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Brown Trout Lures

Fishing for brown trout? You'll need the right lures to reel them in. Brown trout can be picky, so having the best lures makes all the difference.

As you gear up, consider some of the top brown trout lures like the Smithwick Suspending Rattlin Rogue. With these in your tackle box, you'll be ready to hook those elusive fish.

Get out there, cast your line, and let the perfect lure do its job. Your prize brown trout is within reach. Good luck, and happy fishing!

Types of Brown Trout Lures

As you search for brown trout, try these lure types to boost your success.


Spoons mimic injured fish with their wobbling, flashing motion. They're simple yet effective. Consider these brown trout spoon options:


Crankbaits dive, swim, and wiggle, presenting a tempting meal for brown trout. Popular choices are:

Soft Plastics

Soft plastics give off a natural feel and can sway easily. Use a gentle touch, targeting finicky trout.


Spinners send out vibrations, attracting brown trout in the water. Top picks include:

Choosing the Right Lure

As you fish for brown trout, pick the right lure. Your choice affects your success. Let's dive into the different factors.


Size is vital for brown trout lures. They often go for smaller prey. To catch them:

  • Downsize your lures
  • Target 3-4 pounders
  • Aim for realism

Keep the lure size in check to get more bites. Learn from BonfireBob about brown trout lures.


The color of your lure is vital. Here are some tips:

  • Use natural colors
  • Match the baitfish in the area
  • Try darker colors for murky water
  • Go for bright colors in clear water

Visit Tilt Fishing for brown trout color ideas.


Consider the lure depth while fishing. Brown trout can be deep or close to the surface. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Use sinking lures for deep waters
  • Cast lighter lures for surface fishing
  • Attach a weight to reach greater depths

Follow these Field & Stream tips to match the right depth. With the proper size, color, and depth, you're set for brown trout success.

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Using Lures in Various Conditions

In this section, you will learn how to use lures based on different conditions.

Water Clarity

When water is clear, opt for smaller, natural-colored lures.

  • Clear water lets trout see objects better.
  • Match the lure to the local prey.

Water Temperature

Adjust your lure choice as water temperature changes.

  • In cold water, pick slow-moving lures.
  • Warm water calls for faster lures.


Cloudy weather needs bright-colored lures to stand out.

  • Clouds dim the light, reducing visibility.
  • Choose hues like orange, chartreuse, or pink.


In lakes, vary lure depth based on the time of day.

  • Trout stay shallow in the morning and evening.
  • They go deeper in the middle of the day.


For rivers, focus on different types of lures.

  • Try spinners and spoons to search wide sections.
  • Use slow-rolling stickbaits in strong currents.

Tips for Success

When fishing for brown trout, select the right lure for success. Use stickbaits or spoons to entice them.

Try the "Little Cleo" spoon in green or blue. This local favorite works wonders.

Practice a fast retrieve with short delays. This tactic helps catch brown trout effectively.

While fishing, be stealthy and precise. Locate pre-spawning trout in deep holes near spawning areas, as suggested by Outdoor Life.

Follow these tips to improve your chances of reeling in that elusive brown trout during your next fishing trip. Good luck!

Best Brown Trout Lures

When fishing for brown trout, choose the right lure to boost your success. Here are some top selections:

Panther Martin Pro Guide Anywhere 6 For Trout

Try the Panther Martin Pro Guide Anywhere 6 kit. It has six lures perfect for catching trout. These spinners offer great movement and flash to entice the fish.

Rapala Countdown Minnow

The Rapala Countdown Minnow sinks at a steady rate, letting you control the depth. This lure is ideal for targeting brown trout in deeper waters.

Acme Kastmaster

Consider using the Acme Kastmaster. Its shape and action attract brown trout. Use it in deep or shallow water, making it versatile.

Wordens Rooster Tail Trout Pak

When fishing for brown trout, pick the Wordens Rooster Tail Trout Pak. These lures have a variety of colors and sizes. The spinning action and color variety make them hard for brown trout to resist.

Rapala Jointed Minnow

Finally, try the Rapala Jointed Minnow. It has a lifelike swimming action that brown trout find appealing. It's perfect for catching sizable fish.

Use these lures to enhance your brown trout fishing experience and increase your chances of reeling in a big catch!

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