November 17

How To Catch Fish At Your Local Body Of Water

How To Catch Fish

Hello Dwight Norris of here on the Charles River. Today day we're going to talk about how to catch fish! Now this may seem like a open ended topic, there's many ways to fish and you have to fish differently for each type of fish. They have techniques. They have appropriate lures. They have things that they prey on. They have you have to match the hatch. As I've always said, have you been looking at my other videos? because of this, it's kind of hard to grasp one single video, but what I really wanted to say about how to catch fish is that you can do it no matter where you are.

Maybe on a river, you may be on like we've been an estuary, maybe dam, may be on an ocean or pond or any other type of a body of water that has fish in it. Like my other video, the best lures to use for bass, there are a small amount of things that you can use to catch fish quickly. 

Best Lures For Catching Fish

One of those things is a worm. It's like the universal bait for all fish. All fish eat worms. I can't think of one that doesn't eat a worm. There are different types. You have your land worms, night crawlers, red worms, and then you have your sea type which are like lug worms. You can call them a sand worms. They have various sizes from a couple inches all the way up to a couple of feet. All saltwater fish eat them.

So if you really want to catch a fish, that is the way to do it. So what other ways are type is  possible to catch fish? There are also other things that they prey on. They prey on themselves! Sometimes largemouth bass do that just a couple of weeks after they give birth.

Another thing is minnows. There are many type of baitfish that many type of fish prey on. Some of them are the american shad, regular minnows, herring, etc. Those particular type of fish are somewhere within a couple inches to maybe a foot long. A variety of different fish will actually prey upon them and actually eat them. You can sometimes get these at your local fishing store.

You should look into finding some ways to actually get some trapped. They can get your own bait for cheap because sometimes paying a dollar or so for a single bait is not working. Minnows are cool. Make sure that we put them out there. You're gonna get a bite. It may get on the hook.

It may not, but for sure it's going to one kill your bait or chomping at half and half of that it's like cut bait. You might get another fish that is an injured minnow and they bite it. You may get a catfish that wants an easy meal if he sees it on the bottom and smells it because it has a smelling sense just like a shark.

Now I can and will go through all these different types. Like the time to catch a fish, were to catch a fish, techniques to catch a fish, talking about different kinds of books, x versus a different styles of book which is safer, which is better, which catches a fish easier and enables you to get it out keep the fish healthy better, the colors of different baits, other attractions like smell or sound that you can use the catch the catch fish that there are a variety of things.

Fishing Gear

That's why I can see how to catch fish is a very large topic and it's better suited for text than video. Otherwise, you wouldn't be listening to me for several hours. I don't think you want to watch me for several hours. If you do awesome, thanks. Thanks for being on here and watching me on YouTube. Please subscribe below. I'll have more valuable content almost every day. That's pretty much where this video is going to end.

I'm going to tell you to go down below into the description. Nobody will link to the top level of this topic. How to catch fish on the fishingatwork. com website. You'll be able to see that along with all the sub the sub headings which will lead to sub topics and sub blog posts about those topics, which are many. Now I'll be working very hard to make videos on those topics. And then subsequently blog posts for those topics. And I have some already and now start and I'll work very hard and you'll get the information as you want for a particular topic.

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Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel. You can hit the subscribe button and be updated when I make videos which I'll be trying to do almost daily on great fishing topics.

Maybe you only want to know about the best time to go fishing. That's night time. Maybe you want to know what the best color worm is to use. That's a natural color brown, black green. Those work well. Things like that I have. Most things are ready so you can watch the video. You can see what I have on the blog posts about going fishingatwork. com/blog. We're just going to the homepage and clicking the button. I would make you some updates on the website soon. Even Field and Stream has some great articles.

If you want more information about how you can get out of here while you're at work. Because you don't have any time you can only go during the weekend. Please go to the website, you'll see a large button right in the middle of the screen. It says subscribe here to get your 10 step process to go fishing network PDF. Get that read it, consume it immediately. Try it Don't linger. Don't think just go and do take action and see if it works for you.

If it doesn't work, please tell me and we will work together on making it work. I will show you and I will help reduce your fears. So you can go here and go fishing and hang out of all these other people who are actually running right in front of me. They're taking their time and they're going running because they love running.

Runners, runners, they're doing what they want. They're running, we were fishermen and we want to fish and if you want to know how to catch fish, then you should take this literally and learn every single step and why you learn every single step. You should take action. take action on everything. stop consuming content, stop lingering. Stop thinking, stop wondering and pondering and go do it.

Go try it. Nothing will happen until you do. I think you know this in here. Your body just won't let you do it. Because you're distracted by everything else. You know all these distractions in life and things you have to do maybe aren't things you have to do. Maybe you should look into that. I go into a little bit about that on a link on time management inside the 10 step process to go fishing at work video so please go to the website.

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