June 22

Carp Fishing Near Me Is Possible!

I went into this day very exciting to catch some largemouth bass, but discovered carp fishing near me! I went up and down the shoreline where I previously had many bites, but the bass just weren't interested in me today. Their was another guy fishing today and he had a complete fishing lure setup that I have neglected to bring along myself.....in the future.

He wasn't getting any action either. To make matters worse, I saw a huge bass jump completely out of the water to catch a dragonfly, I fell in a hole while on camera and a snagged a carp in the back. Well at least I didn't get skunked.

Carp Fishing

I have only seen a few people in my life go carp fishing. Everything single one of them was in the Boston area. The Charles River is full of carp and the more I look at the shoreline the more I see them. Some are gold and others are a brownish bronze color. However, their is one thing that remains consistent. They are all HUGE!!!!!!

Now I had my telescoping fishing rod with me and when I snagged this fish I was for sure I had a 8-10lb bass on my line and I was trying to pull out my camera while also trying to not lose the fish and my fishing gear. However, it showed itself and alas it was a carp. A type of fish I am not really interested in catching.

I will say that he put up a great fight. It fought similar to a catfish with a lot of long pulls and it was trying to get to the bottom of the water. Everytime it reached the surface it would dive immediately. Fighting a fish with a hook in the back is harder because I can't turn its head at all, which gives you leverage over the fish. 

Carp Fishing - Gold Carp

Gold Carp hiding under the lily pads

Now if you are wondering if I have the carp fever now then you are wrong. I don't feel like going carp fishing and probably never will. If it bites next time I will catch it! I don't even know what a carp eats other than doughballs and cornmeal. If you are into carp fishing  near me please leave a comment and clue me in on this magical creature called the carp.

Watch Your Step!

Charles River Fishing - Falling

Falling at the Charles River while fishing

Now your probably wondering why do I have a section called this. If you look at the header image and the video you will see that I took a bit of a digger while fishing. Two holes were right next to the shoreline right where I was fishing and I saw them before I fell.

However, when you are fishing sometimes you forget about issues and are completely focused on fishing. I managed to step back right in to the hole, which was deeper than I thought. It was over a foot deep and went below the water line. Nevertheless my shoe got wet, but it was a warm day and it dried off.

In hindsight, always be aware of your surroundings and watch out for dangers like holes, aggressive animals, skunks, barbed plants and poisonous plants. The last thing you need is something ruining your fishing day or...... week. Stay alert and stay safe!

If you are looking for a great carp fisherman I know just the person. He is from my home state of Virginia and has is own website and YouTube channel. His name is Luke Nichols and he owns Cats and Carp. Check him out through his YouTube and Cats and Carp website!

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