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Best Rubber Worms For Bass

One of the first artificial baits that a new fisherman uses is a rubber worm. the reason for this is the fact that rubber worms work very well for Bass and other fish. I personally believe that rubber worms are the bait to use if you are getting started we're fishing in general. When you're fishing for bass it is even more important because it is an easy bait for larger fish like a bass to eat.

if you're looking for the best rubber worm for bass then you should look no further than Berkley Powerbait worms. My new favorite is the Berkley Powerbait Maxscent Hit Worm. I recently made a review of this date and it is proven itself to be the next generation of their original Berkley Power Worm that I used when I was a kid. I would suggest that you get one as well but if you have a particular brand that you like then more power to you.

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Top 8 Plastic Worms For Bass

In an effort to keep this to a point we will get straight to my top 8 picks for plastic worms for bass. I believe it's important to measure a plastic worm based on all the senses that a bass will use to find it and then eat it. Below you will find the list that will link up a bass's sense with the attributes of a plastic worm. you will find this useful when you go looking for a rubber worm that doesn't quite meet all the criteria that a bass will use to inspect and consume its prey.

  • Sight - colors, shape, size, speed technique
  • Smell - fish attractant
  • Sound - dragging and bouncing, weight, rattles, speed
  • Touch - texture, shape
  • Taste - fish attractant
  • Sixth Sense (Reaction Bites) - shape, size

With these tools in your toolbelt, you will be able to discover what rubber worm will get you what you want. You will find that a selection of worms will play more on one of these senses and attributes than others. It is important to attract things but the real value comes if that bass will actually put it in its mouth and clampdown. if it doesn't happen then you don't catch anything.

Berkley Powerbait Maxscent Hit Worm

This warm is a particular favorite of mine because it is a next-gen version of the Berkley Power Worm. If you use the fish back in the late 80s and early 90s then you know about this worm very well. It was one of the first plastic worms that had real testing done to find out if it was better with fish attractant naturally blended into the rubber to catch fish. Since that testing was completed they have used the exact same marketing to show that they are the best.

With my own testing, I have discovered that there 18x hold power on the bite is legitimate. Just in 2019, I caught a bass that held on for about 12 seconds before I hooked it. The reason I didn't hook it for 12 seconds was the fact that I didn't realize that there was a bass on it because it never hit the bottom. you shouldn't make that mistake if you're a little better than me. I don't Proclaim to be the best fisherman I just proclaim to be a fisherman who fishes the most.

Just like every other worm, it comes in many different colors and not too many shapes. I would stay toward the longer versions of it because even small bass will bite the bigger ones.I also find the Maxscent to not be as juicy as the original version. I do remember the Nostalgia of grabbing a Berkley Power Worm out of its bag and being covered and what seems like fish attractant. What's the max sent you won't have this anymore. They have perfected their internal less fluid version.

Zoom Trick Worm

I've also been using Zoom worms for a very long time. The reason for this was the fact that they were a name-brand and they were the cheapest but I used to go shopping as a teenager. This isn't always the best way to go about buying fishing lures but when your getting started it's definitely the economical way. Over the years who has really upped their game and I've had consistent bass fishing with their worms for decades.

The zoom trick worm is a version of the zoom worm that tries to trick bass into biting. the way it does this is by mimicking a worm the best. You specifically want to use a weightless rig to make this happen. The trick worm has a very slow fall rate compared to other worms. I'm not sure if they're using a very buoyant rubber or if there are little air pockets inside of it.

If you want to use this with other types of rigs it works perfectly for that but if you're using a weightless rig the zoom trick worm is the worm you need to be using. No other worm that I know of is as good as the zoom trick worm when it comes to the weightless rig variety.

Culprit Worm

These worms really popped up on my radar when I was in high school and the name really got me. Culprit is kind of a good marketing name because get your attention. there isn't really anything special about the culprit worm accept the fact that it catches fish. They have a large variety to choose from along with colors and shapes and sizes.

What is the most popular colors of culprit worm was a black and purple. I remember seeing advertisements four everywhere when I was younger. That specific color is still the number one that they show on their marketing. This is always good to note because it means that it is popular with us to fisherman which means it catches fish. I specifically fish dark colors when it's low light or dark outside. funny enough this is also the best time to catch fish.

These worms also have a very long curly tail that moves kind of like an eel. you could use these as trailers if you cut them in half on a spinnerbait. many people use big grubs or worms on spinnerbaits as trailers and sometimes even on jigs.

Googan Baits Mondo Worm

Googan Baits has been all the rage since they emerged on the scene. one of the most popular worms that they have is the Googan Mondo worm. this particular company believes that bigger is better. However that is not that's all to them. They also think about what the senses are that Bass are using to bite their baits.

one of the most peculiar things on this worm is the J tail. The end of the day tell is actually reconnected to the worm to make it make a specific movement through the water when it's in the suspended state. this day it happens when it's in Texas Rig form or as a Carolina rig. The tail is suspended above the head of the worm and there's a very specific wiggle action because of the connection of the J tail and the shape.

Another cool thing they have is there slaunch sauce, which is a version of fish attractant that they have trademarked. they also add salt to their base because that's been proven and the last 10 years to improve holding time. This is something that Berkley Power worms have known for a long time and I believe it's actually part of their solution but no one knows.

Z-Man FattyZ Worm

This bait was created by the FLW tour pro and a Bassmaster champion. in partnership with z-man they created this very specific rubber worm. If you look at it closely you'll see that the last one third of the worm is pinched in. this is specifically made as a Finesse Worm that supposed to be used with shaky head jigs.

The Z-Man FattyZ worm it's also filled with salt. I know that the extra salt will help them hold on longer, but they could do more if they have had a patented fish attractant. I do know that many people like this work so they must have a good concoction going.

You will find that this worm floats inherently. it is also known for being very strong. If you are a person who likes to hook and rehook your worms and then they fall apart then this is the worm for you.

YUM! Finesse Worm

This is one of those worms that you need when the fish are not biting. You will find that they only come in smaller sizes. One of the coolest things about it is the fact that they are cheap. For a 12-pack we're looking at under $5. so is that a reason to buy a yum Finesse Worm dot-dot. No.

Yum baits has been around for a long time and they are known for using fish attractants but for this worm they have not added in. This worm is used for finesse fishing. That means that you should use the YUM finesse worm on a shaky head jig or a Neko rig or a Ned rig or a drop shot rig. these are all techniques that you can use to make a bass bite when they are lethargic.

 I would suggest using very slow movements of the rod tip to make this bait do it's perfect action. Because of the tapir tail the end of it has a bit of weight and it will drop down a little faster than most worms that are equally reduced.  This will make the end of the tale bob up and down while the bottom of the bait barely moves. If you've ever seen a snake charmer before and the cobras bobbing and swaying its head that's what the end of your Tails going to be doing and that obviously gets attention.

Mann's Jelly Worm

These jelly worms have been around since 1967 when a certain Pro fisherman clam the 4-day Bassmasters weight record of over 132 lb! if this isn't enough information for you to think about purchasing these worms then I don't know what to tell you. they may be old they may be out of date but they are definitely not out of the realm of bass.

These were one of the first real big companies to majorly change the shape of their worms. it has a ginormous paddle tail, which it's a thing when it comes to actual live worms. I'm wondering if paddle tail worms were local to that area and that fishermen knew it. You will find that most stores don't regularly stock Mann's lures because they're an old company and they falling out of favor of all the new cool trendy things. However, these lures still work and are still one of the best selling worms of all time.

Creme Lures Scoundrel Worm

If you ever wondered who invented the plastic worm it was creme lures. Back in 1949 Nick Creme started it all. this is just one reason to fish with his lures because he was the first one to know that plastic can be just as fun or better than live bait.

The interesting thing about the scoundrel worm is the fact that it has a mixture of ingredients in it that make it feel lifelike. This is one of the reasons that people buy it because it feels so real. They have really honed in on the touch area of the Bass’s senses.


I hope this has helped you make a decision about what the best rubber worms for bass are. I personally love Berkley power worms. you may love another one of these worms better than what my choice is but I will stick to my choice. Each one of these worms has a very particular reason for being good in its own right. If you believe that that worm will serve you best then please buy it and try it out. I'm all about testing because you won't really know until you try.

 Please look at all my other content on the website to learn more great and helpful information. We will be doing our best to put out great information just like this as quickly as possible. So remember to always check back or go to my YouTube page and see what's happening there. on this page, you will see an option to find out how I am able to go fishing more often. if you believe that you can go fishing more often than you should check it out.

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