December 5

Bass Fishing Bait – Worms, Baitfish, Crayfish or Amphibians

Bass Fishing Bait

I'm Dwight Norris of Today we're going to be talking about bass fishing bait. First and foremost let's get to the best topic of all yesterday the Boston Red Sox won the World Series at L.A. it was a great series that once again I think it went too  long. I didn't stay up. I went to bed around one o'clock like a semi-normal person would, but I tried my best. Man it was long so back to bass fishing bait.

Now I'm going to talk about bass fishing bait. I'm talking about live bait. there are a variety of baits you can use for bass fishing. Maybe you haven't tried. You're not that type of person that likes to go out and catch her own bait. 

Worm Fishing Bait

So one of them everybody knows, is a worm that is everywhere.  They're in your yard. there in the fields. there in the gardens. there next to the water and the streets when it gets wet. these are drowning and come up. that's when the old early morning bird comes out and gets the early worm and has a great meal.

You can also collect them that way yourself. theirs really no great name for them. there called earthworms. they're in your normal neighborhood. they worked pretty well during fish season when it's going to eat it.

Types of Fishing Worms

There are other types, which you can actually get either online or in your local fishing store. it will be nightcrawlers. they're more of a nocturnal kind of a worm that come out and go close to the surface when it's dark outside. for all intents purposes they aren't really that much different they're a little bigger for saying you can they do they are around your local area. you'll have a hard time actually finding it. 

European Nightcrawlers

Night Crawlers are more toward I believe the the northern states up here in Boston and up into Canada. you can give them online. you can get at a retail store like Walmart. You can go to a bait shop. they all have most things particularly worms. and after that you have European worms, which I kind of liked because they're big and fat... usually. European Nightcrawlers

These were the first worms that I purchased online. I didn't expect much from a company I have never heard from, but I was very surprised to see that they were provided high quality insects.

They're really long as well, which makes more bait for you. So if you're fishing for smaller largemouth bass and you want to actually conserve how many worms you want to use. they are cheap. you can slice that puppy up into four, maybe five little pieces and get a nice size bass off each one. if you want the big boy you always know you had to go to the bigger baits. you also have to go to the bigger live baits.

nightcrawler bass fishing bait

So you have to kind of cull the other fish. culling them by going bigger out of their size range. they can't actually eat it. they'll nip at it though. they'll peck at it, but they won't actually will consume it. So you won't actually get them on the hook. Therefore, when the big one comes in and suck the whole thing in that's the one you'll catch. So it makes it a little easier for you.

little tiny fish venture onto my line make me a little angry and pissed off. I am usually like get away you little punks. I'm trying to catch the big boy. There is another new technique, which is if you don't want to pay for worms. you can actually start your own little worm based composting bin using a tray system. they have trays and at each level you put in different types of a of a food items. I am seriously considering this and the system you see above is the one I am going to get and review later!

Red Wigglers

There's a worm that's really good at composting things and it's called a Red Wiggler. that's what it's called online. you can get it on Amazon. sometimes you can get it on a bait shop and in a place that sells composting. Home Depot or Lowes may or may not have it, but I don't think they actually carry it too often. a kind of food that the worm need to eat is a tiny pebble, which helps them digest. Red Wigglers

These are great worms for composting and you can use them for fishing as well. Depending on what you are trying to catch

They don't really have that great or really any digestive system. they consume stuff and it goes down the pipe and goes out the other side. so when they eat little microscopic pebbles they're able to break the food down. that comes out and some other stuff becomes compost. Highly concentrated nutritional dirt for your gardening purposes.

Now if you're not into gardening then oh well. regular red wiggler bass fishing bait our kinda skinny and small. you can get them in the eggs. you can grow them. they'll just multiply more and more and more. if one more time isn't enough use 2, use 3. Doesn't really matter. it's still a big old worm you put on a hook. that's an option.

Blood Worms

There's blood worms for bass fishing bait, which in the past I used to think were the greatest thing. When you hook it all the blood comes out. oh man, fishing going to be on it like a shark. they're gonna smell all that blood in the water the blood trail and be able to follow it straight to my bloodworm. This does happen if you actually leave you're a worm on long enough.

Usually a blood worm could be found pretty quick by smaller fish. it's going to go to waste for a while so unless you have the money spent and you have them readily available. sometimes they run out because I'm not sure how you feed a bloodworm or where they're actually found. it's kind of weird honestly.

Sea Worms

That's for you cool. they're too bad to handle because they do bite things but not you. their mouths are big enough.  one bass fishing bait worm that can bite you is sea worm. it has pincers. it's big. it's hairy and it can bite you. it will hurt. it's kind a like a centipede biting you that's from the sea. 

If you want to catch, I lose my mind here.... fluke, flounder or even some smaller striped bass, see where I'm sorry gotta go nice sandy flat bottoms kind of like where it is out in Gloucester and also near Quincy which is  just south of the Boston Harbor. the northern and southern part of the Boston Harbor have nice little flats there. The summer flounder and winter flounder are out their and I love it.

I honestly haven't got out there because I haven't bought my porta-bote yet. I need a porta-bote because it's portable. I don't have any parking space to put a regular boat. I need to be able to put it inside so nobody steals it and the weather doesn't destroy it.

So that's my reason for wanting to get that. inflatables like the Sea Eagle are great too. I'm honestly thinking about just getting the inflatable even though it's almost winter time. I made a decision. I wanted to get out there. I still want to spend the money like "oh man like get the porta-bote. I won't need the other boat." what's wrong having two boats? Nothing. Nothing's wrong with having two boats. It's awesome. Go do it!

Forage Fishing Bait

Golden Shiner

Another great bass fishing bait. It's called the Golden shiner it is the number one bait fish down south on the east coast. We actually do have them here in the northeast and on the Charles river. However, they are most known for being in Florida.

I.F. Anderson Farm - Golden Shiners

Apparently, the shipping industry has gotten good enough to ship live baitfish directly to consumers. I haven't tried this myself, but if you really want them you can have them sent directly to your doorstep!

You can catch it yourself. it's pretty cool. they school around the weeds and the under the structure. you can pull them up by giving them some food. little hunks of bread like your feeding a duck or something. Some like cornmeal. really anything that they see stuff floating top of the water they want to eat it. you can actually have baits kind of like when you're out in the sea you can drop it there and leave it for a couple hours, maybe even half a day. they'll collect and then you can throw your your casting over top of them and gather them up.

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honestly if you are like a guide down there fishing, you're going to need like 50 of them per person. the fish are going to be lighting those things up this matter what year it is. I just heard a huge lightning bolt, I thought it was sunny. it looks nice and blue over here, but over there, it ain't nice.

So it looks like I'm going to get wet and on way back to the office, but I'm gonna keep this video going. I got my list here. things I want to talk about. I'm going to get this done. hopefully, a lightning bolt won't strike me down.

So about the golden shiner. you can cast over them, but you can also use traps. kinda like a lobster trap. you can use that and actually put stuff in there to capture that bass fishing bait in it. Then you can just pull them up and then boom, you got them. You can make sure you have your aerated live well.


another great bass fishing bait is the shad. One of the most popular types is a threadfin shad. they've gotten really popular. Oh, now it's now it's raining. those are more southern fish as well. you can use those to fish like the golden shiner. Not too many of them are up here. This is more of a minnow and herring area up in the northern areas. both of those fish don't like the cold. So when you go down south below, I'd say North Carolina, South Carolina look for your golden shiner and look for your shad. I'm actually gonna..., no, I'm gonna keep going, just gonna get wet.

I.F. Anderson Fathead Minnows

I know this is the shad section, but those are harder to find online. However, you could buy all the fathead minnows that you want.

shad minnow fishing

Crayfish Fishing Bait

Next is bass fishing bait crayfish. quite for sure awesome. they're actually around here. they're down in my old place in Virginia or down south down everywhere. when they're readily available a bass will eat them about 80% of the time. it will be 80% of their actual their diet.  they can find them and their easy to catch. when they're not easy to catch is when they are smaller smaller bass 1 to 3 pounds. they'll actually nip off the claws first so they don't get pinched. 

Crayfish fishing

Then they'll eat it when it's totally defenseless. they're slow and they're nutritious. Around here's the blue heron. I'm going to start walking because it's obviously gonna be better if I am halfway back to my office when I get soaked.

Blue Back Herring

So the next thing is the bass fishing bait herrings around here. there's a run in the spring around me. There's another run in the fall that's much smaller, which most people don't really recognize. the striped bass will actually follow them during the spring for the blue back herring. that run actually happens by the millions of baitfish.

They're everywhere. they're flipping and jumping everywhere. It's freaking crazy. the striped bass actually follows them in. they're just lighting them up everywhere. They go all the way down to my house. I can actually walk down the street and possibly catch a 30 pound striped bass. always say that because somebody else did it not but two years ago, I was like, dude, why am I not fishing!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Oh my god! They were right here. I could have been striper fishing almost at my house. I'm not even on the sea. Sometimes we don't have to be waterside living to have that kind of life. Sometimes it's just just down the street. Just get near your body of water that has fish on it and something will happen!

Especially when you do your research and figure out what's happening in your neighborhood. That's why it's great to make relationships with people around you. talk to the bait shop people. talk to all the people who sell all the fishing gear, fishing gear repair people, boat people, and charter boat people.  maybe some of them will want to keep their secrets and not tell you jack. Maybe they will tell you everything because they are nice and aren't good fishermen because they have... a spot?!?

Oh dude, how's it over here? I was over there. They're biting during this time. This is when they run. You want to be over here. That's happening. Sometimes people like to begin near Boston University. you can go over to this spot it and make that happen. that's great information to know.


So here's where we get to the weird bass fishing bait. Panfish, bluegills, sunfish, bream, pumpkinseed, yes, there are bass that eat those too. Sometimes in the south their really big. I'm talking like five pounds they'll start chasing those boogers around and not because they're actually eating their eggs. they're actually trying to eat them. they're hungry.

panfish as bass fishing bait

When that hunger starts, they're gonna start chasing just about everything that's smaller than them even their own species. That's why people love bass then they don't care, you look smile at me. You're going in my mouth, pretty cool. They make fishing lot easier and more fun.

Around here, I've actually seen eels being eaten by  bass and the cormorant. It's like a weird slimy kind of a stork like bird that dives into water, into the weeds, in the grass and the structure. It also come up with like a two foot long eel. it was huge. it slurped that thing down like it was oodles & noodles.

That was pretty cool, but I've learned that the bass will actually eat those too. they will obviously make you catch bigger bass. You'll have to fish them off of structure that's deeper with a deep drops or near the bridge abutments. if you're able to make it happen, we can get some nice fish. you might actually run into a striped bass and have that kind of fun to around here.

that depends on where you are. if you're down south you can catch a nice one on the bigger lakes with bigger lures. I never lived on those lakes, but that is where all the state records came from because their was always plenty of them to eat I suppose.


There's also the bass fishing bait called crickets. crickets are great for panfish, but bass eat those too. I am not going to go too much into those. You can get them online. you can get them at a bait shop. you can get them dead or alive. Alive is better. How do you hook them? I don't really know. hook them however you can without them falling apart.

Frog Fishing Bait!

The last one is a frog bass fishing bait. now why do I say use a frog for for for a bass fishing bait? Well I have a small story, I was about 9 years old I was living in Virginia we had a little lake near us.

One day I was walking down the road and I saw a frog on the road, but it wasn't alive it was dead. I didn't smash it. It looked like it just got hit or something. it and it hit me.. I'm going fishing. What if I just put this puppy on a hook and throw it out there. it was a really small frog and probably was a younger one. About I don't know three to four inches long. man i threw it in the lily pads and those bass lit it up.

I caught a four or five pounder. but he actually managed to swallow half the frog. I couldn't get it out so I let him have it.  that experience was fantastic. maybe people should breed frogs and sell those for live bait as well or at least try it. I don't know how you can make that happen, but that would be pretty cool.  it's not really a normal thing that you can do.

So that's all I have for today, I don't really have anything else I want to talk about with live bait fishing. this is the Dwight Norris of you can go to the website and check all my other stuff out. you can go to YouTube channel and subscribe right down below. write comments that you want to say about this video or other videos I've made or expectations. maybe you say Dwight you should find a quieter place to do your videos.

That will be in my house but sometimes you just like being out here. yeah! hey I'm out here. I was at the river, I'm making a video. now I'm leaving the river. now it's raining. now it's not raining. now the sun's out. now it's raining again. What's going on? I don't know what is nasty is not nasty. I thought it was the end. That's what Weather Channel said. oh yes, this is the end of this video. Have a great time and go fishing!

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