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Top Kayak Brands

Do you know which kayak brands are top in 2021? Who knows what will happen in the next 5 years, but if there's one thing that is for certain, it's that these top kayaks of 2021 will be here to stay. Whether you're looking for a recreational kayak or an advanced fishing vessel, we've got a list of all the best brands to help you make your decision today!

What Brand Of Kayak Is The Best?

Depending on if you a recreational kayaker looking to having a fun time and see the world from a different or fishermen using the accessibility of a kayak to reach new waters, you will have a difference in opinion on who is the "The Best".

However, as far as brands go there are some top kayak manufacturers that have been around for years and have proven their worth time and time again. Some of these top kayak makers include Ocean Kayaks, Hobie Kayaks, Sun Dolphin, Old Town, Vibe, Wilderness Systems Inc., Bonafide Kayaks, and the Eddyline Company. These brands will be sure to offer a variety of options whether you're looking for recreational or fishing purposes!

Best Kayak Brands For Beginners

So let's start off with the best brands for people new to kayaking and recreational kayakers. Most people in this area are doing this for fun with the family or to get a workout in a new form. Being on the water can be very relaxing even without a fishing rod.

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This is an area that most people are in because they want something new to try out without spending too much money at first. Some great beginner kayaking equipment includes; life jackets, paddles, paddle leashes & straps for smaller hands. You should always start with the basics before you start overspending.

Sun Dolphin Kayaks

Sun Dolphin makes great recreational kayaks that just about anybody can use. They have a range of kayaks that are just perfect for the beginner. They also make fishing kayaks so if you get more advanced, this is always an option too.

There's something to suit everyone and it can all be found on Amazon which makes things much easier! A lot of people don't want to go into a traditional kayaking store because they think it's too expensive.

Sun Dolphin Kayaks

There are plenty of kayaks on Amazon that are under $500 and you'll be able to find the perfect one for you without breaking the bank or your back! Keeping your costs low when you are getting into kayaking is a must.

This means getting the best kayak brands at the lowest prices and Sun Dolphin Kayaks are just perfect! They have some of the most beautiful designs, colors, and prints that you'll find anywhere on Amazon.

Sun Dolphin Fishing Kayak

You can rest assured that by buying from this company your money will be well spent for years to come because they have an amazing warranty policy which protects all their products against any cosmetic or functional defects. This is one company we recommend without hesitation if you need a quality kayak with great customer service too!

The benefits of using these top-rated kayaks include:

  • Lifetime warranty protection (should anything break)
  • Affordable costs
  • Easy transportation - lightweight & compact design makes it a great choice for camping trips
  • Durable materials – top of the line kayaks that will last many years

You'll find a huge variety of colors to suit any preference and style in this category. They even have their own stores where you can buy in person or online if you prefer! The best advantage is that they offer free shipping on Amazon with no minimum purchase required, so it really pays off when you're buying more than one item at once.

Old Town Kayak

The Old Town Kayak company is a great place to start if you want something more advanced than what Sun Dolphin has in stock. They have some amazing hybrid models which combine two popular styles - recreational & fishing - into one awesome package! These can come at an additional cost, but again, this is always optional so don't worry about spending unnecessarily until after you've given everything else a go first.

This brand has been around since 1949 and continues to be popular today because they specialize in making high-quality boats that are perfect for fishing enthusiasts who want something lightweight (less than 70 lbs) but durable enough to take the rigors of the open ocean.

man in a kayak

They also have a great line of recreational models that are perfect for people who just want to paddle around on lakes and waterways without any hassle. Great quality, lightweight boats at an affordable price point - what more could you ask for?

If you look around at a lot of older people that have canoes, you will notice that most of them have an old town canoe. This is just to show how durable their products are.

Old Town has been making boats since 1876 and they have a reputation for being top-notch in the industry. They make recreational, fishing, whitewater rafting, and more so you can find something to suit your needs no matter what it is that you want from a kayak brand.

This company started out as just one man with an idea - but today they're one of the leading companies in the world's competitive market because of how well made their products are.

Perception Kayaks

Perception is another great boat manufacturer that offers quality models with all sorts of different features like front storage consoles designed for comfort, high back seats with ventilation holes to keep cool when things start heating up on those long days on the water, and more.

A lot of people don't know about this company, but they're one of the top kayak brands on the market and you'll be able to find something perfect for your needs no matter what it is.

Perception Outlaw 11.5

You will be surprised about the range of kayaks that they have and the price that you can get for a quality kayak. One that I like the most is the Outlaw 11.5. It is one of the widest kayaks I have seen for under $750. It is great for standing and taking a lot of gear and should be a great option for a beginner kayak... maybe I should look closer at this!

Pelican Kayaks

To be quite honest a Pelican kayak is one that I am thinking about purchasing for myself and my family. These are cheap and easy to use. They don't have all the bells and whistles, but I don't know if I want to go full gas on a fishing kayak that looks like it could win a competition for the coolest angler.

A lot of these cheaper versions you will find available online through places like Amazon, but you can go straight through their website as well. The organization of their kayaks isn't the greatest, but they are all listed. Whether I buy one of these will depend on how cheap I want to be.

Pelican Argo 100XR

Go try out a Pelican Argo 100XR!

Will I get a lifetime warranty?

One of the really nice things about buying through Amazon is that you will always have some protection for your purchase. They offer something called an A-Z guarantee, which basically means that they'll give you back all your money in exchange for the product if it's not what was advertised or doesn't work properly.

I do like this because with Pelican kayaks there are no frills and sometimes people might expect more than what these cheap versions can actually deliver on. This way buyers know exactly what they're getting before laying down their hard-earned cash!

VIBE Kayaks

When it comes to the top kayak brands, VIBE is a great choice. They have been around since 1995 and they are the best on the market for recreational kayaking needs. These boats are durable and lightweight with two different types of hulls available: F-lites or hardshells. This makes them perfect for both beginners who don't want to invest too much money yet but still want stability as well as experts looking to take their game up a notch!

Vibe Kayaks come in all shapes and sizes - you can even get one specially made for fishing! Whether it's sunny days out at the lake or rainy ocean excursions, these boats will keep you afloat no matter what!

You will find that VIBE Kayaks come in a variety of colors, from bright and cheerful to sleek and streamlined. And with their lifetime warranty on top of everything else, these are the perfect kayak for anyone!

Top 5 Best Kayak Brands For Fishing

Ocean Kayak

If you're looking for something sleek with lots of speed then Ocean kayaks are the way to go! They specialize in making top-of-the-line fishing kayaks as well as high-quality touring ones too. The difference is mainly around how much attention they pay towards optimizing things like weight, shape, and length which can make all the difference when it comes time to decide between one or another.

With an open-world feel to them - Ocean Kayak's boats are made for people who want to experience more than just sheltered waterways. With plenty of room inside - whether you're fishing or having fun with friends and family – these boats make it easy and safe to explore further away from the shoreline without any worries or regrets. The seats can be adjusted depending on your preference, plus there are cargo areas if you need extra storage space while touring around oceanside.

top kayak brands

For example, their Capella is designed specifically for long-distance fishing in open water. It's a sleek, stable kayak with an optional rudder and can make for the perfect boat to take out into large bodies of water where you might not have as much direct wind or waves coming your way.

When you are fishing in confined areas that offer lots of wind and waves, or if you're the kind of person who loves to be out on the water for long periods of time, then their Piranha is a great choice. It's designed as an all-purpose kayak with plenty of speed built in so it's perfect if you want to get from one place to another quickly without being slowed down by things like choppy waters.'

The best kayaks are those which have been made with your needs in mind. That means looking at what type of environment they'll be used in most often – whether that be open water or sheltered lakes and rivers - before deciding which boat will suit your needs best!

Hobie Kayaks

For people who just want to paddle around on lakes and waterways without any hassle - Hobies are the top pick! Great quality, lightweight boats at an affordable price point - what more could you ask for? They specialize in making kayaks that are easy to use so beginners don't need to worry about getting caught in the money trap.

The best thing about Hobies is that they come with a lifetime warranty and their customer service has been rated as the top in 2017! They have kayaks for all skill levels, so pick one today and get out on the water ASAP!

In all seriousness, if you look at any serious kayak fishermen they are using a Hobie. Around here if you don't have one you are seen as an amateur. That is a bit harsh, but it's an easy way to see how serious somebody is.

Other things you might want to know about Hobies is that they have a variety of different kayaks, not just one type. This helps if only certain people like certain types or if somebody has a specific need (like being out with larger waves). There are lots of options and no matter what skill level there's something for every person!

You can get great ones used as well - save money without compromising your skills! All Hobies come with free shipping offers so make sure to check them out today! They also offer discounts periodically throughout their product lines so don't miss out!

hobie and wilderness kayaks

hobie and wilderness kayaks

Eddyline Kayaks

These are some great high-end kayak brands that have a lot going for them and offer models with features like front storage consoles designed for comfort, high back seats with ventilation holes to keep cool when things start heating up on those long days on the water, and more.

The company was founded in 1985 by two brothers who were passionate about outdoor recreation--which is what makes them such an amazing brand today! Their products stand out from all others because they focus solely on recreating life outdoors while being built tough enough for any adventure. They even believe "the way" people recreate themselves should also be focused on outdoor recreation, so they try to make their products as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.

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Eddyline kayaks are made from a high quality rotomolded polyethylene that is often called Royalex® or Texlon®--both tough materials that can take on any condition you might throw at it. The company also does not use toxic paint which will be good for the fish and environment where you're fishing!

This brand of kayak has been designed with a lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship and material meaning your purchase is safe no matter what happens! They have models available in multiple lengths, widths for various skill levels too (including recreational) to get exactly the right fit for each person who wants one made just for them. 

Wilderness Systems Kayaks

Another excellent boat manufacturer that offers quality models with all sorts of different features like front storage consoles designed for comfort, high back seats with ventilation holes to keep cool when things start heating up on those long days on the water, and more.

The wilderness part of their name might not be as recognizable to you, but they're top of the line. They have a wide range of boats to choose from including kayaks, canoes, and standup paddleboards.

Wilderness Systems Atak 120 Fishing Kayak

If you're looking for a top-of-the-line boat with all of the bells and whistles that money can buy then bravo is the company for you. They have so many cool options available like their awesome battle stations which are designed to hold your fishing gear right at your fingertips while still keeping it dry no matter what happens on deck or in the water too. The name says it all because they really do offer boats that are top-notch.

If you go to the website, you'll see all of the different types of boats they offer like their kayaks which come in a wide array of sizes, colors and materials. They have one that's perfect for fishing or just leisurely paddling down to your favorite camping spot on the river.

The new Recon 120 HD is also a really cool kayak. It's made to be lightweight, durable and super compact for easy storage on land or in your garage when not in use. The company sells many different types of boats but they are especially well-known as the top kayak manufacturer because their quality is unbeatable!

Last Thoughts

When you purchase one of these awesome boats from these top kayaking brands, you will never have any worries about what may happen with it ever again. They offer products that are designed for longevity like a lifetime warranty so there is no need to spend money constantly replacing gear every time something goes wrong. The customer service team is also very friendly which makes buying them a great experience.

Whether you are looking to cruise around the pond, lake, river, or ocean to enjoy the scenery or you want to do some kayak fish in freshwater or saltwater, you will find something you are looking for.

The prices that you can get to get you on the water can be really cheap. I am kind of angry with myself for getting an inflatable boat instead of a couple kayaks a couple years ago. Now I am thinking about using kayaks in local freshwater locations and getting a nice 17' - 20' T-Top like a Boston Whaler to handle the rivers and oceans around me. 

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