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Bass Pro Shops Tourney Special Crankbait Review

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Bass Pro Shops Tourney Special Crankbait Review

After purchasing these lures on a whim (children wanted to buy something) I learned a couple things. First you will notice big bins right next to the fish tank in Bass Pro Shops. This is where family members...mostly children will hang out while there parents go shopping. 

Funny enough this is the area that these $2 lures are placed in huge bins that are low to the ground. I am pretty sure they are making these easily visible and making it easy for children to grab them. Once your child has taken something off the shelf at your local grocery store it is hard to leave there without something they want. 

It is probably the easiest sell they will make. Little did I know that these lures weren't just cheap crap, but actually looked and functioned like they are supposed too. I will go over the details quickly in this review and show you why $1.99 is worth picking one up. 

Bass Pro Shops Lures

Everybody knows that Bass Pro Shops has there own line of lures. They have gone far beyond being a distributor (like Amazon) and know the value of a decent product for a great price. As long as the value exceeds the price you have a winning product.

The Tourney Special Crankbait is not the only level of product they make. They have middle and high grade private label products that they have for sale as well. I have not tried all of them, but if it is like any other place the quality increases with price.

You will find Bass Pro Shops Tourney Special Lipless Crankbaits, Poppers, Jerkbaits, as well as regular crankbaits. All of these for the same great price. Check them out if you get a chance. If you are like me when Christmas or your birthday comes around people only give you one gift... Bass Pro Shops gift cards!

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You will find almost 10 different colors to get this lure in. If you go to your local Bass Pro Shops or Cabelas, you won't find all of the colors, but online they are definitely available. 

Each color will be a mimic of a type of forage that you most likely have in your body of water. I like colors that mimc shad, minnows, panfish, and crayfish. Those color combinations will help me locate bass no matter what eating mode they are in.


These lures don't come with any real information as you saw from the packaging. No wild claims....or any claims! While testing it myself it went down to at least 8 feet, which is the bottom where I was according to my topographic map done by MIT. I believe it could have made it down 10 if reeled faster or had more line out. The wind was really holding me down from doing anything.


You will notice a strong side to side wobble on this particular crankbait. It is like most fat body crankbaits. Since it was a really cheap crankbait I was sure that it would slip to one side because it was molded improperly and unbalanced. However, that never happened not even once.

I was pleasantly pleased with it's performance as it goes with movement. I wish that something bit it too make that more apparent, but I didn't catch anything until I got back to the dock. The water was also 40 degrees and I had no business being out there. 


The hooks on this crankbait are over sized in my honest opinion. Most crankbaits don't have hooks this big. I know if you get a bite it will have a harder time getting off, but they are more likely to see the shiny treble hooks instead of the perfectly painted body.

I have never changed the hooks on a bait before, but this is one I would recommend doing it on if you have the chance. I size or two smaller would go a long way with getting more bites and possibly more action. I also noticed an increase amount of the hook getting stuck on my line and going out of whack because of it's sheer size.


Like more crankbaits this one has no problems with going up the water column super fast. This is good if you are trying to work a lot of water, but not if you are trying to attract a bite after pausing. A slow ascending crankbait that wobbles as it goes up would be great for this and you should go find one. I believe Rapala or Storm lures makes a crankbait like this and definitely a jerkbait that does that.


If you were wondering if you could poke a hole in this crankbait because it was so thin then you would be wrong. This is a well made crankbait that is going to tough just like any other crankbait I use. It has a similar weight and feel. The gloss on the paint is not as good as a Rapala and the lip is not crafted as well either.

Besides all this it still performs very well and is a great backup bait for your needs. I would suggest getting a whole line of these lures just because they are so cheap and you never know when you will need one after losing an expensive one.


You are able to feel the wobble, shake, bounces and bangs of this lure when it is under water. Part of this comes from the sensitivity of the fishing line and rod, but the other part comes from the lure. if you were dragging a weight there is only so much you can gather from dragging that on the bottom. With a crankbait like this you can really tell the contours of the bottom and find hidden structure that can help you find more bass.


I can't find any reason not to pick up the complete line and color series of these lures. I actually plan on doing this and then showing you a great picture of all my new crankbaits. Everybody needs some spare lures that can get you buy in a pinch and if I am that guy then great. 

I know that I publicize my love for Rapala lures, but they have just worked for me from day one. I was always wondering if spending my hard earned lawn cutting money would be worth it to grab one Rapala minnow. If I lost it I would dive into the water and retrieve it. They have caught a lifetime of fish for me and I think they will for you too.

However, they are not the only thing on the market and other cheaper competitors have made great lures like this crankbait that can give you that same feeling I got when I discovered that fishing lures really do work!


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