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Zoom Trick Worm

​Hello, I'm Dwight Norris of and today we're going to be talking about the zoom trick worm. Now you might be wondering what the trick is if you have you been around for awhile. This is nothing new. This is a very old plastic worm type and has become very popular and has become a mainstay in pretty much everybody's tackle box and if you don't have a zoom trick worm in your tackle box, I truly believe you should go out to the store or go online and get one immediately because it can really diversify what you do. Also it's very good at tricking fish. So if you're looking to use a zoom worm or wondering what kind of artificial worm type to use, I would start here, the zoom trick worm.

If reading the full content of a blog post is not the way you want to consume content you can watch the videos. A lot of the information on the zoom trick worm can be found in the videos displayed on this page. However, their is some information within the blog post, which is new and you might be interested to learn more about a subject. Please scan down to get to the content you are interested in. 

What Is The Trick to the Zoom Trick Worm?

Now what exactly is the trick in a zoom trick worm? The the old name for the original, which measured six and a half inches was that it floated, but that's not really what happened or what happens. It's really a zoom fishing worm that's more or less like my Rapala Countdown Minnow that slowly descends through the water, not unlike a live worm. So if you have a worm, take it, throw it in the water and watch it slowly descend and wiggle. It shakes a little bit naturally. It has a smooth transition when it goes around and around and you should look for that.

Zoom Trick Worm

They've seen worms come to surface during a rainstorm. They look for somewhere to go, end up on hard surfaces and get washed out onto the water. They see them fall into the water and bugs fall this way as well. This is the same technique that you see in fly fishing, but people don't talk about it this way.

Fishing Techniques

So when you're using a zoom trick worm you should make sure you allow it to fall when it first hits the water. This is usually done weightless. You don't want a Texas rig on there unless you are trying a different style of presentation. You should start off with the weightless way of doing it. When this happens, the worm will hit the water and slowly bend, wiggle, and descend. 

Zoom Trick Worm

This is a very natural thing. That's exactly the type of presentation you want to give to the fish you're trying to catch which is most likely a small or large mouth bass. You can catch other things as well, but presumably this is what you're going after. If you're using zoom worms.

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When it hits the water, you let it to sit for a second or two depending on the water depth. You'd give it a little twitch and it will dart right and left and that gets the fish to bite by instinctual reaction. Those types of bites are really good because the fish isn't thinking. It's using its instincts and that's usually when it swallows it. It will try tasting and nibbling it to figure out if it's real or not if you don't cause a reaction strike. You don't want the fish to think. You want the fish to react like when you see those baby back ribs on the grill! You just want to attack them like a dinosaur would.

Zoom Trick Worm

Their are other techniques like the Texas rig like i used on the Berkley Power Worms post. This allows you to get the worm to the bottom of the water and work it in some areas that some other lures can't. Some other great things are the shaky head jig that has gotten very popular especially with this lure. It allows you to shake the lure on a spring giving it a lifelike look and providing a way to make the fish pretty angry! You can also look into Carolina Rigs if you are looking for some good deep water action (I might have to do this very soon).

Zoom Trick Worm

The Wacky Rig is yet another presentation type for plastic worms. You basically hook the worm in the middle and give it gentle tugs. This also displays as a descending worm. I don't generally like it because the hook is exposed and I don't have time to get hung on the structure I am fishing around. If you are fishing from a boat you are more than welcome to try this technique out over open water structure.

Fishing Locations

The Zoom Trick Worm works best around structure because that is where you will find bass. It doesn't really matter where the structure is, but that is where they will be holding up. Sharp changes in depth are good to because bass generally like to sit around where they can ambush bait. They lie in the darkness and jump out at anything that peaks their fancy.

Ambush points can be lily pads, reeds, docks, stumps, overhanging trees, submerged logs and man-made structures. All of these provide cover and places where your prey can prey on other fish. Zoom worms are great for sliding into and out of these areas without getting hung up. Since the fish are not roaming you can present to them for a long period of time. They are a captive audience to your presentation and you should give them your best effort!

I've made the decision to by a Coleman Colorado inflatable kayak made for 2 people. It has double walls for protection and uses a Boston valve. Pumping it up in under 5 minutes is possible and you can deflate it just as fast. This makes it a great option if you want to get out on the water anywhere real fast and economically. Then when you are all finished you can deflate, pack it up and wear it backpack style right back to your workplace. It seems absolutely perfect for what we are doing here on Fishing At Work!

So let's say you're in a fast moving current in the river like the Charles River trying to hit the deep water holes and whatever kind of man-made brush that's 20 plus feet down. There sitting on that because it's a hot summer day and they just can't stay in the shadows anymore because of the oxygen depletion that's happening and whatever else is going on.

I just see right now we have a huge minnow influx and also there's a sign of cyanobacteria blooms everywhere. This stuff can become pretty toxic after a while. It seems like the fish moved out to the middle, out of my shoreline range. A tactic like using a Carolina rig out there, which is having a weight that goes to a three way swivel. Before the swivel would be an egg sinker that can slide up and down the line. Then you would have 2 feet or so of line before you reach your weightless worm or any other type of plastic bait. This would allow the Zoom Trick Work to float above the bottom.

So it's really deep water and you can manage that with sonar. When the fish are about two or three feet above the bottom, you want to make your line behind the swivel at least two feet so then the fish can see it. You don't want it on the very bottom because a flounder or catfish would be the only thing that sees it. That's not what you're trying to catch. The features of the zoom trick worm will help it suspend relatively less above the bottom and then pull it that way. That's kind of well known.

It works extremely well over open water where there's water and trees or man-made structures below the surface in the middle of the water where nobody would even know. You have to stay on a radar or know a guy who has a lot of knowledge of local fishing. It takes a long time, but I recommend just getting a radar from RayMarine or a hummingbird. There's a whole variety of radar companies. I'll do a similar thing and you can make it all in a saved map. Then you can have it on the system so you can mark it and then come back to that exact spot and do it all over again.

Zoom Trick Worm Colors

I actually bought some online and they were stated as new, but they've been sitting in somebody's garage for a long time, which I don't really care about. It still works. It still feels good. So the one color I like the most is the black. Why? I really haven't discovered why, but people are really, really, really into the black worms. It's probably more of a shallow water thing and it does look more realistic to the fish or it might even mimic something else like an eel, but highly recommended were the black zoom trick worms.

Zoom Trick Worm Colors

The other popular kinds are the green pumpkin, but I got a watermelon seed which is very similar to a worm. They haven't really changed in a long time. I also have a part of a bundle so I didn't have a choice, but I got the red color one as well. What is in the red? a series of sparkles. The reason to have a brighter worm would be, it's more of a shallow water thing. It's hot. You're under overhanging trees, fallen trees and brush and the brightness and the sparkles and all that stuff kind of helps the reaction by which we get a large amount of fish and that's what you want. You want them not to think about it. You want to take a picture like you've got your big boy fish. So these are the same trick worms that I bought.

Zoom Trick Worm Colors

Use Your Zoom Trick Worm Today!

The 10 step process to go fishing at work can show you how to optimize your fishing when you don't have much time. If you want to plan going fishing anywhere and any time that you seem time deficient or it seems too hard or you don't know about where fish are, you don't have a plan or a schedule. It has all these things with that and it shows you exactly when and what you need to do. 

Now I'm working on a follow-up to the email subscription that you can always sign up to get that so that you can get all that information on video. So if you want to read it's there in the PDF format. I'll have a video series that will come through email to show you that same information. You can watch it over and over again as much as you like and I might even make a podcast later on.

Zoom Trick Worm Fishing

​Right now I'm a little focused on the video and creating hiqh quality content. So have you been thinking about getting a zoom trick worm and you don't really know why. Please rewind. Listen to all this stuff I said about why it's good. You can even go to other sites and you'll see and probably read similar things. It's not a new thing. It works. Everybody knows it works. They always have it on their boats.

When they got the tournament's in regular bass fishermen go out, they definitely have a zoom trick worm somewhere. When nothing else works, they're going to put that zoom worm on their weightless or with a shaky head jig. They're going to give those fish the zoom fishing worm and most likely something's going to bite it. So please, when you get the chance, go to the website, look at all the great information. Go to YouTube, watch the videos, subscribe, sign up to get the 10 step process to go fishing at work.

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