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Expensive Fishing

You have worked your butt off day and night and now you want to reap the rewards. You search high and low for the best of the best when it comes to fishing gear, but you aren’t finding what you really want. What is the problem here? This issue is your reading content from people who don’t have money. They simply are trying to appease the masses with mid-grade fishing gear. If you want to truly have the best fishing experience you need to search outside of your favorite magazine.

expensive boats

Luckily for you, I have collected these fishing masterpieces within this article. I won’t spare anybody when it comes to price or functionality. You want the best of the best… you will get it right here and right now! I will be going over many categories of fishing so hold onto your seats and your wallets because it’s going to get fun!

What Is The Best Fishing Brand?

When it comes to who the best in fishing is it is more of a personal choice. I don’t think anybody can be the best of anything in fishing. Everything and everybody is constantly innovating and it is up to each individual user to decide who you know, like, and trust. I have my personal choice and it’s not even from experience. It is more of my dream fishing brand that I always heard about, but never imagined having the money to invest in. Maybe you have a brand that you used to think the same about. 

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I actually have two favorite brands and let me tell you why this is. I have a favorite for freshwater and a favorite for saltwater. Just recently my uncle just… gave me a bunch of my dream brand. I was overwhelmed with joy and he already knew that would happen. I haven’t acquired my dream freshwater brand yet, but when I do I will be complete.

So let me introduce you to these two great selections that you should strive to use and pass on once you aren’t able to haul in the big ones. First up for saltwater is PENN.

Saltwater - Penn

I am sure you had this in your mind as soon as I mentioned saltwater fishing. They are the defacto fishing gear manufacturer when it comes to saltwater and there is a great reason for it. I just got gear that is 50 or more years old and it still works like brand new. You will even see fishing stores that have employees that only fix high-quality fishing gear like Penn. The real deal is they are not fixing it. They are giving it the proper maintenance that it needs to work another 10-20 years before it requires a little grease and oil.

Penn Ambidextrous Torque II Spinning Reel

Penn International VIS 2 Speed Reel

Freshwater - G. Loomis

G. Loomis is one of those premier brands where are used to think that I couldn’t afford it. Most people that come across this particular fishing rod or reel probably think the same thing. Unbeknownst to most people, G. Loomis wants people to use their fishing gear more often. However, they are a top quality brand and will not lower the price because they have the best quality available. Could you drop the price of your best product just because people can’t afford it… No

G. Loomis Conquest Bass Casting Rod

What Is The Most Expensive Fishing Pole?

Most people would say the oyster bamboo rods are the most expensive in the world. However, that's if you want the extreme handcrafted and high priced fishing rods. They are the best and if you want to use them that's great but they aren't mainstream and they are hard to get and come back. You can always get a bamboo rod from someone else that is also of high-quality who also does it by hand and you will get the same result.

Fly Fishing

Now we all know that fly fisherman take precision when they do their fishing. This means they spend more time with their fishing gear and making sure that it's the best and in the top performance. This is why you will find the most expensive fishing pole within its ranks. If you are looking for a fly fishing rod that is more approachable and the price barely you have to go with the sage X fly fishing rod. It is handcrafted on Bainbridge Island in the USA. There are many things that are high quality made in the US anymore but this is one of them.

Sage X Fly Fishing Rod

The rods go between 3 weight and 10 weight. their lengths are between 7 ft and 14 ft. somewhere Within These ranges, you will find what you need for the particular type of fly fishing that you are doing in your local area. Last and not least is the price of these rods. they go between $1,000 and $1,400. this is pretty pricey for a fishing rod especially when you can buy a small used boat with a motor for that same price. However, when you have the money and you want the best of the best this is where it's at.

What Is The Most Expensive Baitcasting Reel

The most expensive fishing reel will probably not be something that you were thinking about. It is made by well-known company that is known for its high-quality and saltwater. Obviously saltwater fishing reel is the toughest and strongest and longest-lasting fishing reel in the world. That is why the most expensive one is the saltwater baitcaster. 

Conventional Reel

This conventional reel is the Daiwa Dendoh. It is in a solid gold color which makes it look like most other Mitchell reels on a high-quality boat. Most professional tuna fishermen and offshore fishermen like to have reels that are gold because it accents the boat and makes them look like they know what they're doing and that they have some money. 

Diawa Dendoh

Go try out a Diawa Dendoh!

What's really cool about this fishing reel is that it has a digital readout. This means when the line goes out you can count the line when it goes in and out. you will know when you're running low online even without having to change the line color at certain levels to let you know visually. There are also other features built into this that will give you warnings and Chimes and other gizmos to make you feel happy that you spent so much money. About the money, this runs between $3,500 and $4,000. obviously not a small chunk of change but if you want to be in the big leagues this is what you will be buying.

What Is The Most Expensive Spinning Reel?

The most expensive spinning reel isn't named after an Italian sports car either. the simply named Shimano. This brandis huge and makes things from fishing gear all the way to cycling stuff. They do other things as well but I haven't purchased them. However, they run the Gambit from cheap to super expensive. you might be wondering how they're able to do that but the reason is they make stuff that works.

 Not too long ago in the fishing Market they decided that they needed to be more exclusive and sell stuff that didn't require selling volume. So they took their fantastic knowledge of fishing reels and made a product that was worth its weight in something valuable. That's when they came out with the Shimano Stella saltwater series. not all these are expensive and are starting in the several hundreds of dollars. However, the top of class can go from $900 to almost $1,500.

Shimano Stella SW 3000

 stop and think about that Shakespeare fishing rod that you got at the local bait shop and how you lamented overspending 50 to 60 bucks for that combo. Now think about buying a spinning reel from Shimano of all people and having to give out $1,500. It just sounds crazy but they talk the talk and they walk the walk. This fishing reel is full of value from the ball bearings to the way the spool is able to take braided and fluorocarbon and other lines and have them go into each other without cutting up the other lines that are wrapping around it. there's just so much Innovation that you need to go to the website and check it out because I can't do it justice and is a super long post that you may not even read all the way through.

What Is The Best Monofilament Fishing Line On The Market?

Monofilament fishing line on the market is something I have never heard of them before. It is called Morris Varivas. They make a large line of saltwater fishing lines that are mainly for trolling.  This means that they are going after big game fish and big game fish needs a big fishing line.

You might be wondering why would they use the monofilament fishing line for the big game.  The reason for this is that they need to fishing line to stretch when they're fighting it so that they can use the fishing line the rod and reel and their body to fight the fish until it's tired. 

Morris Varivas GT Super Max Power 600M 80lb

The really amazing thing is that you could spend up to $400 on 1400 meters of the stuff.  yes, that is a lot of fishing line but that's a high price to pay or something that will fill up a single fishing reel. Let it be known that we probably spent several thousand dollars on the fishing reel and $1,000 on the fishing rod now you're spending $500 on fishing line. Fishing just got a little expensive but that's what you're looking for and that's why you're here.

What Is The Best Braided Fishing Line On The Market?

PowerPro MaxCuatro Spectra HT is the most expensive line on the market. Does that make it the best? Well for over $800 for a spool of it you would think so, but I beg to differ. I believe that Seaguar is the best overall when it comes to braided saltwater fishing line. The Seaguar Thread-Lock is nothing short of spectacular and you will hear the pros say the same.

PowerPro Max Cuatro Spectra HT

I am not saying that PowerPro will not do the job. That would not be a true statement. It is a very close competitor with Seaguar and deserves to shine in the spotlight. However, I have to tell you what is the best and Seaguar is the best. 50 attributes of strength, stability, Nick resistant, low visibility, line stretch, why memory, and all the other things that come to fishing line, Seaguar is what you want!

What Is The Best Fish Finder For 2020?

Do you want to have the best fish finder available right now you have to go with Lowrance. The Lowrance HDS 16 live is the best thing out there right now.  If you want to know why simply go down the futures. No the option between a 7 and 9 a 12 or 16 in High Definition screen. as the three-in-one chirp that goes sideways and straight down. The sonar does the exact same thing as well.  There's also a cool noodle thing called a StructureScan that gives you the capability of looking at the Underwater World in 3D.  

You can hook up your smartphone to it which is always useful. They have their fish reveal smart Target view technology which allows you to find the fish with an algorithm that sees the fish that allows you to focus on them even when you're moving in another direction. And yes it does chart plotting and has over 4,000 lakes in its system as well as other areas as well. You can use it over Wireless and Bluetooth and it has a cool heat map chart overlay. D id I mention that this is a touch screen so don't worry about smudging it up because it's just like her iPhone? 

Lowrance HDS 16 Live

Go try out a Lowrance HDS 16 Live!

Since this fish finder costs about $5,000 it makes sense that you might want a payment plan. You can do this through PayPal credit. You will pay a very low monthly payment of 165 using their affirm system and you can take your brand new top of the line fish finder home with you today. Just remember to take care of your stuff because if you do it will take care of you.

What Is The Most Expensive Fishing Lure In The World?

Just to take away all the thrills and excitement of a long history, I want to get straight to the point. The most expensive lure in the world (that people still use) is a swimbait. Most people would not think a swimbait of all things would be the most expensive. Well let me tell you that this lure is also huge! It is called the Roman Made Mother and goes for around $500. 

It is a foot long 10.5oz bait that imitates most gamefish like trout, blueback herring and largemouth bass. Now what would possibly eat these things. Well if you didn’t know largemouth bass will eat largemouth bass. You just have to find one that is big enough.

Real Fish Lifelike Injured Golden Shiner Swimbait

The blueback herring version is probably the one I would buy myself since the Striped Bass and Largemouth bass will attack them when they come into the river. Literally a 1.5ft bass will try to swallow a foot long blueback herring. Let’s be serious, that is a big bass, but wow… Have you ever been that hungry?

Most Expensive Antique Fishing Lures

There are several antique fishing lures that are out there worth thousands of dollars. However there are very few that range over $20,000 in price. The Haskell Minnow is the most expensive in the world as far as I know. It sold for over $100,000 and it was made in the 1850s by a gunsmith named Haskel.

The Shakespeare Muskellunge Minnow is another popular antique lure that sold for over $20,000. It is one of the great original lures made by that company back in 1890 in Michigan. Obviously, Muskie fishing is big there and so are there lures. 

Another great lure is the Heddon frog lure. This was made by the first ever artificial lure company in 1902.Obviously in the past fisherman did not frog fish weedless. Therefore I expect that they fished next to the weeds and hopefully better. If you look in the past most fishing lures use treble hooks because technique and experience weren't utilized yet. Nowadays people would go any means to learn how a fish feeds to catch more fish.

What Is The Most Expensive Fishing Boat?

Where most people think about expensive fishing boats it goes along the lines of bass boats. You may even think about big game fishing boats going out in the ocean but there is a new line of expensive fishing boat out there for the enthusiast. Several high level anglers are turning yachts into fishing boats.

One of these boats is 105 ft long and is based out of New York.It took over two years to build with many people working every single day to complete its construction. It was broadcasted on the show CNBC Super Rich if you're going to look for it online. is estimated at the value of 17 million. 

This may be one of the most expensive things you will see on this blog post. It's field of all the tricks of the trade of the Rich and Famous if you remember that old show. for a real fisherman most of it is useless except for the rod holders in the back but wouldn't it be nice to travel in style and maybe even live on the ship and fish everyday. that's not a bad dream and he made it true.

What Is The Best Fishing Kayak On The Market?

When it comes to fishing kayak,I refer to my friends and a local fisherman who writes for On The Water magazine. They all have told me the same thing. Hobie kayaks are the best on the market! The reasons for this goes along with their many accessories and high quality. They are easily customizable and simply work day in and day out.

Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14

The one you should be looking at is Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 360 series that goes from around $5,000. This particular type is made for shallow water fishing with it’s new fin type that is collapsible on impact. This is great for those who have gotten angry when they bend or break their pedal fins.

Who Makes The Best Fishing Pliers?

The best fishing pliers you can get are made by KastKing, which you have probably heard of . The KastKing Cutthroat has tungsten carbide cutters and are resistant to saltwater. So don’t worry about leaving these on your boat for the salt to destroy them. You will be happily surprised how durable they are. 

KastKing Cutthroat

Go try out a KastKing Cutthroat!

It also comes with a lanyard in case you have slippery hands from catching so many fish. A sheath is provided if you like to have this attached to your pocket or belt for easy access. I prefer having my pliers in this location because you can’t seem to find them when you most need them.

What Are The Best Trolling Motors?

If you are looking for the best then you will have to think about it from a brand standpoint instead of the exact one that is available. I believe two manufacturers stand at the top when it comes to trolling motors. I will talk more about them below

Minn Kota Powerdrive 45 With Bluetooth

Minn Kota has been a stable for decades. They are known for being 4 wheel drive when it comes to going through the grass and muck. I for one have an inferior trolling motor and thick weeds stop me cold! At the same time I see everybody else cut through them like they are professional chefs. 

Newport Vessels Kayak Series 55lb

Newport Vessels is a higher class of trolling motor who I bought a battery box from, which is amazing. They are also great in the weeds are have a strong level of torque. They are built very well and will stand the test of time. They also do well in saltwater because of this quality and the level of detail that is taken.

What Is The Best Inflatable Fishing Boat?

Many of you may know that I  own an inflatable boat. Whose boat is made by Saturn. That is not Saturday in the car maker that I believe went bankrupt. It is a Korean company that sells high-quality inflatable boats. I believe that you don't need anything really better than this if you're going to be fishing with an inflatable boat that isn't a RIB. A RIB is a boat that has a hard bottom. 

However, there is one inflatable boat that I would like to get but I couldn't afford it. It is used by the military and is available for sale for us regular consumers. It is constructed of hypalon which is a thicker material than PVC and also is welded using heat welding. Heat welding on the seams actually melts the two pieces together. This makes it stronger than a hand glued seam which can find its way of getting loose what kind of year to if left out in the sun. This is why you only see hypalon inflatable boats and places like Florida.

INMAR 470-MIL Military Series

So what is this crap up? It is called INMAR. The most popular series is the military series. It's all black it's very cool looking and it's the thickest mil available on the market I believe. Mill is the terminology for the thickness of an inflatable watercraft. Just to let you know this will set you back between $2,500 to possibly $10,000.

Best Fishing Trips In The World

Most people will have a good time catching anything anywhere. Some of us want to do it in style or in the lap of luxury. For those you have to look outside the normal areas of interest. I created a small list that you should explore to see, which tickles your fancy when it comes to luxury fishing trips across the world. 

What Is The Best Fishing Tackle Bag?

The best like most things truly depends on the person and what they need. There are many types of tackle bags and they each serve a purpose. I am actually in the preparation stages of making the perfect fishing tackle bag for people who want to fish while commuting by bike, bus or train. 

Flambeau Portage Alpha

I believe that Flambeau line of fishing bags are the best when it comes down to any choice. They are a top manufacturer of fishing storage and know what they are doing. They literally have almost everything. I should look to see if they have what I want to make right now. The Flambeau Outdoors Portage is the line that I suggest you take a good look at if you are needing tackle stored efficiently and effectively.

What Are The Best Trolling Motor Batteries?

After a lot of research and taking suggestions from fellow anglers I came to one conclusion. Interstate Batteries are the best for trolling motors. They have exactly what you need and these are made with quality. I previously had a Sears made battery when I was a teenager. It leaked battery acid and burned straight through the carpet in my Chevrolet Trailblazer. To say I was angry was an understatement.

Interstate Batteries

Go try out a Interstate Batteries!

These new battery boxes are made tough and hold a charge like you can’t believe. I don’t have to trickle charge them much because the charge is held so well. For your information, I have two to Interstate marine batteries. I don’t think I will even try anything else.

What Is The Best Fishing Subscription Box?

I probably don’t have to say this, but Mystery Tackle Box is the best one out there. They have more manufacturers, more options, better pairings and are great about their consistency. I also like companies that bundle their products with useful information.

Mystery Tackle Box

Go try out a Mystery Tackle Box!

Giving people a couple lures is cool and all, but if you give them something they can’t use it seems like a waste of money. They are always trying to refine to the taste of each user to keep people on the subscription plan. I personally don’t like subscriptions of any kind. It feels like a trap to me. I will simply get what I want when I want. If I don’t know about it. I am sure I will hear about it eventually.

What Is The Best Marine Radio To Buy?

The best marine stereo per my consideration is made by Kenwood. They are leaders when it comes to vehicle audio systems that pack power, consistency, quality and value. You will get what you pay for when it comes to them. They won’t be gold plated or encrusted with diamonds, but they will sound the best. 

Kenwood Marine CD With Bluetooth and USB

One of the best things that you can do is get a bundle of the receiver and speakers that are perfect for it. Stick to the bluetooth variety and if you are a little older get one with a CD player in case you want to kick it to those old tunes. I had a kenwood system in my SUV when I was kid and it provided endless enjoyment.

What Is The Best Fishing Backpack?

As I stated before, I am on a mission to create the best fishing backpack for my audience. We as fishing at work enthusiasts need to carry specific things to help us go fishing more often. One of those things is a fishing rod & reel along with our breakfast, lunch or a snack. Most backpacks aren’t made for this or are poorly made. However, there are some that are close.

Spiderwire Fishing Backpack

Spiderwire’s backpack is the closest thing I can find for what we would need. I do wish it was a little bigger and could carry a rod somehow, but that is for the future. For now this will do and I will update you when I have completed what you have been waiting for.

What Is The Best Transducer?

To be honest, I find it hard to choose just one as the best in today’s current atmosphere. A transducer has more to do with the type of fishing you are doing than whether it is better than another one. People can look at which is stronger, goes deeper, goes wider, shows more data. 

You really have great choices when it comes to Raymarine, Simrad, Lowrance, Airmar, and Furuno. These manufacturers all have things they want to be known as the best for. They are all trying to become better at everything and that takes commitment. I honestly would pick the one that best suits your needs and is a company you admire and trust. Then just stick with their stuff because it will work better together.

Raymarine Axiom RV-100

Simrad P79 In-Hull Transducer

Lowrance Active Imaging 3-in-1 Transducer

Garmin Airmar -19 Thru-Hull Mount Transducer

Furuno Bronze Broadbank Thru-Hull Transducer With Temperature

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