November 16

How To Catch Fish Easily

How To Catch Fish Easily

Hello, I'm Dwight Norris of and today we're going to talk about how to catch fish easily. Now saying this is one thing and doing this is another. In terms of fishing at work, we have to remember that we have a finite amount of time, and we need to fish effectively. Now there are two different types of fishing you can do when you go fishing at work.

Two Ways to Catch Fish

One is to catch a fish fast and easy. Maybe you're going to consume it or maybe you're not. You're fishing for sport. for that there's a way to do that. Then there's another way, which is fishing experimentally. that's like me trying out new and fun lures, top water things, worms, minnow baits, the spinner baits, jerk baits, crank baits. everything!

There are other things you can try over a various amount of the environments and you're not really sure if it's going to work. So you have to make the decision, Am I going to certainly catch fish today? Or if I'm going to try something new and see if it works. see if I like it. see if I want to get more of that thing. 

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If it works awesome. If it doesn't, maybe it's me. Maybe it's your technique. Maybe it's what you're doing. Maybe it's the area that you're in. Maybe it's for a different kind of fish than your actually fishing for. Maybe you're fishing something for a panfish  and it actually works better for a rainbow trout. maybe it works better a certain season, that's experimental.

So for the most part fishing at work, you're gonna be sticking to the I want to catch a fish. I want to catch more fish. So when it comes to how to catch fish easily. You want to stick to the mainstays. what is in your area? my particular area there are a variety of panfish like perch, bream, Bluegill, pumpkinseed, crappies and also largemouth bass. 

I go a little further away from work. There's some smallmouth bass too. there's catfish in certain areas and then certain times during the year there are striped bass that come into the river. I can go after the striped bass in a slightly further part of town, but it's still accessible.

So I have a variety of options, and depending on that day I have to plan what I'm going to catch. so I'm going to go after panfish. I know they like eating things that are small. if the bait taste good they are definitely going to eat it. they're going to allow you to catch them. 

so you can stick to things like worms, small minnows if you can find them in anywhere. a little small grub bait like the.... Hmm what are they called? the spinner it has a little L shape and there's a spinner on it. then a little clip and you clip it on to a Jighead. it has a grub that is a beetle color.

There was an old beetle bait. I can see us all the time that was perfect, but things like that that will work fantastic. You can catch the perch. You can catch the bluegill. You can catch the crappie. They will all consume those and consume those frequently and regularly and a lot of tenacity. You'll be surprised when a largemouth bass bites.  

Maybe you're in a great big mouth bass fishing area. My area is coming back up with it's largemouth bass population. It's getting cleaner. There's more abundance and they're actually growing. Their fishing pressure is pretty low. Not too many people fish for bass in the area. They do appear to be  aggressive, so when I fished for them I'm usually using worms and hoping that by using a bigger worm I will attract the bigger fish. Hopefully, either a big crappy, a gigantic bluegill or most likely a bass that's roaming in my area. So I know that the bass that are going through there are either in the spawning phase or just roaming for a meal.

Stick in a good area that has cover over the trees, lily pads, logs or stumps. I know they're gonna come around or they're already there waiting for a meal to drop into their lap. That's why worms are great. You can also go a little bit on the experimental side if you want to. You can try a bait that has many levels of attractant. They're soft and lifelike by a worm. They have a scent. They have a sound and maybe they have a certain color that mimics that particular bait. A worm in that area and maybe can trick them like people do with the zoom trick worm.

Zoom Lizards

That's possible if you have the time. If you don't go with the real deal, that's basically what I'm saying. If we can go use the real stuff, get it to your office or wherever you are and use the real stuff it's going to happen. Something's going to eat it. I don't know what. Maybe a bird will come by and see it and you'll unfortunately have to tangle with him. Most likely It won't happen. When it comes to fish, using a minnow, using a worm or even an eel for some saltwater fishing at the right time.

The right time. Maybe in a jetty just off the shore and rocks or a point near the ocean. The the striped bass are going in the harbor, the bay or wherever you are. You never know, you might look into a striped bass that pops possibly bigger than what you can handle. You'll figure out a way. Maybe get a world record on six pound test fishing line. 

So when it comes to the experimental side, you're really just taking a bet of whether it may go well. It may not. I've had times I've gone out with a minnow lure and it's been fantastic. They looked at the Rapala Countdown 5 where it slowly takes down the levels so I can actually fish different depths all at once, which is pretty cool like the worm sliding off the edge of the bank. A worm would go next to a tree or log where the bass are or will be and they hit it before it hits the ground.

How To Catch More Bass

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Sometimes that works like cake and the next week, nothing. Times are always changing. Environments are changing. pH levels are changing. The topography isn't changing, but the rest of the environments are and so are all the seasons. So if you want to catch a fish easily, you're going to have to go with the real deal. That's all I have to say today. So you should get out there with some real bait live bait and that's how to catch fish easily.

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