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Lake Trout Lures

Catching lake trout is a little different from catching the most popular gamefish “Bass”. A lot of people are used to catching other varieties of trout that are stocked in lakes and probably venture out to streams and rivers to catch the wild version of trout. 

You need to realize that fishing for lake trout is quite different from traditional fishing methods and will require you to learn a few more things. Of course, this is still fishing and you will enjoy yourself when you hook a huge one! You have to stay persistent and you have to make sure you get the best lures down to the bottom where they like to roam.

lake trout lures

Trolling Lake Trout Lures

Trolling lures for lake trout can be fun or just a nice ride depending on what you are fishing with and where. I am sure you have heard that when the lake trout are on they are on and when they are not… their not. Any short of slapping them in the face will make them active.

Luckily you know that they are suspended in pretty deep water (20-50 feet) and like to hover 10 or so feet off the bottom. The best lures for trolling for lake trout have been spoons, jerkbaits, and swimbaits. They do well when it comes to jig, regular fishing, or trolling. I personally would rather jig for lake trout with electronics and put it right on there nose.

Mepps Syclops

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Rapala Down Deep Husky Jerk

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Luhr Jensen Krocodile

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Live Target Swimbait

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Jigging Lake Trout Lures

Jigging is one of my favorite ways to fish for lake trout. For most people, this is more of an ice fishing thing because you are stuck in a single hole. Trolling is a nice easy way just like fishing out in the ocean for big game. 

You will find plenty of options for jigging outside of spoons and you should try it out. From jig heads, spoons and spinners you will see every type of baitfish application. Fishing for lake trout can be great, but you need to use the best stuff out there. It is even better if it is a proven lake trout winner!

Cotton Cordell Silver Spoon

Blue Fox Vibrax Spinner

Panther Martin

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Mepps Dressed Aglia Bait

Ice Fishing Lake Trout Lures

Fishing for lake trout in the ice can be a totally different experience. Remember when you are fishing to be very safe on the ice and only try using your auger when it has reached a safe thickness (4in or more is the standard advice). 

You will notice something a little different when it comes to ice fishing. You can use different things to catch those finicky lake trout. Lures such as lipless crankbaits and tube jigs are known for working, but for some reason, the ice-cold weather makes them even more interesting.

Strike King Tube Jig

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Strike King Red Eye Shad

Williams Wabler Spoon

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Cotton Cordell Super Spot Lipless Crankbait

Sebile Magic Swimmer

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How To Fish For Lake Trout

Fishing for lake trout can be hard for fishermen that do not have access to a boat and a bit of time. You know that this website is made to help you the time deprived fishermen find more time to go fishing. So telling you this can be quick is not the truth.

To be precise you need to know the lay of the land under the body of water you are fishing. Lake Trout will hang a couple of feet above the bottom. They will also be around 20-50 feet deep if that depth allows it. This is not just during the summertime, this is just where they are most of the time. You could get lucky above 20 feet on a steep dropoff or a weed line, but most likely not.

Use all manner of Jig, Sinking Jerkbaits, Spoons, and really any lure that is capable of getting to there depth and keep it at the depth for the longest period of time. This is why trolling for lake trout is so useful and enjoyable. It is also easy because you just need to keep your boat at a certain speed.

Best Lures For Lake Trout From Shore

As you know, I spend a large amount of time fishing from the shore. Let me tell you that fishing for lake trout from the shore with lures is not something you want to do regularly, but it can work. You simply need to change up your gameplan.

First, you want to find the fish. You know the depth, but you need to gain access to them. Where on the lake can you get to deep water holes fast without getting wet? Points that go to steep drops, ledges, etc… Also can you use a very heavy bait to do some seriously long casting? 

Cotton Cordell Silver Spoon

This is where spoons really shine. Most people won’t think to throw a gigantic spoon out into the deep water as far as they can go. Most likely because they aren’t thinking about catching lake trout.

Best Lake Trout Lures For Spring

One of the best options during the Spring is to go with the local forage. More than likely that will be some kind of baitfish that are running in packs. This is the reason I love Rapala minnows so much for just about every kind of fishing. 

Rapala Down Deep Husky Jerk

Go try out a Rapala Husky Jerk!

You will have to go with the sinking variety and larger than normal to entice a big bite from a monster lake trout. Besides this, a high-quality baitfish replicating spoon will be your best bet while trolling or jigging.

What Is The Best Way To Catch Lake Trout?

I personally believe that the best way to catch them is while jigging. The reason I say this over trolling fishing is that you can find them with a fishfinder and hone in on them. Then whether they are sluggish or not you can upset them enough to bite. 

A lot of people don’t have the patience for this type of fishing. However, anybody that does ice fishing definitely has this kind of patience. You should definitely think about giving this a good try if you have a boat. If not you are stuck with the previous fishing method I described.

Do Trout Bite Lures?

Yes! Trout love to bite lures and do so regularly. Many new fishermen use live bait because it is supposed to be the easy way to catch fish. However, fishing with lures can provide more fun and accomplishment. Knowing that you can fool a fish into biting a piece of metal can be quite pleasing.

What Colors Do Lake Trout Like?

You have to know the local forage in your body of water as well as know what specific things lake trout eat. I have said the same thing about every fish. Fishing lure manufacturers make their money by being able to mimic forage that fish bite. It is your job to choose your forage out from the long list of options. 

  • Step #1 - Find out what the local forage is where you want to fish for lake trout
  • Step #2 - Find out how the local forage moves
  • Step #3 - Find out what size the local forage is on average
  • Step #4 - Find out what color the local forage is

How Fast Should I Troll For Lake Trout?

Your trolling speed is a subjective thing. It depends on several factors. I will list those factors below and why they are important for trolling for lake trout. Remember that you also have to be able to measure your speed on your boat effectively to repeat this process more than once. If you don’t have a speed gauge then you should monitor how open the motor is through the tiller handle or your throttle.

  • Factor #1 - Lure Depth: Each type of lure will either dive with a bill or just by its on weight. If it is a crankbait or jerkbait you will need to know it’s maximum depth and find the right speed that gets it to that exact depth. If it is a spoon then you will have to go slow enough so that it sits at that depth
  • Factor #2 - Outboard Power: some larger outboards can’t serve as trolling motors because their idle speed is just too high. It also can provide too much noise in the water and upset the fish.
  • Factor #3 - Line Thickness: We all know that different line thickness and types will either sink faster or float naturally. You will want one with good strength that sinks for the most part.
  • Factor #4 - Pole Position: Whether you use outriggers, planar boards or simply place the rod wherever around your boat it does have an effect on the depth of the lure. Many people place lures that are higher on the water column on the outside and deeper toward the back.

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