August 14

Fishing Vacations

Fishing While On Vacation

This blog post is a little different than most things when it comes to fishing at work. As you can see I am actually on one of my fishing vacations with family. This is something that many fishermen think about while they are on vacation. Yes, even on vacation fishermen are thinking about fishing....who would have thought that. Now you love vacation and you want to relax and do all the finer things in life in the time you have off work, but you also want to do what you love. You may have a very solid schedule to make sure everybody actually does everything the family wants to do. 

What I believe is that people should remember that they love fishing and get out on the water as quickly as possible when they are out on fishing vacations. The dynamic is a little different, but the time management and scheduling is still the same. Somebody or something has a majority of your time and you have to configure time to go fishing either with yourself or a group of people. While on my vacation I didn't actually plan to go to this river to fish, but I believed it would happen. I thought about going to a pier and discovered they were 30+ minutes away and the best time to be there was night so that meant it was just another off-hour exercise. I didn't do that and actually relaxed and it was a good thing because I needed it.

Fishing Getaways

If you check out the video above you will notice that I am on a super cool river that I can't remember the name of. I am fishing with my friends down in Virginia where I grew up. I highly recommend you revisit old fishing areas wherever they may be. You may discover that some new life has been sprung in them even though it seems everything else is now polluted. Being upstream really helps when it comes to fishing. Also being able to wade in the water is awesome as well. At that particular time I wish I knew how to fly fish because I know that would have work like crazy. 

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Fishing vacations like this are something you should schedule more in your busy life. You may find that a weekend fishing trip can turn into many fishing vacations and provide you with the lifestyle you want without ever leaving your job! A lot of people think that they need to become millionaires and life the luxury to simple have time to go fishing. That is simply not true. I have the opportunity to go fishing everyday at work. IT IS AWESOME!

Fishing Vacation Spots

Now when it comes to fishing vacation spots I will talk about about fishing vacations where you can simply go fishing without having to do too much work. I fished on two different rivers. One of them was the Potomac River on a 25 foot Grady White with a center console (I wish it had a bimini top with the heat). We managed to rig up an umbrella to provide some relief while we fished for catfish around some shipwrecks from World War I time period. Big rivers have awesome opportunity for catching fish for fishing vacations like the one I went on.  

Grady White On The Potomac River

The best bait to use on the river are peeler crabs (almost soft shell crabs). They are easy to pull apart and almost all of the crab is capable of catching fish. Also the bait doesn't fall off too easily. The best thing you could ever do is use the bait that is most prominent in your body of water. In many places that is a baitfish and not a crab. However, many people are reluctant to get a minnow bucket and haul it around. If you fishing at work then this is a bit of a problem.........or is it! More on that in the future! 

Other places I spoke of fishing was a river just outside of Richmond, Virginia that is nice and clear and has fun rapids that even kids can play around on. The best thing about it is the fact that it looks like a fly fishing river that you might see in Wyoming where fly fishing is super awesome! I won't say that I have done any fly fishing because I haven't, but I have been researching some gear and WHOA! it is super expensive for some decent quality gear. I now see why this sport is so coveted. 

Fishing Vacations

Despite all this I managed to get out on the water with the some lightweight tackle and casting 1/16 oz Panther Martin spinners and they work super well in river. The ones that are the best have fly tied streamers on them that look just like a fly fishing bait, but with a spinner attached. I noticed that the spinner is made to mimic a bug or a minnow in some cases. They both seem to work well when you bring it within reach of where fish are hiding. The same old places ring true (under logs, dark places, around big rocks, just below rapids, etc... Fishing vacations can help you rethink about what you have while fishing another places a lot. You thought you knew it all, but it seems their is always something new to learn on every body of water.

Fishing Vacations

I can't even begin to say how much fun it is to fish with friends on fishing vacations. Their is always something good about sharing the good moments on fishing vacations. I have captured a lot of this photos and I am more than happy to share those with you in hopes you try to do the same.

Weekend Fishing Trips

Let's wrap up this article by focusing on weekend fishing trips and how you can use those for fishing vacations. Most people probably think about fishing vacations as a thing you spend thousands of dollars on and you have a guide fly you on a plane that can float to a remote river or lake. Only their will you have some peace and serenity while catching fish that have never seen a fishermen before. I would like to tell you that this type of fishing is not just for the people that can afford such exclusive  things. However, if you can please go ahead and send me some information about your trip!

In your neighborhood, town, city, state, region you will find all sorts of hidden gems for fishing. Many are known, but aren't fished heavily because they are in the woods or some country area that you won't drive 30 minutes too because its just too much work and you don't think you have time. Let me tell you! Every day you will find out that you never have enough time.

Something will always fill up your day and usually its not that important. Make the time to do what you love or you will find out that maybe fishing vacations or fishing may not be what you love. Maybe you love being with your family when you have time. That's awesome go do more of that. Maybe you like to watch TV and movies during your time. Maybe this, maybe that. If you want to do something YOU will find a way to do it. 

Weekend Fishing Trips

Get out their and some research. Check out google.  Call the local bait shops and ask about the best fishing places and hidden gems. If they give you a pause because they don't want to reveal their fishing spots just know that some people are like that. Every fishing spot can be stolen with a boat. Fishing from shore spots are even more tightly held dear and you will have to make some good friends to figure this data out. You may even have to join a group of fishermen in a forum and pay to learn this information!

In the end, I just want you to go fishing and go more often. Do whatever you have to do to make it happen. If you need help please contact me. I will help you as much as I can. I can make blog posts, videos and maybe even podcasts in the future. I will be providing great data that you can use to go fishing. Not when you have time, but when you make time!

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