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Rapala X-Rap Xtreme Action Slashbait Lure Review

Rapala X-Rap Xtreme Action Slashbait Lure Review

This slashbait (jerkbait) is a particular type of lure that is supposed to be "ripped" through the water. I would better categorize it as a darting minnow. If you have ever snuck up on a school of baitfish before and watching them scatter in unison you know what I am talking about. 

Mimicking a fleeing baitfish is yet another technique that can be used for more active bass. Where I fish the bass aren't as active for as long as I like. I really want to fish everyday all year long, but I only get about 4-6 months here before it is just too cold and everything just goes back to the deep!

What is X Rap?

X Rap is a short name for saying Xtreme Rapala. It is more of a product line where a regular jerkbait or crankbait is going to the extreme to attract the attention of fish. These Xtreme could be the color, flash, size, action, etc... 

Secondly, adding "X" to your brand name always looks cool. Movies, music artists, software programs, etc.. all use it to look cool and new. So this is also purely about branding and making people put attention on their brand and buy them.

What Is A Slashbait?

Like I previously stated, the slash part of the bait is when a baitfish is darting away from danger. If you have seen a school of baitfish in the water, you know what happens when you disturb them. The same thing your fish in your aquarium do when you scare them. DART away really fast!

You are mimicking this movement with a jerkbait that needs to be pulled much hard than you would think. This looks amazingly like a minnow trying to get away. If bass are active this will turn on their instincts and they will chase it, which is also fun!

Why Put Red On A Crankbait?

The reason you see red on many types of lures that aren't mimicking crayfish is the fact that we want fish to think it is an easy meal. Bass like to take it easy and hide out of the current and sun. They would love it if you literally put a minnow right in there mouth if that were possible.

Sense this isn't possible, putting red on the front and back of a Rapala minnow makes it looks like this minnow has been beaten up by other fish and now it is slow and hurt. This means a meal won't be able to get away and they won't have to expend energy to chase it. Use this to your advantage.

The Details

I found this bait in Jupiter, Florida in a saltwater fishing store. They said it was good for imitating menhaden that travel along the shore. Everything eats them so you absolutely have to have one in your tackle box if you are a surf fishermen. I would suggest a larger one if you are dealing with high winds.

This comes with a set of rattles so the fish can hear it. Just like many other baits it's all about attention when everything else is making noise. The hooks are just the right size for the size of this lure. They are also extremely sharp. I have been finding myself hooked repeatedly by my hard body lures. I recommend you be careful when working with this Rapala x rap slashbait.

I spent $11.50 on this, which might be a little high. I believe you can get it for under $10 online. This lure is long-casting and is a suspension lure. The body and the BB weights on the inside really help cast decently in the wind, but it can't perform miracles. It is in fact a suspending lure. Once you pull the lure down it will slowly ascend to the surface and give fish the time they need to check out the bait before they eat it.

You will notice something interesting if you could see underwater. The lure will wobble from side to side when it is suspending. This will create flash from the silver sides and attract more fish to it. I bought the silver version because it looks like shad in my area. Rapala calls this "rolling" when the lure is rocking from side to side during suspended.

How Do I Get Rapala X Rap?

You can purchase a Rapala X Rap from several places. I would suggest getting it straight from Rapala themselves. Then you can see what else they sell. You will also notice the quality that I have realized for decides. You can also save 10% on your purchase.

You can shop on Amazon like everybody else and get your products like you are used to if you shop online. You can also find them at your local fishing store or a chain sporting goods store.

The real issue is you won't see all the different types unless you go straight to Rapala. You might see most of them at Bass Pro Shops, but that's probably your second best option for variety.

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