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Lunkerhunt Pocket Frog Lure Review

The Lunkerhunt Pocket Frog is the least version of the renowned Lunker Frog. This frog lure perfectly imitates the juvenile frog in all ways. One thing that distinguishes this lure from many other hollow body frogs on the market is the legs. Unlike most frogs, this lure comes with realistic swimming legs which extend when you retrieve it and retract when you give the frog movement a pause. Lunkerhunt Pocket Frog is made with a soft body that easily collapses when attacked and rapidly exposes its razor-sharp double-edged hook.

Lunkerhunt Pocket Frog - Overview

There is a lot of debate on the Internet about Lunkerhunt Pocket Frog and its quality. This is very understandable considering the fact that this hollow body frog is different from all other soft frogs on the market. What makes this lure stand out is the durability of the legs. It is confirmed that the legs on the Pocket Frog are very durable. You will seldom lose a leg from this lure. This lure does not use the traditional frog skirts like all other frog lures on the market.

Lunkerhunt Pocket Frog - Green Tea

The Lunkerhunt pocket Frog lure is designed to resemble a realistic frog to attract bass, musky, and pike. Their soft hollow body is built to come out weed-free so you can fish smoothly. It also comes with legs that extend for a lifelike swim, making them ideal for attracting fish. In general, this is an excellent lure for your collection. The 4/0 hook with its super-soft rubber body makes it the best frog lure out there. Since the body is made to come out weedless, it can go through any type of cover.

Lunkerhunt Pocket Frog - Croaker

If you are looking for an amazing frog lure that skims the topwater and makes bass strike it on a constant basis, then this lure is for you. The Lunkerhunt Frog is a hollow body frog that comes in different colors and sizes to meet your precise needs. Made from premium materials for durability, and has a soft body formula to hide hooks, it is also designed to prevent tangles in weeds and other foliage. Lunkhunt pocket Frog lure is the best frog lure for every angler tackle box.

Lunkerhunt Pocket Frog - Toad

Topwater Frog Fishing Tips

Frog-style lures are ideal for fishing weed mats. Unlike lures with exposed hooks that bog down with slop. This lightweight and weedless frog easily glides over vegetation. It is considered as one of the best topwater lures for fishing weeds. The following are a few tips on topwater frog fishing.

Focus On Structure

The easiest technique to catch large bass is to cast your frog near the underwater terrain like logs or submerged trees. If the hooks are not exposed or they are weedless, you can cast them into weed banks. Keep doing this and you will hook some bass. If you are on a boat, it is easier since you can cast and bring it back, but if you are casting from a dock or ashore, try casting along the coast.

lily pads

Also, if you have lily pads in your lake, you can leave the frog on the lily pads with its tail in the water and stir it slightly; Bass will believe that the frog is wounded or about to die and will strike it. It is important to work the bait slow. This gives bass time to find the frog and access their hunger!

Fishing In The Weeds

This is the most common way of fishing a frog. Bass explode on the frog when you skim it across matted plants with constant twitches of the fishing rod, but the fish often lose the hook. You will have a good chance for firm hook set if you skim the lure over the mat and allow it sit still in the openings of the mat. 

grassy beds

Remember once you see the fish boil or jump out of the water and hit the frog, you give them a second or two to firmly place it in their mouths. If you look at my video for the Booyah Pad Crasher Jr I did the wrong thing!

Imitation Is Key

Mimicing a real frog is the most common way of fishing a frog. Just like I have previously taught you about Matching The Hatch, you have to do the same when it comes to frog fishing. Fish want the bait to look like the bait. If you throw a giant pink stick in the water do you think they will bite it...

best top water baits for bass


When fishing a frog lure, you need to be patient not just before the fish strike but also after the strike. Though it can be tough to remember and allow the fish to take the lure before setting the hook. Without patience, the excitement can easily take over when big fish strikes your frog and cause you to quickly jerk the lure away before he could take it.

bass fishing

This has ruined my day several times as I stated before. Remember to stay calm when fish bite. Once you have them in your hand then you can freak out with excitement. I am sure you have seen me jump for joy several times in videos when I have a great catch. I hope you have these days more often as well.


This is the most realistic frog presently available in the industry. Quality components, very soft hollow body structure, and a weed-less design, work as a live frog in water. It drops down slightly into the water perfectly mimicing the action of a frog. Used mainly for fishing bass, pike, and musky in freshwater,  it is a great addition to every tackle box.

Lunkerhunt Pocket Frog - Rocky Toad

Colors & Variety

There is no shortage of color when it comes to the Lunkhunt Pocket Frog Lure. This lure comes with very natural colors such as Bullfrog, Green Tea, Leopard, and Croaker. This will naturally imitate most of the world's natural frog patterns. Wherever you find frogs, these colors will replicate them well. Natural colored frogs are generally used to fish in clear water. In murky water, you will have more variety of colors to use because you need to get their attention first.

Lunkerhunt Pocket Frog - Albino

Lunkerhunt Pocket Frog - Fire Belly

In addition to the natural presentation that often hints at real frogs by using shades of green in their paint jobs, Lunkerhunt frog also comes with darker variations of lures for fishing unclean water or when fishing at night. Such colors include Rocky Frog, which is the gray version of Green Tea pattern, Texas Toad which is almost entirely black color, and Poison color which consists of a black frog with a yellow paint pattern. There is also another color known as pearl, which is mainly white. This pearl color is supposed to mimic a frog with albino birth defects.

Lunkerhunt Pocket Frog - Texas Toad

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