May 18

Shore Fishing

Hello Dwight Norris here of As you can see it's a little bit rainy but not too bad. Lo and behold, some people were actually fishing my second time seeing that I believe as of yesterday. No, it was about a week ago. I saw somebody fishing. It was a group of two as well. Now it's kind of complex. Kind of felt like there might be a fishing group around here that I don't know about.

So today I wanted to talk about shore fishing, just like these guys are doing here. They are actually situated under a nice bridge and those rocks there. And this is good cover for everything. So typically when you're in areas like this and there's lots of cover, you have to think about what type of fish per se you're actually trying to catch.

So to try and catch a panfish shore fishing, we're going to look for cover. In this particular spring / summer environment, you're going to be looking for areas where they're spawning or near where they're spawning. So these rocks right here actually go a ways out and it stays pretty shallow, so it's just a good place to catch panfish and bass.

when it gets hotter toward the middle of the day, they'll either go deeper or stay where they are and be lethargic or hide under a darker areas that maybe aren't so deep that were further away. Like this floating dock over here. Actually this time the floating dock is on stilts.

There are some floating docks around here or even a boat that's been anchored. in the morning you'll see birds and such actually floating around these things so they can see the fish.

Shore Fishing - Land Bridge

Big Game Fish

If you're going for some larger game fish, say striped bass, you're going to have to go out to the middle of the river where it's a little deeper instead of shore fishing. Just outside of these areas there'll be preying on the smaller fish. This entry point here is an entry point into the inner canal, which goes under this bridge and goes down about three quarters of a mile to a complete mile where you'll see the small fish.

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the larger fish will be right around this opening point here. I'd say 50 yards out, that's where you would probably find some deep water holes or ledges. I've actually looked at a topographical map and there'll be waiting there trying to snag on a smaller fish that might be roaming the area. They'll come from underneath them and then have a very opportune time.

Shore Fishing Drawbacks

Shore fishing can be good, but there are some drawbacks. Getting to the bigger fish on an island like we have here and you can't cast that far and you're limited to the area you can walk. So you need to optimize your time wisely. That's my first choice when thinking about what you're going to catch.

So if you're using a small rod and reel and you have some worms and stuff, you're pretty limited to what your bait can catch. Do you want to do something else and you know catfish, striped bass, trout or some other type of fish is available. You're going to have to think just a little bit more about what you're doing.

Middle of the Charles River in Boston Massachusetts

 When you're around the shoreline fishing for bass, you should take a peek down and see what the general area looks like. I just see a bunch of rocks and it seemed to go out forever or seemingly so. Pretty much after this rock area it goes to a sandy bottom. Those rocks for drainage outside which were put there on purpose to keep the dirt from falling into the river. This is a general thing that the parks and recreation department do in most states.

Fishing Islands From The Shoreline

This is actually a park for a second strip of land here along the Boston corridor just to have something for everybody to enjoy and over there is the super cool community rowing center which does more than rowing. It actually does boating in general and that's where I'll be getting my, what do you call it, the Kayak pass for $180 dollars for an annual pass. I do need to check up on how long their season lasts. It may be just as good to go shore fishing.

Hopefully it's not just the spring, summer and they go pretty far into the fall and maybe into the winter if the weather stays warm. So see there's a floating dock section here. I've never tried to skip anything beneath this dock before, but I've seen fish roaming through here and the right bait you can grab stuff.

there's stuff like this super cool island here, which is actually a harbor. so several islands would be a great thing to take a kayak or something on and run that area over there because it's less crowded. It would be nice to go shore fishing from there!

Boston Community Boating  Club - Islands to protect boats

Fishing pressure is less around here in the first place, but that area they're probably doesn't see too many people in general. So that's the kind of stuff you need to look out for. The ginormous bridge over there that's actually getting worked on in the lower section and bridges are great. You can get under them. This is a particularly huge one you can cast to the side 60 yards or so max.

it's relatively shallow. The better area would probably be on the other side. I think the dredge is on the other side and if you're on the dredge side, I would say you're at the advantage for the larger fish and that's what you're going for, which you will have to be aware of all the noise and et cetera. The fish are generally used to it. It happens everyday, all day on the schedule. So fish adapt to it.

Fishing Violations

The clouds are getting darker and the rain is starting to get heavier. People are still hanging out the best they can. Shore fishing reminded me of a long time ago when I was fishing a river in Virginia and I wasn't getting any bites. It was a horrible day. The old Rappahanock River the Game Warden checked my license and apparently that year I forgot to buy it.

So remember to purchase your license for your state or whatever type of fishing you're doing. Whether it is clean fresh water or salt water you're not just a getting a license your also helping them regulate the area pretty much every month or so. I'll get a nice publication from the local environmental police authorities talking about all the things they've done and how many fish they repossess and all the head boats and charter boats that come back with like undersized or over limit fish.

Too many fish per passenger is a problem that happens too much. They aren't even supposed to be catching certain fish. Sometimes they find stuff that's filleted and they'll still have the guts on board and they didn't even try and hide what they're doing. It's kind of ridiculous that's happening on charter boats.

I thought they would be more professional and not trying to put their business at risk. I don't promote that and it's pretty sad, but when they do publicize this stuff, they don't tell you who they are and fines are minimal. They can always come back if they try to improve. So better luck next time.


So what else can I say about shore fishing? In general, catching a fish is only motivated by how much you can do by your foot or bike to get the right location, gear, bait for the fish, timing, or whatever time you have available and then get out there and try some things. Do a little research online, checkout our Fishing Hot Spots blog post.

I'll be putting up a lot more informational post, how-to tips and tricks, areas to fish, how the fish to them, what the fish, and what to do in your particular area. Please visit the rest of the website, go to YouTube and subscribe to our channel and also check out our sign up for the private Facebook group which is available through the website. Now get back out there and go fishing.

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