January 20

Bass Pro Shops Lazer Eye Shad Review

Today we're going to be reviewing the Bass Pro Shops Lazer Eye Shad. technically, this is one of the lures I saw a line and thought it would be pretty cool to try out myself. I purchased that strictly from Bass Pro Shops and I believe this would be a great swimbait/crankbait for me to try out. The one thing I didn't think about is the depth that I would need two fish this in.

These floors are particularly used in deeper waters. Somewhere between 5 - 20 feet. when are you are a fishing at work enthusiast, you don't get the chance to go that deep that often. however, I discovered that what you believe to be true isn't always the case.

Bass Pro Shops XPS Swimbait Or Crankbait?

One of the first complications I tried into is the fact that this is a swimbait and a crankbait. A swimbait is a lure that you jerk or pull around that is made of soft plastic. Just soft plastic is made in a way to make the lure look like a baitfish. This particular lawyer is also shaped like a lipless crankbait. Because it is a swimbait it actually moves in a different way than normal lipless crankbaits do. However, you will find yourself using it in the same ways you would use a lipless crankbait.

Now whether you want to call it a swimbait or a crankbait is none of my business. What I do want to say is that this lower works. We will go into the reasons why it works further below. The natural wiggle action is not unlike the banjo minnow from the 90s. This very same action is what makes it come to life for fish. Coupled with the speed of the lore and the enticement of an easy meal you have a winning combination.

How Does It Work?

You wanted to come on start of the Bass Pro Shops Lazer Eye Shad works on the fact that is a swimbait that has little slats cut out from the side. These slats allow water to flow over them and rhythmically push one side over and then the next. This makes a swimming action naturally by using the flow of the water. If you look at them it just looks like somebody took a notch out of the side in two different locations. You may even notice other brands use more slats to make the action more consistent. At some point, you will make the lure itself weak and decrease strength of the lure.

bass pro shops lazer eye shad

bass pro shops lazer eye shad

One thing that you want to take notice that there is only one single treble hook. Most lipless crankbaits have a treble hook in the same spot but then also a secondary one at the end of the lure. The reason for this is many fish will nip at the back of a bait toll harm it or slow it down instead of going 100% all it. This is really annoying but I haven't seen this as the case with the swimbait.

The reason for this is seen when you catch a fish. Almost every time the fish has either swallow the lawyer or you can clearly see had a bit it from below. you might wonder why would a fish bite from below and not from behind. When you're working the water column larger fish are below other fish. they wait and watch as the younger fish go after baitfish and potentially harm them. Then the weaker fish will fall down below the school and become an easy meal for the big boys.

Savage Gear 3D Bluegill

If you are looking for an alternative lure to the Bass Pro Shops version Savage Gear has a lineup for you. With these highly lifelike renditions you only have to wait for the bass to find you!

This is a common technique that many fishermen who focus on schools utilize. There are also larger fish on the outside of the school as well and if you work your lure faster you will notice that you kept more and better bites on the outside of the school rather than going straight through it. The main idea is the fact that fish are deeper than you think and they always look up to see what's available to eat.

How Does It Feel?

When you're pulling is lower do the water it feels just like a lipless crankbait. Usually, when you use a swimbait you can feel it jerking to one side or another in a pattern. However, with a lipless crankbait, it's constantly making this movement in a very tight path. This actually puts a lot of tension on the line and enables you to feel what's going on with the bait. It's quite easy to realize if you're hitting rocks or roots or grass or a fish. This is one of the reasons many people like to use this when they're trying to figure out where the fish are.

bass pro shops lazer eye shad - cast and feel

bass pro shops lazer eye shad - cast and feel

When people use different techniques with their lipless crankbaits that usually have to do with pauses and stops. If it really good you would bounce it against a structure and then give it a pause and then they start really in again. This is a classic crankbait technique. The pausing or stopping of the crankbait allows the fish to think that it is stunned which makes it an easy target.

Lazer Eye Shad Colors

There is a wide array of colors that you can choose from with the lazer eye shad crankbait. Each one of these is trying to replicate a certain baitfish in a certain area. It is always good to know about your forage and what it looks like in your local area or wherever you are going to fish.

The colors available are as follows:

  • Shad

  • Olive Shiner

  • Chartreuse Shad

  • XXX Shad

  • White

  • Blue Back Herring

Lazer Eye Shad Weight and Length

You also have a choice of size and weight when it comes to these swimbaits. You can choose between the quarter-ounce weight and the half-ounce weight. you use these weights depending on the size of fish they are going after and the depth they are in the water.

Do you also have the choice of the 3-inch size or the 4-inch size. this will allow you to closer match the size of the baitfish in your local area. We all know that there are minnows and menhaden and Erin and Chad of all different sizes. However, in your area, they may be vastly different than the ones somewhere else. This may have to do with the age of the baitfish or the amount of bait in your area they may be vastly different than the ones somewhere else. This may have to do with the age of the baitfish or the amount of bait it has available to eat.

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Why Do You Need One?

The reason you need one of these swimbaits is to really cap off your fishing inventory. How many people have great dates and many people have swimbaits but nobody has something that's in between. Just reaches a Critical Gap in between the two worlds of baitfish fishing. We need something that moves like a baitfish, but we also need something that can work all different depths.

I personally realized that using a hard crankbait wasn't something that was going to work all the time. I needed a fish to hit it and hit it hard without thinking. With a soft plastic swimbait, they think longer when they grab it because it's soft and feels like the fish they want and it was moving like the fish they want. When a fish grabs onto a hard crankbaits they know immediately this is not the meal for them you need to lose them just as quickly as you got them.

These are priced very economically at the level of $4 to $5. You can get these directly from bassproshops.com or you can go to a place like Amazon to get it if that's where you want to buy it. You also find that other various third-party retailers as well but I believe you should have for the best price for the item you want and also will accompany you trust. I will leave that to you to decide but if you want to easy choice I've linked it down below.


In the end, the decision is up to you. If you want one of these new-age swimbaits that look and act like a lipless crankbait this is the lure for you. You probably know that many other manufacturers make similar items like this one. Feel free to try all of them out as will I. I will continue to review every single or that I can get my hands on and show you how and why it works and how it can help you catch more of what you want to catch.

If you have any further questions you can comment down below or use the contact page to write me a brief email about what you would like to see going forward. if you would like to know how to go fishing more often then you can click on one of the links above that shows you how you can do this today. Also remember to like like, share, and subscribe on our YouTube channel and click the button to get alerted of new videos.

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