May 16

Best Lures For Spinning Reels

A spinning reel is a particular type of reel that allows you to release the fishing line almost freely with no resistance. Other types don’t have this freedom and this is just one of the pros when it comes to spinning reels. The reason for this is the fact that you can cast very light things without being a fly fisherman.

So you will find the best lures to use for spinning reels will be ultra-light and is great for the fisherman that wants more fish instead of bigger fish. Lures such as my famous beetle spinner, a mini version of lures, spinners, lightweight jigs, etc… will be your bread and butter. 

spinning rod and reel

You can get huge spinning reels, but why are they necessary you say… well, you want to cast farther. That doesn’t mean your lure is light though right!?! If you are a surf fisherman there is no way you are casting beyond the breakers with Penn baitcaster. You need a heavy-duty spinning reel. So to sum it up, you need to cast further for one reason or another and that is the reason the low resistance of spinning reels is necessary.

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What Are Spinning Reels Good For?

As I just clued you on, spinning reels are really good at helping you cast further because of the resistance on the fishing line is reduced. This comes into effect when you are fishing with light lures and also when you need to cast far with large fishing gear on saltwater from the surf. These are just applications where baitcasters do not shine. 

Here is the fact, you don’t need a baitcaster at all. Baitcasters are performance-enhancing reels that help you do certain things better but are not absolutely necessary. I can think of one area where they may be the only choice to land a fish. That is when you are pulling in fish that weight over 500lbs. Because of the locking strength of the arm, it is better to use the gears on baitcaster for drag because of the torque required.

What Are Lures To Use With Spinning Rod

Finally, we are going to talk about what lures should you use with a spinning rod and reel combo. This does depend if you fishing in freshwater or saltwater. I will list both below and give a reason why these should be primarily used with a spinning rod and reel.


  • Micro Lures - Small lures weight almost nothing and you can’t cast or even control where they will end up with a baitcasting reel.
  • Plastic Worms - Finesse fishing is not done very well with baitcasters. If you are in one spot yes, but if you are working one spot to the next constantly and need to cast with precision, you need a spinning reel.
  • Jerkbaits - Jerkbaits are primarily seen as big finesse baits, but the way you work them erratically is better suited for a spinning reel and rod. You can get to far away hideouts and sneak up on the fish with precision and gives them the right presentation at the perfect time. You also won’t rip their lips off when you try to hook them.
  • Spinners - These are another light lure that requires a spinning reel because of the natural spinning action of the lure that tangles lines and the fact that it is 1/4oz or less.
  • Frogs - I am sure nobody saw frogs coming. Yes, you can use these with a baitcaster but aren’t you always trying to cast a frog in a specific spot. Just so you can drag it to that one open hole in the lily pads where you know the bass is going to nail it. Oh Yeah!
  • Beetle Spinners - My personal favorite is the beetle spinner and I have a lot of them. They require a spinning reel because they are lightweight and it’s just obvious.


To be honest, I believe that anything you are are going to cast on saltwater needs to be with a spinning reel. Have you ever constantly cast on saltwater with a big baitcasting reel… Let me answer that question...No! The reason for this is because it’s way too hard.

  • Topwater Lures - When you are working a bait along the surface you will need to think about how you want to work the bait. Consistent rod jerks and casting with a baitcaster over the breakers… yeah that’s not happening without a spinning reel.
  • Jerkbaits - Just like with anything else if you go saltwater fishing with lures that you have to cast, you will see people using a spinning rod and reel. If you question this ideology go try a baitcaster yourself. You will find yourself switching back in a heartbeat.

Are Baitcasters Better Than Spinning Reels?

So we have to answer this question because it’s in everybody’s minds. The answer is NO! There is an application for spinning reels and an application for baitcasters. Each has there pros and cons, but we know through experience and the advice of experts what we should use them for. 

There is a reason that you see more of one when doing certain things in certain places. When you see your favorite professional fishermen using a big jig in the weeds and coming up with a 10lb bass you believe a baitcaster is the best. It’s all about what you are using it for. 

I am not going to teach you all these things, but I have hinted upon them above, and if you do a little research of your favorite fishing shows and when you go fishing at the hot spots you will see what I am talking about. You don’t have to follow the trend, but you can’t deny the data.

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