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Carp Fishing For Beginners

Carp Fishing Guide For Beginners

Cyprinus carpio, also known as carp, is a very popular fish in many parts of Asia, Europe, and is gradually growing in popularity in the United States. Carp fishing is an exciting sport for every passionate angler. It can be very intimidating for beginners.

carp fishing for beginners

If you really want to catch some carp, then this carp fishing guide will help you land some carp on your carp fishing adventures. Your success in catching carp highly depends on a number of things. In this article, we will cover the basics of exactly what you need to know that will help you increase your catch and bring some carp home like a professional angler.

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How Do You Catch A Carp For Beginners?

Catching carp can be a fun challenge for many anglers. Carp is a strong fighter that can be targeted and caught from the shore. There are a few fishing techniques that can be used to catch carp, a lot of them use corn or corn flavored bait. One good thing about fishing carp is that it can be found in different spots, this means it can be fish with a variety of techniques. And can also be accessible to various levels of expertise, from beginners to more professional anglers

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Free Lining is the easiest technique to catch carp and also the best method for beginners. You can catch about 10 pounds directly from the shore, without expensive fishing tackles or renting a boat. All you need to do is to thread some pieces or any of your chosen bait into the hook drops it into a potential carp feeding spot. This simple technique is perfect for relaxed fishing on the shore.

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What Equipment Do You Need For Carp Fishing?

Carp fishing is not just like any regular fishing, carp are very strong fighters. To catch this fish, you will need special equipment, especially if you are targeting the big carp. Like other fishing, carp fishing is one of those activities, where the level of success you have depends, to a large extent, on the equipment you use. This does not mean that you cannot fish for carp with any kind of fishing reel, rod, or anything you find in your home that can work like bait. But to catch the big one, like a 20-pound carp, you will need a good tackle. So the following are some of the best carp fishing equipment you will need in your arsenal.

Carp Fishing Rods

As a beginner, it is important to know which fishing rod can easily detect the slight vibrations to hook fish. And it is also important to know that carp are slow and soft strikers. When you start carp fishing, you don't need to use a long-distance cast rod. The right rod to use is an all-through action rod. 

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A good amount of flexibility and bend in a rod is very important, and you also need a rod that is as light as possible. Another important factor to consider when choosing a carp fishing rods is the length, some rods are very large but the medium length is perfect for a novice angler.

Carp Fishing Reels

When it comes to carp fishing reels, choosing the correct reel is important. The correct choice of carp fishing reel is just as important as the choice of any other carp fishing equipment. It is important to note that every angler needs a suitable reel for the type of fish they are fishing for. and because carp is big and strong, the major thing carp anglers consider when choosing a good reel is how strong and durable it is. You need a fishing reel made of high-quality materials, which are very popular and common.

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Carp Fishing Line

Now that you have your reel, the next important thing is a good quality line to load onto it. A good quality line of about 12 pounds to 20 pounds will play a huge role in your fishing, from casting the line to successfully landing the fish.

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Braided line is not good for fishing carp from a distance but at a short distance and in snags, this is a strong line that won’t break, while fluorocarbon is almost undetectable underwater and sinks well. This makes it very effective in gin-clear waters or on hard-fished spots.

Carp Fishing For Beginner Rigs

The rig is an essential part of a carp angler's equipment. If you ever hoped to catch carp, you will need a solid rig at the end of your fishing line. Rigs are simply ways of applying your bait to the line and cast it in the water. The hair rig is the most popular rig and it is also one of the best rigs that beginners are familiar with. The idea behind rig was for fish to find it difficult to differentiate between the free offering and the hook bait.

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What Is The Best Bait For Carp Fishing?

Obviously, you will need carp bait to catch carp. You can buy carp bait boilies from suppliers, or you can make your own carp bait using recipes that have worked for others. There are several different bait choices available.

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However, boilies are the most popular bait for carp. For baiting up the spot you desire to fish, modern shelf life boilies are perfect. Make sure you stick with a tried and trusted brand.

Homemade Carp Bait Recipes For Fishing Beginners

Making your homemade carp baits is not difficult; with the right knowledge and enough practice, you can do it. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce you to one of the best, simplest, and most effective homemade carp baits. The Cornmeal Carp Bait, for years we have tested the wonders of corn when it comes to baiting not only carp but other game fish like trout and perch.


  • Vanilla Extract

Watkins All Natural Vanilla Extract

  • Whole Sweetcorn

Green Giant Sweet Corn


Open the tin of corn and remove the water inside, leaving a little amount to keep the corn damp. Next, add the vanilla. Use a plastic sheet to seal the opening of the can, and then shake the can well to blend the vanilla with the corn bits.

When Should You Start Pre Carp Fishing?

I have learned many things about carp actions during my years of fishing in different waters. And in my opinion, it is not particularly the bait that catches the fish, but the way the bait is offered to the fish. The fish need to see the bait and identify it as food. The best way to achieve this is by doing "PRE BAITING” every day; in a spot for a few days or week.

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This will let the fish know that there is a regular source of good quality food available to them. And soon, maybe after a week or two of doing this, you will be Hauling in some fish. The longer you feed the fish the better. You can pre-bait a few days before you start fishing. This gives the fish a good time to locate the food source and get used to the bait.

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