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Zebco Team KVD Spinning Combo Rod & Reel Review

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Hello I'm Dwight Norris of I'm here to help you go fishing.  today we’ll be talking about the Zebco team KVD spinning combo rod and reel review which is also a partnership with Quantum fishing. I've use the Kevin Van Dam spinning combo for quite some time now.

You may have seen the video I had at horn pond and I used a frog fishing lure with it. They work pretty well, but you know everything is different and everything can be used in a different way so this has a very particular way of being used.

Kevin VanDam (KVD)

If you take a look at the ZIP code team KVD spinning combo you'll see that Kevin Van Dam has his own little highlight reel attached to it. It's called Kevin Van Dam's career. You’ll see that he has twenty one 1st Place finishes,  97 top-10 finishes, he's a seven-time angler of the year, and 22 time Bassmaster Classic appearance maker, and he's a four-time Bassmaster Classic Champion. Which is the be-all-end-all for all bass fisherman.

Zebco KVD Baitcasting Rod & Reel

Unfortunately, I am unable to find a direct source for this product anymore, but if you like baitcasting better than spinning rods you will get a similar result.

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The specs for the fishing rod are quite simple. first you have the medium-light glass rod.  it is 5 1/2 feet long, which is pretty good for a beginner fishing rod. I actually promote this as a first-timer rod for some of the older or if you have a smaller child then after they've met throughout the week after or if you feel like you've given them to train this is a good spinning combo for you.

Aluminum Fishing Reel Spool

The aluminum spool is really a basic thing that should be on every spinning reel but for some reason some people still use plastic. I for one believe that aluminum is fantastic and one of the best things about it is that it's light and easy for them to put some designs in it to make the line fault in the right direction and the right links apart so that it comes off and onto spool easily.

Zebco Team KVD Spinning Reel Aluminum Spool

Zebco Team KVD Spinning Reel Aluminum Spool

Ball Bearings

Another thing that you will find is that it has two ball bearings. I believe that two ball bearings is the absolute minimum you can have in a spinning reel.  other spinning reel is in Abu Garcia and has six ball bearings in a difference between the 2 is pretty minimal. I personally prefer and Abu Garcia rod and reel because it's what I've used since I was young.  they make high-quality fishing gear and if you're looking for something that isn't too expensive but isn't too cheap I believe the Abu Garcia is the way to go.

all that being said the two ball bearings and that's does a fantastic job. I've used it for 9 months and it hasn't shown any signs of wear. you may find out that when you're using a new rod and reel package that if you don't treat it well you could start it starts to get gunked up and it just doesn't perform as well as it did.  up until today it's still performing just the way it did when I bought it and the fact that I've dropped it in the mud in the water and some other substances it still looks and feels exactly the same without any maintenance provided.

Zebco Team KVD Spinning Combo Specifications

Zebco Team KVD Spinning Combo Specifications

Medium-Light Glass Rod

I got a really cool thing about the ride itself is that stew peas and it has a lot of flex as I stated before it is a medium light glass rod. this pretty much means that it can since small bites from smaller fish in which is why I said it should be for a first-timer. 

If you're looking to catch a decent-sized bass 5 maybe 7 pounds and you want to not your fling it across the bow because you have a flipping Rod that could catch a 70 pound striper then this is the rod and reel combo for you. you will feel the fish and then you will hook the fish effectively your rod will bend almost completely over like an ugly stick. then we'll have a nice fish tale to tell when you have it on video. you can show that the fish almost broke your fishing rod.

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Line Capacity

The line capacity of this fishing reel is perfect for lightweight fishing. Hawaiian weight is measured in yards and pounds. you can have 220 yards of 6 lb test. you can have a hundred and fifty yards of 8 pound test. lastly you can have a hundred and forty yards of 10 pound test.  the measurement they give you in the middle which is the 8 pound test line capacity is the one that they recommend. you can go below or above these specifications but it's not an exact science. I will however warn you of going above the specifications because when you do that it messes up the casting ability of the rod and reel combo.

Zebco Team KVD Spinning Combo Line Capacity

Zebco Team KVD Spinning Combo Line Capacity

Fishing Rod & Reel Balance

The balance of the fishing rod and reel combo is right at the point where the lure holder is. I believe this is one purpose mainly because that is where you're going to grab it when you first get to your fishing site. the butt of the fishing rod it's pretty cool because it's not a solid piece a foam. right at the end of it is a small Gap where you can see the actual ride again.

at this Gap you'll see a little logo with a signature of Kevin VanDam stating that he's the world's number one Angler. it's not exactly necessary but The Break-Up from the complete foam actually gives me somewhere else to grab it and I can actually put it into little hole and use it as a cat fishing rod and not have to hold it the whole time.

Zebco Team KVD Spinning Combo Rod Balance

Zebco Team KVD Spinning Combo Rod Balance


The maintenance of a spinning rod and reel combo is pretty simple. the rod pretty much takes care of itself. the spinning reel needs a little work but it is manageable by anybody who can watch a YouTube video. you'll notice that the spindle has attention and all that and you just take that off. then you'll see the inner workings of the spindle system. all it really does is engage and disengage the little walking arm and then he moves the spindle up and down and the rhythmic pattern depending on how fast or how slow you reel.

The back half of the spinning reel has a little bit more going on but not really. once you take the arm off  you will notice that there are 2 gears that connect. these two carriers are what moves the spindle and good asset to the arm so you have a 90-degree connection. this is no different than what you have in your car when your engine turns your wheels through the crankshaft.

All I really need is some gear oil to lube both of these sections the spindle mechanism and also the cranking mechanism. I will suggest that you do this every year, preferably when you can't fish during the winter. if you do this with your high-quality gear or even this low lower quality but not crazy low-quality it will give you many years of enjoyment with your rod and reel combo. most people won't do this and would rather spend their time fishing rather than doing maintenance. this is perfectly fine but if you are able to spend time to do it on a cheap rod when you get the more expensive rod and reel combo it will fail you eventually.

Zebco Quantum Team KVD Baitcast Combo

One thing I didn't talk about in this video was the fact that there is a baitcast combo of the same brand as well. there isn't much different but the fact that it's a baitcast combo. one of the main differences is the fishing rod and also the specs for the baitcast reel. you will notice that the fishing line specifications are a little bit larger. in the strength of the fishing rod will be stronger as well.

I believe that the rod is a medium to medium heavy. the reason for this is that they casters are used for pulling bigger fish or the same size fish out of thicker cover. and if they aren't flipping four fish then it's the fact that the go in deep what are using a crankbait or spinnerbait at full speed and one official headset you need to be able to set the hook and set it strong. 

You're probably wondering why I don't use baitcast reels a lot when I'm fishing at work. the reason for this is these rods are usually one piece. the second reason is that I usually use smaller Loris because of the fish in my area. I'm more likely to catch fish if I go for smaller ones and I can still catch bigger ones with those dates. if you've watched enough my videos you'll know that I love a grub with a spinner. this is the same spinner that you saw in the past with a beetle spin lure which was so famous. so I like to keep my fishing gear light when I'm fishing at work but when I'm out on the water in my boat I'll use just about anything.

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Zebco Team KVD Reel

Team KVD reels are really made for the everyday fisherman. we all want to be professional fisherman or least we think we want to be professional fisherman when younger. we don't realize how much time and effort it takes to really be a great fisherman for bass or really for anything. a fishing rod or reel or lower or boat really doesn't make a fisherman. it's truly just retirement water your experience in your persistence when you are met with a new challenge. that challenge is every single day you go out on a body of water and you have to put food on the table and a roof over your head by catching fish.

Zebco Team KVD Spinning Reel

Zebco Team KVD Spinning Reel

Fortunately, we don't have to deal with those kind of things.  that's the reason why lower level gear is it really that bad. we're able to go out fishing or able to accomplish a goal of catching fish and then we can go home. that has been all I've ever wanted in my life and if you are 9 to 5 worker you know the problem that you face. your time has been taken away from you your freedom has been taken away from you and maybe even your spirit has been taken away from you.  if you reach the bottom of this blog post I will enlighten you on a way to solve that problem.

Zebco Team KVD Rod

Team KVD rods are really just any other odd. I haven't found anything really that great about them. the only thing I really enjoy is the fact that I can step on me I got and they won't break. the fact that I'm 240 lb and can't break those eyes is fantastic. in the past I've done this many many times especially with Shakespeare fishing rods. I would describe those as low-quality but functional. Zebco’s team KVD really get you into the middle ground when it comes to fishing gear. so if you're looking for a decent fishing rod look no further than this it will be low cost and you'll get the job done.

Zebco Team KVD Spinning Rod

Zebco Team KVD Spinning Rod

Zebco Team KVD Backpack

Another thing that I discovered was the fact that team KVD by Zebco has a backpack. a backpack for fishing at work is a very important thing. it allows you to be discreet when you're fishing. it also allows you to bring all your gear that you want for the day and your lunch. if you want to have people join in you can tell them the tricks of the trade which you can find that and spread the word.

I personally have been working on creating a high-quality fishing backpack. my particular version will be a little different from what you've seen on Amazon or any other companies website. it will specifically cater to people who are fishing at work. you will have the dexterity to be discreet.  you will also have the ability to store larger than no more rides in the fishing backpack. you will be able to store all your fishing gear and a nice little storage pack just like the plano one's. 

You also have a nice little insulated place to store your hot or cold meal while you're in travel mode. these are the major components I've noticed are necessary when you're fishing at work. next thing I need to worry about is how to get a saltwater rod to fit in a backpack. more or less I think you'll just have to get a very long bag and had to deal with the consequences that come with that.


I hope that this review Of the Zebco team KVD spinning combo rod and reel has been good for you. I really like to make my reviews short yet informative for all view works. if you have any suggestions or something that you were looking for please email me and I will be more than happy to oblige.

If you are a 9 to 5 employee with a family can I have something very special to say to you. before I made this website I too was a very sad nine-to-five employee.  I was only fishing every couple weekends and when I did I wasn't catching many fish. it seemed that going fishing was near impossible with a family life and in a career. one day I discovered that all my problems are really in my head and not in my life. I structured at home this process in a way that makes it effective enough for me to go fishing every day if I so choose. I put this great information on a YouTube channel so that everybody can see what is possible if you put your mind in the right mindset.

Zebco Team KVD Spinning Combo Review

Zebco Team KVD Spinning Combo Review

If you would like to learn how to do this yourself and escape the rat race to go fishing please go to now. we will immediately see link inviting you to learn more about how I went from not fishing to fishing more than I ever have before. This could be the one system that helps you finally get out on the water. please do that immediately so you can reap the benefits as soon as possible.


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