditional lures like topwater frogs become more effective here along with

Where Can I Fish For Bass In Ontario?

Besides the best places I listed above, we can't forget about Lake Scugog, the largest lake in Durham Region. Bass fishing season starts here a little later than other lakes and rivers because of water levels that remain high throughout spring making it difficult to access bass through summer when they are more concentrated in shallower areas for spawning.

Another great place is Lake Simcoe. It's in the geographical center of Ontario and is a very popular spot for bass fishing, especially during summer when water levels rise.

Another great place is Lake St. Clair, which is the second-largest lake in Ontario and a popular bass fishing destination during both summer and winter when there are fewer anglers out on the ice.

Lake St. Clair

Lake St. Clair

Yet another popular bass fishing destination is the Trent-Severn Waterway. It's a source of hydroelectric power for Ontario and also connects lakes to each other, making it an excellent location for catching all species of fish including bass.

Lake Trent Severn Waterway

Lake Trent Severn Waterway

A great place for largemouth bass is Lake Nipissing. This is the third-largest lake in Ontario and it's located right along the northern border with Quebec.

Lake Huron makes up most of eastern Ontario bordering both Michigan and Michigan to its northeast as well as Wisconsin to its southwest but unlike many other lakes in the province actually contains largemouth bass so worth paying attention to if you're looking for your next bass fishing destination.

A great place for smallmouth bass is the northern end of Georgian Bay. It's actually a pretty small body of water but is part of Lake Huron and has lots of coves, rock reefs, weed beds and other structures that make it an excellent place to fish for bass when they're feeding on shad close to shore.

When Can You Catch Largemouth Bass In Ontario?

The largemouth bass is a little different in Ontario than in other parts of the world. They are present all year, but they do spawn in late spring and early summer so bass fishing from this time onwards can be pretty good at times too - particularly after their spawning when they're feeding more aggressively to get back into condition.

This continues until early September before they head back down into the water to get ready for winter.

Bass Fishing Ontario Tips

Some tips you should know about bass fishing in Ontario are:

  • When you're bass fishing in Ontario, make sure to have a spinnerbait on your line.  It's the best bait for getting Canadian bass close enough that they can't resist it.
  • Tackle is important when bass fishing in Ontario.  Make sure you've got heavy-duty equipment if you plan on going after some of these bigger fish because they'll put up quite a fight and try to take off with all your gear!
  • You might not know this, but a one really great place to go bass fishing in Canada is Lake Erie. It's a freshwater lake so there are more types of bass found here than other lakes like Lake Huron or Georgian Bay which are saltwater bodies.
  • Look for structure and cover when bass fishing in Ontario.  Try to calm the water with a slow retrieve and keep your lure near shore or as close to possible if you're not sure which structure is going to give up fish!
  • When it comes down to catching bass, patience will be key. Make sure that when you've got one on the line, they don't get too deep because this can mean trouble for both of you!
  • The best time of year for bass fishing in Canada is during the summer months from June through early September.  This gives them plenty of food such as shad and other baitfish so their mouths are always open looking for something good to eat!
  • Lake Erie's Sandusky Bay is a great place to fish for bass during the summer months and fall too!  You'll find many docks in this bay that bass hangs out under, so cast your lure close to these structures and you should hook up with something soon enough.
  • Fishing on the Niagara River can also produce some big catches of bass because it does not freeze over like other bodies of water do when winter approaches (although they're still there!) This means fishing will continue throughout most of the year, which can be nice if you want to get away from school or work for a while.
  • The Detroit River often has carp sightings but don't let them fool you into thinking there is no bass lurking around too.  Look for docks and other structures that bass like to hang out under, cast your lure close by them and they'll be sure to find it!
  • Lake Simcoe is another spot where you will have a great chance of hooking up with some bass while fishing. The lake's shallower waters make the perfect environment for these fish as they can rest in cooler temperatures more easily than those found on deeper lakes or rivers (which are usually much warmer).

Bass Fishing Ontario Lures

Some of the best lures to use are ones that are made for finding fish quickly. For bass fishing in Ontario, lure companies like Lure Fryer and the Magic Bait Company offer many different types of lures for catching a variety of fish.

  • Spinnerbait: These attract fish by making subtle vibrations that mimic wounded or struggling worms on the surface of the water; another good option if you can’t locate any fish near aquatic vegetation. They also come with plastic skirts to help produce more noise underwater when exploring certain areas, which helps trigger bass'
  • Jigs: These are usually made of lead and are shaped like a spoon. They can be found in many colors, sizes, shapes, and weights depending on the style you want to use for bass fishing; they work well because fish think it is some other type of bait around such as crawfish or minnows.
  • Lures with skirts: These can come in a variety of different styles but all share one thing - rubber skirts that produce noise underwater when moving them about. This helps attract bass by mimicking prey near the surface that has been wounded from something above water (like shadows).
  • Jerkbaits: Jerkbait lures mimic fleeing prey which drives bass crazy due to their natural instinct to hunt down anything they view as food running away from them. I particularly like these lures because they are very versatile and can be used in almost any body of water.
  • Topwater: This type of lure works very simply; it just emits bubbles and gurgles which entice bass with its natural instinct to strike at anything coming near it. The bubbles create a curtain-like illusion where the bass thinks the prey is going through an easy path up into the air such as jumping over some surface tension (think frogs). This is also something done great by things such as the buzzbait and Whopper Plopper.

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