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Backpacking Fishing Pole

When you have gathered all your specialized backpacking gear and are ready to hit the ground running remember not to overlook your fishing gear. More specifically, don’t neglect the fishing pole that you choose on your travels. You have the highest quality and lightweight technology. The same goes for your fishing pole as well as it’s functionality.

Fishing At Work is based on the premise that fishermen with a job  and a family need to think creatively about their time to go fishing. One of those ways is to use their allotted break time at work to do so. One of the backpacking fishing poles I was able to use while doing this was the Eagle Claw Pack-It. It was light, compact and the price was right. In the end, I ended up sitting on my fishing reel and breaking it.

backpacking fishing pole

Backpacking Fishing

Using your backpack to go fishing is a great way to go more often even when you are working. Backpackers love the fact that they can get everything they need in a small amount of space. If you have been part of the backpacking culture, you will know that lightweight gear costs more! It takes a higher level of quality to remove weight from gear and still have the same quality.

With fishing gear you need lightweight and compact. Thankfully that is completely possible even with what normally are 6 foot rods. Even with a small Camelbak you could hold a couple lures and your fishing pole. Backpacking and fishing are something that can help you not only enjoy a day on the water, but also help you find more time to go fishing!

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Telescopic / Collapsible Fishing Rods

Many options are available for fishing poles that can be telescopic and collapsible just like the antenna on old cars in the 1980s or those iphone selfie rods. These tools most definitely provide convenience, but the issue is how much performance are we sacrificing for that sake?

When you separate your fishing rod into many pieces you give up a large amount of stability. The more specific issue is the connection joints. These are the single points of failure. This is the reason some people will only buy one piece rods. In my own experience, these rods are way stronger than you would believe. Many YouTube videos display their strength even down to the no name brands. 

backpacking with friends

I described the Eagle Claw Pack-It, but I didn’t talk about the no-name brand I bought on eBay. The difference between these two couldn’t be any wider. The rod got salt and rust on the inside of it. It stopped sliding easily. The tips began to fall off. While the latter is still functioning today, the reel for obvious reasons.

Below is a list of rods that are the best available right now. Each one has something that it excels at and I am sure you will find something important for you while you are backpacking the mountains and rivers or just around your workplace.

Product Name




Zebco 33 Telescopic Rod & Reel Combo

5 ft extended / 21x6x3.5 compact

11.2 oz

Daiwa  Minispin Spinning Rod & Reel Combo + Hard Carrying Case

4.5 ft extended

0.8 oz

Okuma Voyager Express Telescopic Spinning Combo

6.5 ft extended

10.4 oz

Ultralight Fishing Rod

Now that we have discussed compact fishing rods we need to talk about your weight. Not your physical weight, but that will help with backpacking. The weight of your fishing rod can be a hamper on your style. Most fishing rods don’t weigh much in general, but the heavier they are the thicker and stiffer they are. Many people have used lightweight fishing rods when they want to fish whenever the moment strikes them. That is the type of fishing that I love to do. I believe you can do this type of fishing as well.

These rods may or may not be telescoping fishing rods. Some can even be described as pen fishing rods because they are compacted to the size of a pen. When the cell phone shrunk to the size of a couple fingers and went back up to the size of a hand people were shocked all along the way. I believe that this pen size fishing rod is just something for people to try out, but to fish optimally you need to get something just a little bit bigger.

Below you will find a great list of options for lightweight fishing rods that you can stuff in your backpack or even your pocket! Just make sure it is rated for the type of fishing that you are trying to do.

Product Name





Daiwa Presso Ultralight Pack Spinning Rod

7 ft


Quantum Throttle Spinning Combo

5 ft

11.2 oz

Diawa Revros LT PMC Executive Travel Pack

1 Piece

Store Name

Travel Fishing Rod

Having a travel fishing rod is something that people don’t think about until they absolutely need  it. You are going on vacation and your favorite fishing rod fits in your bag, but it has to go through airport security. It will toss around and thrown with total disregard for it’s contents. If you bring it on the plane it will have to be passed by TSA. I have never brought one for over seat storage, but they will scrutinize most mechanical things and waste a lot of your time. 

So what do you do about this situation? Simple! You can use a special fishing rod case that will keep your favorite backpacking fishing pole safe from point A to point B.

Fishing Rod Case

When you're traveling  your fishing rod case and save your fishing rod from getting damaged.  Since we are talking about compact fishing rods you will have to look at the Contemporary version available online today. mini compact fishing rods come with a carrying case that is hard plastic. The reason for this is the fact that they know the rods and reels are fragile and people use them while backpacking and doing other activities. This requires that your fishing gear be in places where they could be damaged and Extra Protection is required.

Depending on the fishing rod that you purchase a particular case will suit your needs. You will probably run to some varieties that are soft plastic or nylon or Velcro. when you are traveling these will not do. even when you're carrying them in an overhead compartment other people stuff in their suitcases there could easily damage your fishing gear.

below you will find a list of quality fishing rod cases that will suit your needs wherever you are going.  you can use these in your car or train or a plane or the bus or even or bike.


Product Name




Flambeau Outdoors Rod Bunk Box

40  x 9.5 x 6

3.59 lbs

Allen Company Cottonwood Fly Fishing Case

31.5 x 9.5 x 6

5.2 lbs

backpacking by bike

Backpack Tackle Box

If you want to add something extra to your backpacking fishing gear I would consider a new backpack. One that is specific for fishing, but can still handle what you need for the day. It’s all about priorities when you are out there in the wilderness. 

Backpacks have come a long way and it is the same with tackle boxes. Compartment styles, usability, functionality, accessibility, multiple uses… its all been thought about. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. Everybody is different and likes different things. As a backpacker you want light gear that is high quality. As a fisherman, you want functionality.

The best thing is the fact that this is possible. Below I am going to show you what's available that will suit your needs while backpacking and will give you what you want as a fisherman. Focus on the styles that meet your goals and I am sure that you will find yourself fishing however you want to in no time!

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