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Best Bluegill Lures

When you're going bluegill fishing for the first time you may wonder what kind of bait should I be using to catch the most fish. Many people have their own idea of what is best for them. I have my own personal ideas as well but there's one thing that works the best under any situation that I have come across.

This single lure is what I will be talking about today.  Most people when they go to go fishing will use live bait like bloodworm or a Nightcrawler. these work very well and people should continue to use them if they're able to function with them. Some people don't want to touch a messy worm that's covered in dirt and then you're dirty. I believe this is all part of the fishing process in getting your hands dirty is very important to learn what it is to be a fisherman.

best bluegill lures

What Is The Best Lure For Bluegill?

Throughout all my years of bluegill or panfish fishing there is one more that’s helped me catch more panfish than anything ever.  That lure is a grub. There was one episode of a podcast called Salt Strong where they went over the best lure in the world. They also said it was a curly tail grub.  one of the main reasons for this is the fact that it replicates a minnow and a worm at the same time. depending on the color that you make it could be either. the tail actually mimics the action of a minnow and also a worm that is falling.

you can get a grip anywhere. It's basically a short piece of plastic with a curly tail on the end. When it comes to Bluegill it's about an inch long. where I live the green color or watermelon is what works the best. the color of the water is a little green and the baitfish are more towards that color.

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The worms are also greenish in nature. This is more of a visual effect of the water discoloring an object. I've also noticed that bluegill follows just about anything but they won't eat it. However, when it comes to a grub there is no thinking involved.

So you might be wondering what is the best grub to use. There is a large variety of manufacturers that make this type of grub. Just make sure you're getting one for panfish. if you want to make it easier for you to cover large amounts of the area get one with a spinner on it. if you're anywhere else just put a plain jig head on it and just dig it through the water and soon enough you will find something else on your line.

Best Panfish Lures 2020

There are a lot of panfish lures on the market and many of them won't actually hone in on one particular type. So to help you figure out which ones are the best for Bluegill here is a top 4 list.  these have been tried and tested by myself so you know that it works. If you look back at some of my YouTube videos you will see me using one of these almost exclusively. And you will see that when no other thing works this works for Bluegill and for Largemouth Bass.

Best Bluegill Jig

One of the best bluegill jigs you can get is by Leland lures. they currently have a double cross trick head that's made specifically for crappie but it works perfectly for bluegills. One of the things I try to do is to get a slightly bigger jig head that is possible. this is a way to cull the fish so I get bigger ones instead of the small ones on my line. If you don't want to just focus on the bigger bluegills then get a small jig head doesn't have to be anything special but Wee Ones his the best.

Leland Lures Crappie Jig

Beetle Spinner

The Beetle spinner is my all-time favorite lure. You might wonder why that is but you obviously haven't been watching my YouTube videos. no matter where I go all across the country, East Coast, West Coast, and in the center, I can catch something with a beetle spinner.

This generally just has a jig head attached to a spinner. The Spinners are made to actually go on a jig. they're easy to take on and off but they will get tangled up with themselves so don't swing around the lure near your fishing line because you might find yourself in for tough situation.

Beetle Spinner

Go try out a Beetle Spinner!

This is also an easy lure for a beginner fisherman to use. I taught my son to use it and as soon as it goes in the water he starts saying that he's a better fisherman than me! this is just how well this lure works. So if you want to show off to somebody make sure you're the one with the beetle spinner and they're the one with the big cool looking lower that's really expensive.

Best Bluegill Crankbait

'm actually surprised that I remember this crankbait and now that I remember I'm going to be buying one immediately. When I was a young child in fishing with my friend we used to have bluegill catching competitions. Before I realized the power of the grub with a jig I use something else. This was a grasshopper crankbait by Rebel.

First, I thought that I was better because I was using something that was cooler. however, when we spent over eight hours fishing for bluegills someone called over 200 and someone only went over a hundred. As you can guess the person who lost was me. I don't have to show myself which is best cuz I've already experienced this over my lifetime. what I want for you is to experience the joy of catching bluegill over and over again almost effortlessly. This will increase your lover fishing and help you to get better over time. There's nothing worse than going fishing day after day and not getting a bite.

Rebel Crickhopper Crankbait

Fishbites - Bloodworm Alternative

Fishbites is something that I recently reviewed on my blog. I won't go into the fine-tooth details, but I was recommended this by a bait shop called Eastman's in Falmouth, Massachusetts.  They stated that people or catching scup on this bait in saltwater.  I tried it out at a spot where I had real sea worms and didn't catch anything so that was a false negative.  Then I went to my local river and went bluegill fishing with it and tore it up.

Fishbites - Bloodworm Alternative

If you want to read about this lower and how we can help you catch bluegills without getting your hands all dirty from grabbing a worm follow the link below.  .

What Is The Best Way To Catch Bluegill?

The best way to catch bluegill is any way you can. most people will a worm of some sort and put it on a hook with a bother and wait for the fish to come to them. There's nothing wrong with us and I promote it. you can also be more active with your fishing.

I prefer to use lures. above I listed the best bluegill baits to use. I believe that you should use those whenever you go bluegill fishing. Using lures is cost-effective as long as you don't lose your lures and keeps you from getting messy. In my videos, you will notice that I never bring a towel to wipe my slimy hands off on. This is just negligence on my part.

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What Colors Are Bluegill Attracted To?

Bluegills aren’t attracted to a singular color. they are simply attracted to something that resembles food.  when you're doing your lure selection for any fish you need to be able to match the hatch. This is talked about in saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing, and fly fishing. the reason for this is the importance of copying whatever it is that the fish are eating.

Around me, everything seems to be green when it comes to minnow or some type of larvae or a worm. However, that doesn't mean that that is the only color you should be using when you're fishing. Largemouth bass love going out to things that are black and blue where I am as well. This has to do with the baitfish that come in from the ocean into the river. Most of them are blue and silver or blue with a darker spot on their back.

I would test out all the normal colors for bluegills and decide which one makes the bluegill bite without thinking. So for a shortlist go with light green, white, silver, black, black and yellow, and blue. it is a long list but it's worth using every single type in a grub shape.

What Are The Best Lures For Panfish?

Best lures for panfish the same as for a bluegill. The simple grub on a jig will catch a wide range of fish. you can catch every panfish, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, walleye, red fish, striped bass, black sea bass, Etc…  the list goes on forever because this is the best bait in the world.

Don't waste your time going through all the gimmicks and listen to all the people talk about the next best thing. The simplest bait out there is the best bait once you learn how to use it properly. Let yourself save some money and just listen to my advice and go catch some fish. You won't be sorry.

What's The Best Time Of Day To Catch Bluegill?

The best time of day to catch panfish and bluegills is the morning. During the early morning hours, the light becomes frayed.  This makes it hard for baitfish to see.  this is when you'll notice schools of fish hacking The baitfish because they can't get away. hopefully, you're a morning person and if you're not you should become one. this same sort of thing happened that night as well but it's not as good as it does in the morning.

What Are Bluegills Favorite Food?

The bluegills favorite food is a worm. We want to know this because we're trying to catch a bluegill instead of having one live in an aquarium. I've had bluegills eat just about anything. I used to be very successful with bologna. Yes you heard me right bologna. It's super cheap back in the 90s and I could catch hundreds of bluegills for a dollar.

What Is A Good Size Bluegill To Keep?

A good size bluegill to keep is around 9 to 10 inches. you can keep the ones are bigger to. I will give you one warning though. make sure that you decide to pan fry this whole. You can cut off the head but keep everything else.

The reason for this is because the amount of me is too small to fillet. Therefore frying it whole will give you the ability to get the most meat from each fish. my mother did this quite often and was very happy with the result. When you fry them whole really well the bones are edible. All but the backbone. So you don't have to worry about those pin bones so much because they're fried to a crisp. the smaller the panfish the more likely this will happen. I wouldn't try this with a huge slab of crappy but I could be wrong.

panfish as bass fishing bait

Is Bluegill Healthy To Eat?

When I was back in elementary school I used to catch a lot of bluegills and take them back home.  I didn't live near my family that fished for a living anymore but my mother still wanted to eat some fresh fish. This is coming from a local Lake that was also used for drinking water she decided that she was going to try out one of these bluegills. Let's just say after that test hundreds of bluegills were consumed.

Automatic Fish Scaler

Go try out a Automatic Fish Scaler!

A bluegill is just a fish that lives in a body of water. The eats live things in that trash. It is as healthy as anything else in the water. If your water is not clean and taking care of then you will have unhealthy fish. You should not eat unhealthy fish because they will make you sick. If you know all of this to be true and you believe your water is clean and clear then a bluegill is healthy to eat.

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