January 6

What’s The Best Bait For Bass?

When it comes to what’s the best bait for bass you really have to think about every single type of fishing lure there is.  you can use spinnerbaits, crankbaits, frogs, lizards, worms, buzz baits jerk baits, stick baits, plugs, spinners, fly fishing lures, and the list goes on and on. however, one single bait rises above all of them.

This bait has been around since the beginning of fishing. It is widely available and every ass knows exactly what it is. When a bass sees it knows that it can get a good meal and not have to work hard for it.  for this reason, larger bass is known to be caught on this bait. This is also another reason why you should use larger forms as bait to catch larger bass. 

so what is this famous lower that has captured the eye of the American fisherman for so many years. All you have to do is look into your tackle box because I know you already have it.  if you don't have it I will be absolutely shocked because it's one of the biggest sellers and every fishing store. Let's reveal this super lure that's going to help you catch more and bigger bass.

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The Best Bait For Bass

Yes, this is surely enough the best bait for bass. When we talk about bass we're talking about smallmouth, largemouth, spotted and that weird one that's down in Florida. every single type of bass loves of a good plastic worm. Even outside of the bass world plastic worms are still on top of most fish’s diet.

I don't think I really have to give you too much information on why this is. If you go to any fishing shop you will see lots of them. If you go and watch bass fishing on TV you will see lots of them used. If you go into your own Tackle Box you will find them. When you go to your friend's Tackle Box you will find them. Even better if use the real version it will all perform almost everything.

Why Is This The Best Bait?

If you're still standing around and wondering why this is the best bait let me give you my opinion.  there are several things that actually go into what is the best bait for bass. each one of these things is very important when fishing for bass. If you don't have these abilities then you will find that you are short change and we'll have to depend on these fish could catch themselves rather than you catching the fish. Let's dig deeper and figure out why this is.

Four Season Fishing Lure

If you have tried to use a lure in all four seasons you probably ran into some issues. If you're trying to use a spinnerbait when the water is frozen you're going to run into problems. If you try to use a buzz bait in the weeds you're probably going to run into problems. We try to throw a crankbait down 50 feet you're going to have problems.

four seasons

four seasons

Now if you have a plastic worm all of these issues are negated.  Now why is this? The reason is you can use a plastic worm during all the seasons if you used the right techniques. more specifically if you're fishing during winter you can drop in a hole with a weight and during all the other months there are a large array of techniques you can use. Down below I'm going to go through a couple of these techniques and why they are important.

Worm Fishing Techniques

There are countless amount of techniques you can use with a plastic worm. I want to go to the most popular ones and really highlight why they are important. I personally haven't even used all of these techniques but I know I have seen them on TV and I have seen that they worked. Also, most people have used these techniques and it's not anything amazing and new.

  • Ned Rig - The Ned rig simply uses a jig head and a smaller form worm. this allows you to jig the worm on every level of the water column and did right in the fishes face. This works fantastic when fish are suspended or in schools out in Open Water. You can find people like Brian Latimer (Pro BASS Fisherman) at Brian Latimer - YouTube Channel that knows how to use this effectively
  • Dropshot - The drop shot rig puts a weight directly below the worm and the hook. This allows the worm to remain off the bottom and hopefully right in the strike zone a couple feet from the bottom where the fish are suspended over the cover. This is a great way to really hone in on the fish once you have them on your radar and you know there are suspended just above the bottom. If you're fishing in any body of water where it's either really hot or really cold and you know the fish are deep this is a fantastic technique.
  • Carolina Rig - The Carolina rig has a great rig if you want to have you're the word dragged over a large amount of area and have the worm stay off the bottom and in the strike zone. This is not unlike the drop shot except for the fact that you move it over a distance instead of straight down on top of the fish. This includes using the egg Sinker that slides freely on the line swivel and the worm on the other end.
  • Texas Rig - Pretty much everybody knows what a Texas Rig worm is. It's pretty much the standard for worm and anybody starts using plastic worms. It allows you to go into Deep Cover and come out not hung on to something. you can throw into the weeds or lily pads or we can even go deep. it puts the worm in an upright position and allows tail to tantalize the bass into biting it.
  • Weightless - A weightless worm is a really good thing in the middle of summer and late spring. The reason for this is that the fish are active and hungry. They're also in the shallows and looking for an easy meal. When a weightless worm hits the water it starts to fall just like any other worm that just fell in the water. Most bass are inclined to take the easy meal about thinking and if your worm has some taste to it then it'll actually hold on longer.
  • Wacky - A wacky rig is where you hook the worm in the middle and then Jerk It in some form of rhythmical pattern. This looks like a worm that fall into the water and is trying to wiggle its way somewhere. It's just another form of the weightless worm accept the fact that it's slowly sinking in a different way. what's a professional fisherman use this particular rig for the worm to get fish to come to the service even when they are sluggish.
  • Internal Weights - Using internal weights on a worm is an interesting subject. Most of these weights are actually rattles that give the worm a sound just like the sound of a specialist walking around and clicking its claws. This is the reason most chicks have rattles in it as well. The important part of this is the fact that you can put the weights in the front or the back of the worm. Depending on where the hook is you can make the worm do certain things. You can make it a twirl down in a certain action that is very realistic to fish. you can also put the weight on either side of the worm and make it stand up more as it does with the Texas Rig. 
  • Internal Floats - Internal floats are you even more interesting because they allow the worm to stay on the surface longer. This gives the ask more time to look at the worm to see if it wants to eat it. This is also very important when using techniques like the Carolina rig. the reason for this is the fact that you want the worm to stay off the ground when you're dragging it in the Carolina rig. This will keep the warm up in the strike zone instead of falling down to the bottom. So technically uses for the drop shot rig as well to give it a little bit more action when you shake it.


You can easily customize a plastic worm using colors and since. I mentioned before that you can also use weights and rattles to customize the technique and feel and sound of the lure.  this allows you to really be able to hone in on what the fish want more. Each Lake, River, Stream, Pond is different from the next. this is why all the pros go to the lake early and try to learn about the fish and the topography and everything else they can to make sure they know what the fish want.

For this reason, it makes the plastic worm even more useful to fishermen that are professionals and or Weekend Warriors. you can learn more about bass fishing and how to be more effective by using a plastic worm in different environments. it's one thing to be able to fish with a thousand lures and throw them all out and see what hits.  it's another to take one lure and become an expert at it so that you can catch fish with it every single day.

you think you as a freshman don't have to worry about this.  however, you do have a time limit on how much you can fish in a given day. You should really quantify how much time you have and where you're going to the effect of what you're fishing with. this will allow you go fishing more often which is something that I know a lot about. If you want to learn more about that please go to and click on the link at the top.

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Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel. You can hit the subscribe button and be updated when I make videos which I'll be trying to do almost daily on great fishing topics.

Supplement To Other Lures

A worm is a great supplement to other fishing lures. The spinner bait usually comes with a trailer that gives a fish something meaty to look at and to grab onto. Trailers on spinnerbaits we're made to make fish stop making at the end of the skirt and missing the hook. There's also the implementation of the trailer hook which catches a fish that do the exact same thing. However, the Hook is visible so it is a deterrent.

Now with all your worm knowledge and customization, you can use this exact same worm for a trailer. You can use on a spinnerbait or on a jig or even a buzz bait.  Trailers are always customized and so can your worm. you can dip it in some paint to change the color. You can cut it in half to make it shorter so it fits your bait perfectly. You can add rattle to it so that your lure now rattles. You can even add two or three of the same thing to really customize the size and shape of your trailer.


The greatest thing about plastic worms is the fact that they are super cheap. You can get a package of 20 worms for under $5 if you want to. You can go higher quality and they may cost $8. And if you want to use that 12 inches or even bigger worms to catch those Lunker's that's not going to cost you much more either. Just because you use the worm one time this means you need to throw it away. Worms will last a long time inside the package as long as you take care of them.

When you are done fishing off your worm take it off the hook and put it in the back you'll stay moist he'll keep whatever flavoring that they've added and it'll help it prolong the life.

Ease Of Use

If I already have it discussed the fact that worms are easy to use let me throw it down here. Anybody who can cast a fishing rod can work a worm properly. The reason for this is the fact that you don't have to have a technique. You can put a worm on a hook or you can put a worm on a hook for weight and you can make a fish bite in just about every situation. Now I say this not to sound boastful but this is a possibility.

I know there are many days were fish just refused to bite and dust but everything fails. Most of this happens because you don't know the fish in this particular area very well. They may be hiding somewhere else and they may not like your presentation skills. They may not even like the color of your worm. This is why you have to go out there and test for every single place you go at different times of the year.

The one thing that is done for you is it helps you become a better fisherman. A worm doesn’t have the ability to cover much water a good crankbait and spinnerbait can. Those are loud baits that have a lot of movement and go deep and wide quickly. A worm is a very precise tool that can be put in front of fish and given a great presentation to make a fish bite. Case in point you need to know exactly where the fish is.

Pro Choice

I like to say that a worm is a pro-choice because many professional fishermen go to the worm once they found the fish. You will see a lot of fishermen scanning the water where they think they're a fish with a crankbait or spinnerbait. They'll be casting very rapidly and in all directions as quickly as possible. They will do this once they catch a couple of fish or until they see a pattern.

once the pattern has been found then they will hone in on the fish with a soft plastic lure. Most likely that soft plastic lure will be a worm or a jig with a worm-like trailer. At that point they can throw at the same types of things repeatedly with that lower because they know that there are fish in those spots all over the area. Since I did the research they know where all these areas lie. this will allow them to be very effective with their time and the catch more fish per cast. These are timed tournaments so they have to be very wary other time.


In conclusion, the plastic worm is the best bait for bass. you will find no other lure more versatile and more useful and more environments and seasons and situations than the plastic worm. Hopefully, all of the information that I've listed above has helped you realize that you need to truly outfit your tackle box with a full array of plastic worms that may all your needs for your local area.

If you don't believe you are a good plastic worm fisherman then that just means that you need to learn more about the fish in your area and go fishing more often. As I stated above you can go to the homepage and find more information about how you can do that. I also have some free information that will help you catch more and bigger Bass that you saw in the pop-up.

please visit my YouTube channel to learn more about how you can catch more fish more often  I join our new online course. We will be releasing content on a regular basis on YouTube and on the blog. thank you for visiting


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