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Best Bluegill Baits

Bluegill Baits

I'm Dwight Norris of and today we're gonna be talking about bluegill baits. Now you probably know what a bluegill is none the less bluegill baits. It's a panfish. It's small. it's easy to catch. It's great for kids. It's great for the family. It's great for yourself if you're very limited in time and you want to get a fish in your hand. Then nice smell of fish in my hand. I have a way that you can do that every day. That's besides the point and we'll talk about that later. 

Fishing With Live Bait

First of all, what's a great bluegill baits? Now today we're gonna be talking about things that are alive or used to be alive. I like bait fishing, and when it pertains to that the number one undisputed champion is the worm. Now there's more than one word you probably wondering. Are they all created the same? is the one my backyard as good as the one that's in fishing shop or vice versa? Well, oh, finally, say for bluegills doesn't really matter much. It's okay.

European Nightcrawler Worm

If you're wondering about the different types. Sure, let's go through this. A couple of them that you may be wondering about. One the European a worm is obviously European. You can find it a lot in Canada.

They are specifically gigantic. I'm talking I think they are a foot and it was really thick and fat. So for Bluegill baits purposes, you'll only need something about a half an inch long using size. Take around 8-12 snell hooks or if you're using base by base that's the size of the hook and pretty much a half inch section of that worm is going to suffice.

So that one single word is going to last a long time and the price disparity between that one and another one can be that there are others that costs a lot more, but I think for cost effectiveness, juiciness, and amount of meat. It's a great option if you have it available to you. If you don't have it available to you, it actually is available to purchase online.

Fishing With Nightcrawlers

Another one which is been very popular over the years even when I was a young child is the night crawler. It did cost a little bit more than the regular worm, which is the thing outside crawling into your garden or wherever else you get out there. all day you can come out and grab those bad boys off the ground because they're drowning down there after the rainstorm. Get some fresh dirt and put it in a nice little container that has some holes in them so the bluegill baits can breathe a little bit.

For now it costs a little bit more. Their effectiveness for bluegills really isn't much different. I think they're more effective. I believe their more effective for bass. Those are the types of worms that bass will actually try to look for during night. that's when they're out. So when they come into contact with that particular work at night, they'll know that they're getting the good stuff. Now if something weird and fun comes around, they'll probably get started anyway.

So in essence for fishing that doesn't really matter. There are a couple of attacks of bluegill baits. What works? It's a shorter type of worm easier for children to get the start of actually putting the bait on the hook. It's easier to remove a hook easily. We're going to call it and you don't have to worry about cutting it and blood and guts going everywhere. You can just boom. The whole worm on the hook done no fuss. I did try this out on a previous video, I believe.

Boy Fishing From Shore

It was very effective for time savings and for the things I had to bring with me. I forget never heard of them. now I see that it does have gifts for one easy to apply. There's no mess. There's no smell. they last a long time. Maybe the luck with regular worm in the refrigerator. 

Then I'm gonna check them. It was almost four months and they've barely lost any size or form. Also worms that I normally wouldn't even mention, but the fact that you can use them for composting a lot of people actually farm them in mass. This is a great way to get a lot of bluegill baits.

Red Wriggler Worms

So you can get a lot of them for very cheap price. If you have one of those little personal compost bins that has the trays.... not exactly sure how it works. there's a tray with your compost. a tray with the third tray with the worms and transfer that sand stuff they need to eat. So they can break down all the feed. Then in the end, you have a well fed worm. It's extremely happy. It's alive and active. You can use it immediately for fishing. Then they're in their mating and then making more worms for you to use for free.

So I'll probably have another video talking more specifically about the process of having a never ending source of worms. I have to do a little bit more experimenting myself. I'm still learning how I can do that. Because worms you know the cost money and who wants to spend more money than they have to not me.

Fishing With Crickets

So the next thing other than worms to use that's very good and it's one of the great bluegill baits is the cricket. Let's be real. they may be annoying and keep you awake. Maybe actually pacify you to go to sleep. if you want to go out there and chase them be my guess. more likely, you're going to go to tackle shop and grab a lot of them.

if you're really good you can hook a couple of the same bugs together and use them as bait. they're a great natural bait. they're not going to fuss. think about whether this is realistic for the fish. They'll know immediately. you will get a blue go on there or something else. pumpkin seed, some other type of Sunfish, crappie or bass who knows. 

Fishing With Grasshoppers

another great thing just like that is a grasshopper. You can buy those in bulk as well as the crickets online or on a tackle shop or at a retail store. funny thing here is an old story where I used to do fishing competitions with my friend. my bait of choice was bologna!

Fishing With Meat

Why? well it was less than $2 for like a 12 pack of bologna at the local store. I was in middle school; therefore, cutting the grass and washing the car is not cutting it for night crawlers to have fun on the weekend or any other day. so I had to be cheap. I figured out hey what do they love and will eat with no questions and actually stays on the hook? Now bread balls are popular to mash pieces of bread together. 

Fishing With My Son

It's kind of like making them bread pudding. It gets wet and soggy, but we put it on a hook. it's kind of like when you're doing carp fishing.  go with the bologna. tiny little pieces even a quarter inch piece. they're gonna sniff it. If it looks like they're gonna sniff it then they suck it up and you got a fish. 

I believe that single day I did lose competition. I got over 150 fish and think he got over 200. he definitely wasn't using bologna though. I think he had worms. so worms won that one. Why? Because they're the undisputed champion, but I got pretty close with bologna.

you can use other things as well that are meat products or maybe not meat products. A hot dog. it's cheap and affordable. That works. I've tried it out with the casing. It works well for keeping the bait on. If you just hook the inside it sort of falls apart. you need a piece of the casing attached. nice little slices of hotdog razor thin work great. 

They also had the hook within it so it becomes almost a weedless bait. you should try things in your house. They're cheap and you'll be surprised what they will eat. so there's also some other things which you may have access too or not have access too.

Fishing With Grass Shrimp

One is grass shrimp. grass shrimp are known for actually eating fish eggs in the shallows next to the grass. so they're fish are very aggressive against them during their spawning the same way bass are aggressive to blue gills when they come there.

 everything's trying to eat another it's like that old adage with it. The small fish eats a smaller fish. A bigger fish eats him. it just keeps going until I guess a human head comes around and gets the last bite of the big tuna. 

Fishing A Grub

yes there's also grubs, which you can dig up in your local area or even in your yard. They're usually under something moist. you don't have to go too far down six inches, maybe a foot somewhere fertile like at the outside of the garden or the inside of the garden. The bugs lay their eggs down there. 

the grubs will have those little white ridges shaped rings that look disgusting. They are tasty. the fish can’t get enough of them. you can go to store and buy them from your local tackle shop or go online and get them delivered to your door.

Live Fishing Bait For Sale Online

Those things can happen now that we have Amazon and there's other third parties websites that provide the service as well. there's even people with actual bait farms. They sell them at a great rate. if you use a lot like we will because we go fishing at work, you will need to buy bulk! we have the opportunity to go fishing almost every day or every other day.

Weekend Fishing Trips

Can you go fishing every day? Yes, I've done it. It's awesome. sometimes there wasn’t fish or their were situations like cyanobacteria that shut everything down. then I realized I need to make book that's available now. 

How To Catch More Bass

Learn the secret techniques, tips and tactics to catch more and bigger bass!

Ice Fishing For Bluegill

One last thing that I haven't done is ice fishing. what do you do during the winter when you want to catch a bluegill? What bluegill baits do you need to go ice fishing?

There are really two things I know that worked very well. Besides what I've already said I've heard people use a lot of wax worms and millworms. I guess grubs to if you could find some that aren’t frozen. Those are a little more hearty. They last a little longer in the fridge. they're more natural, available can be found during those periods of time. The fish are skeptical when it comes down out of nowhere and you try to fish them.

Oh it's waxworm. time for a quick lunch. it's right there in front of me. that's my list of bluegill Baits that you should use if you want to catch bluegill. if there's anything else that you're wondering about it's probably the fact that these can be used for other fish as well.

Yes! all other fish and anything that is in that same panfish family will be all over these same baits. I don't think there's any of them that most won't eat. maybe the Bologna and hot dog is going a little too far some of them. maybe a crappie won't eat that, but the other is the breams, pumpkin seeds, etc. etc. they'll eat the same things so you should try them all out. 

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No I'm not tired. Not going to be tired anytime soon. Check me in a year I'm still going to be here. while you do that, go to the website you'll see a nice little link where you can get some nice freebies. one of them is a 10 step process to go fishing at work and there's another one I'll be making soon about how to catch more bass specifically largemouth bass. that's what I have the most experience with, but there's smallmouth bass here. I know there's a lot of different bass out there. people don't think their are different types of bass. This is Dwight Norris of Fishing At Work telling you to go use some bluegill baits to catch bluegill.

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