January 26

How Much Line To Put On A Spinning Reel

Today we are going to be talking about how much line to put on a spinning reel. to make a long story short you have to look at the manufacturer's specifications.

On the side of a spinning reel you will see that they list the line weight by line yards. This is the key factor in figuring out how much line you need to put on a spinning reel.

Depending on what you're going to catch will make the decision for you of which line wait you will go with. Most spinning reels give you three line weight options. these three line weight options come with line yards that go along with them.

Please go by these numbers because they have been tested by the manufacturer and will keep you from running to issues like tangles and fishing line coming off when you don't want it too.

What Is Line Capacity On A Reel

Line capacity for your fishing reel is something that you can't ignore.  This line capacity is there to tell you how much line you can put on your fishing reel for certain line weights.

If you were to put a 50lb test line on your compact spinning reel that only holds 6, 8, and 10-pound test line you would run into a problem. That problem would be that you probably only have 50 yards of line on your spinning reel.

Fish that need 30-pound test will take out more yards than that. So in effect, you lose your fish. 

Fishing Line Capacity

This is not to discourage you from trying out fishing line weights that are outside of the bounds. I have tried weights 2 or 4 lb above the manufacturer rating.

I only did this because I knew that I wouldn't let the fish go further because I have a stronger line. However, going with the manufacturer's specifications is the best option.

Take note that different types of the fishing line have different thicknesses. Most spinning reels are tested with monofilament. This is a very thin line but not quite as thin as fluorocarbon.

you will find that braided line is one of the thicker lines and won't be able to hold as well to a spinning reel. Also, the fact that it is a braided product it can come unraveled and is very loose on the spinning wheel.

Braided line is so unbreakable that it actually cut into itself and can make casting difficult with a spinning reel.

Is 100 Yards of Fishing Line Enough

If you're wondering if 100 yards of fishing line enough it is really not the right question. The better question is what kind of fish are you playing to catch and how far away can you allow it to go.

Just because official strong and it can go really far does it mean you should allow it to go that far. If you're fishing for lunker bass of the 10 lb variety and deep grass or Fallen trees you want to go with a very heavy line.

The reason for this is that largemouth bass are usually in Deep Cover and getting in and out of it is not easy.

Suffix Castable Invisible Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

It is great to know the exact amount of line that you need so you don't buy too much and have it laying around. It is advised to replace line when it has become weak from age and use.

For this single fact, 100 yards of fishing line would be enough. However, you do have to think about how many times do you want to reel on the fishing line.

You might get cuts and nicks on your fishing line and have to take it off. You may change your lower a lot and have to cut off the fishing line all the time. 

That's some point you will be below the optimal amount of yards of fishing line. This happens naturally but you have to think about it because there is no line counter on your fishing line.

Is 150 Yards of Fishing Line Enough

If you're wondering if 150 yards of fishing line enough it is really not the right question. Just like the answer before a hundred yards of fishing line you have to think about what you're trying to catch.

If you're in open water and you need to let a fish run and tire out send more yards is a good option. You also want to know that there are no obstructions for fish to get in to let them get near a hundred yards of fishing line.

Power Pro Fishing Line

Power Pro is a great brand that I have used a couple times. I try new things just about everybody I go out to buy new gear. I have come to learn that something that looks different doesn't mean it is worse than your tried and true brands.

Another reason to use a hundred fifty yards of fishing line is the fact that you don't want to put fishing line on there all the time.

I for one want to put the most amount of fishing line on my fishing pole so I don't have to do it again. However, it is your decision how much line you need or want on your spinning reel

How Many Yards of Braid On A Spinning Reel

Braided line is a heated subject when it comes to spinning reels. The fact that the braided line is almost non-flexible makes it great for feeling bites and also strong hook sets.

there is a small problem when you’re having to put it on to your spinning reel. when you're using monofilament line you can expect that the line will lay nicely upon each other when it wraps around.

It will find where the gaps are and flow into them naturally. 

Checking Fishing Drag

With braided line it will stay exactly where it is and try to dig in to the other layered line and not flow naturally. this makes weird indentions and looseness within the spool.

Eventually, you'll find that the line doesn't come off very easily and I'll get tangled and the lure will snap back and then you'll get it even bigger tangle.

For this fact, I suggest that you don't use as how many yards of braided line on your spinning reel. Only use the exact amount you need to get the job done where you are fishing.

If you're fishing a small pond or lake a hundred yards will do the trick for that situation. Once you get a really thick layer of braided line wrapped upon itself it can become a real pain.

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How Much Line To Put On A Baitcaster

Figuring out how much line you need to put on your baitcaster is pretty similar to a spinning reel. The best part about it is the fact that a spinning wheel has a line guy that goes back and forth and neatly that's your line evenly. 

This negates the issue with the braided line digging into itself. For this fact I do promote braided line with baitcasters and I have used it successfully for decades. I highly promoted for striped bass fishing.

Drag Setting On Conventional Reel

How Many Yards Of Line On A Baitcaster

You can put on as much line as the baitcaster states you can put on. You should be perfectly fine and not have any tangles as long as you use your baitcaster properly. 

if you want to put less that's perfectly fine as well but please note what kind of fish you are trying to catch. A striped bass will run a hundred yards pretty easily if it's over 30 lb.

If you're trying to catch a catfish or a largemouth bass you won't have to worry about it going more than a hundred fifty yards. I'd actually be surprised if it went over 50.

 if you want to have the best cast the best strength and the best performance with breadline I suggest that you use the least amount possible. that amount is the amount that you can use without getting to the last 10 yards of your line.

This is when the strength of the knot you used in the beginning or the little line catcher will come with the play. You don't want that line to get to that point because it won't be able to handle it.

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