November 26

Charles River Fishing

Charles River Fishing

Hello, my name is Dwight Norris and  today I want to talk about something a little different. As you've seen, I've been making a lot of Charles River fishing videos specifically because this website is about fishing at work. I wanted to show you that I am myself going out and fishing almost on a daily basis. Sometimes I do videos. sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I'm making videos about something else.

I have to use that period of time I have when I'm off work to make those videos. I have to do other things as well with my time that I have to do for this website. Sometimes you have to go pick something up for your family, like go to CVS, get some gift cards, get some  cards for birthdays and other days. I wanted to talk a little bit about Charles River fishing itself. I've learned some things from fishing from shore in my general area and where I live.

Living Close To A River

I also live pretty close to the Charles River, but not like where I am in Boston. that's a little further towards the ocean and after fishing both parts and going to other areas using the different places; we can rent a canoe or a small boat and go out and explore. 

I've learned that you need to know a little more about the area and what's under the water and the fish itself. I usually go out and I don't really focus on a type of fish most of the time. I'm going for bass, but when I am with my family or my son it’s different. I am putting those worms on the hook. I'm making sure that he's having as much fun as possible and is going to catch a fish. if he doesn't I'll be shocked. recently he uses a lure and caught more fish than me, which was also shocking. So making progress.

How To Catch Bass

Part of this whole thing is I've realized that hey, I don't know everything. nobody really can attest to knowing everything about something unless they've reached I don't know pro or guru status. all the professionals for bass, they obviously have done their research. they know how to go out on the lake or river or wherever and do all their research and figure out exactly where the bass should be, for  the season, for the temperature for the pH, etc. etc.

Fall Bass Fishing

for my current location, I actually haven't fished it for complete year. that is fall. the fall turnover, which usually happens on lakes is happening on a river. I haven't fished for bass exclusively during a fall season. So I'm wondering where the fish are, but I already know. I know there are those deep water holes. I know they're holding onto a larger drop off. They specifically want to have structure with fallen trees, stumps, possibly there's also branch piles. they work when it's cool as well. it's a lot of fishing structure. there's a lot of forage there and that works.

Charles River Fishing

Charles River Outdoor Company

One person who knows more about this than I think anybody else in the area and he has a business is Greg Miner from the Charles River outdoor company. He has many videos that I've been reviewing and I've seen in the past. one specific person he went with was from On The Water magazine. I can't really remember what person that was He went with. 

He gave a lot of details. I learned a lot about where I'm fishing here and out west also. where I do my daily Charles River fishing right there in the urban city of Boston there's some things I found that I was doing right and I was getting results and other things I didn't even think about doing. I knew that I should. I don't have the access and he does, he has a boat, he has more time, we don't have that much time, we're fishing at work. However, we have more time than we used to.

We need to go to the place and use the thing that will catch us the bass fast and quick so we can go back and do our jobs and be happy that we caught a fish. We can try something new or know something more about the areas that we can catch more bass later. some of the things I heard if you're in the Boston area.

Plastic Worms For Bass

That's cool that you should probably try out. First I'll talk about the lures that are prominent for largemouth bass in the area, one are soft plastics. I eat worms, he gives our baits he gives, he talked about the big bite baits i think is a sponsor for them.

There's a whole bunch, they are awesome. There is plenty of type, they had the ribbon tail you have to stick baits, you have to trick worms, they all work. it seems that too much in great work as well. Texas bait, weightless, wacky rig the wacky rig seems to work very well during the summer months on the video there. It was five years ago but the fish haven't changed. I'm like, I've been avoiding the wacky rig. Why? Because it's wacky, why it's for some people, It's not for others, but for Boston, It seems to work.

Spinnerbaits for Bass

There's also these spinnerbaits which I know it's awesome. It covers a lot of water, it's a level forage, there's a lot of forage here. A lot of different types of forage and I come in into different types of season. two different colors work, one is chartreuse and the other is like pure white of sparkle. 

Now there are two different scenarios I should want to use them. One with extremely bright, there's no clouds that's blue sky, that's super sunny, you wanna go toward that white spinnerbait. Now if it is a little darker, it's cloud covered, or it is stormy you want to go that green chartreuse, you can have sparkles, you can have  other notes with  different colors in there. Basically a chartreuse or chartreuse white is going to work very well during those dark times and have a great color for dark times is a crank bait  with the exact same colors.

Crankbaits for Bass

Also, if it's bright, you would probably want to switch to a slightly wider or shinier or correct kind of Chrome crankbait and maybe even one that makes a crowded yes, sometimes a minnow type lure can be colored like a crayfish or puff fish, caught up what ever you call it and if you use the technique up correctly bounce now on the ledge.

If there's a sharp edge it's colder or even if it's summer you can have it hit the edge of the the shore and a decent sized let maybe that one that goes about six feet and having this kind of bounced down the ledge to wear the lip is is hitting a dirt and it is kicking up dust and the way that the the painting goes is that the back is the tail It's like retreating crayfish that's when the shallows and see something and secure enough and it's trying to right away and then that the dirt in the sound and the clicking sandwich which is what a crayfish sounds like on the water will alert all the bass area. 

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Woah! there's a crayfish trying to get away. Let's look into this and they see they see here to sound get louder they see the dust plumes going up in the area and then they stay here that rattle of your crank bait and it's going deeper and deeper and they want to get after it before it gets away and that's we get the bike like somewhere along the travel so that's pretty cool too.

Charles River Fishing

Jigs for Bass

You can also use jigs as well. I didn't see them use too many days but just regular jigs with a brown and a brand with the red tips on the claws and those work well. I believe they're more predominant in the Mystic River area the actual crayfish, but it could be everywhere. They are in the river so definitely try those as well, but it seems the majority of Greg Miners arsenal is with soft plastic worms, spinnerbaits and crankbaits.

With that he can cover all of his basses. He can go deep, he can go shallow, he can get in the in the overhanging trees, he can get down in the branch pilings he can use to crank bait to mimic the forage along the branch pounds as well or open water he can hit the open the deepwater humps with those he can maybe even use a Carolina rig with the the old egg thinker and the floating floating work that floats above the surface along the deeper a hump as well.

You can also use a spinnerbait to cover vast amounts of space. I believe you'll see and I had, it gets more best PDF that the use of a crankbait is more than just a tool that to mimic a fish. It can also teach you a lot about what's down there. That's how he actually ran across the bridge ponds are next to the the columns or maybe the bridges that cross the Charles River and with that is lots and lots of structure that a lot of people don't realize is there.

Obviously with the tide going in and attack going out the fish, the fish, the forage is actually attracted to that breaking the current whichever side it's on and that also attracts the big bass, the big perch, the big paired fish and maybe even the big striped bass or maybe a random carpool or, or a bull catfish, I think bull catfish in this area into cells, this and other type as well. Okay, I remember, they don't really go catfishing around here.

Fishing Structure For Bass

So as for the structure, I think I've named a few already the ​bridge abutements, the bridge walls. Basically when you have a soft plastic but really a crank bait worked display right along the edge. If you can actually come parallel with it and this cast along there and get that puppy nice and deep. It might be somewhere between seven feet where we go close to the Museum of Science you can get down to like 15 feet or so. This works actually goes out to 18 to 20  just dip that may be right along the wall gets nice and deep.

Charles River Fishing

You get some get some underwater structure some pilings so some humps some holes and fish is hiding out there and they will like quarters for some reason quarters are great. They just like to hide in the corner. I'm not sure why, I really discovered that reason, but it seems to be favorite. We have the the shoreline for ​Charles River Fishing.

then you have the the bridge medium low and that corner is going to be kind of eating fish. If you can just come from the both side cast the shore and pull it in you're likely to get a bite. I've tried to go from the shore out. I have gotten some bites but it seems easier when you're doing the natural way from shallow to deep rather than too deep too shallow.

There are also other structures there's a lily pads I've worked as progressively the weeds has gotten overgrown and they're sucking up all the oxygen and the fishes were out and right when they started to recede and the fishes will be going back then comes the cool weather then comes the fall and everything changes a again. those are things that you should think about when you're Charles river fishing. If you're blessed enough to have a boat have any regard inflatable kayak canoe but bass boat jumbo awesome, get out there and try all these things out.

You obviously won't be able to do too much of it, if any when you're fishing at work in this particular area. You can learn more about Charles River fishing with this MIT created topographic map. on the weekends, give you the world learn about how the fish are moving throughout the season. Throughout the different environments. You have to light and dark throughout the changes in the in the the season. I think I mentioned that already. all the different environmental and temperature and pH and what a clarity changes that you see on a daily basis.

If you go charles river fishing everyday. every day will be different and you will have to adapt and change, that's what I'll be doing. I need to learn and do my research. I'll find out how to catch more bass in my local area and you should do the same for your area. Go to the websites see the local pros. So local pros do, go to the bass shop. Ask around, do you know something as a professional in his area, you go to bass  shop, you talk to all the people who's the best bass fisherman in the area, the best catfish, the best carp, whatever you want to catch.

Trying to get in contact or at least get materials, maybe a book, maybe a website or anything so you can learn more about how to fish better in your area. Because we learn to fish better in your area. You can fish more effectively and therefore with less time. then you can reach the motherland, you can go out you can use your hour time effectively and go to the area hopefully by boat. If you can't go charles river fishing by boat, you go by land  and catch the fish, have fun.

Walking Bridge Fishing Charles River

Enjoy yourself relax. you can go back to work. do your job. be happy instead of sulking. Because I can't go fishing today take that action. there's so many actions to take, but this takes one at a time. Research, learn, practice, then take action. catch the fish then back to work. It's easy. So that's all I have to say about Charles river fishing. if you are in the Boston area and you're looking for somebody to teach you something.

I don't currently have a service, but Greg Miner of Charles River fishing outdoors does. I am not sure if it's schedule. you can go to this website and contact him and see how he can help you get on the river and learn more about how to go Charles River fishing lower and upper basin.

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