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Panther Martin Spinners for Bass

Panther Martin Spinners

Finally! we've got YouTube live working for the first time So I'll set up and today we're gonna be talking about Panther Martin spinners. Now if you saw the thumbnail before you clicked on this pre-recorded live video you saw that I was walking through a small little river, which happens to be near Richmond, Virginia.

I have some friends there. you can see the bottom easily. there's rocks everywhere and you lose your step because the rocks are very slippery in this river, you will go down. That's why I'm wearing some swimming trunks and trying to be very careful.

First Time With Panther Martin

So this was my first time using Panther Martin spinners. I've seen them before and I thought about using them, but they're really expensive. I think they start basically at around $9 to $10. the one I was using was one of the pop-up  ones that actually had a rooster tail end of it. Kinda like fly hairs I think. I'm not sure they're made of horse hair or something or different colors and stuff. I had a blast with it.

they add it to the actual treble on the back of a panther martin spinners. these were I think they were Yeah, I think they were 1/16th. we were catching chub, which is a type of forage or bait or larger fish that actually feed into the Chesapeake Bay and other areas in estuaries around there. also some smaller Panther Martin spinners work as well.

I caught a mighty big chub. we caught that big of a bait fish it looks like nine or so inches long. I'm like whoa this could catch a pretty big fish. I'm pretty sure a striper would eat it or anything else big enough. 

Panther Martin Spinners For Bass

for me I managed to pick up my own little set. I went online and actually found something cool. I was like what can I buy that will cover pretty much all my bases in my area. so I thought I'd go with their Panther Martin spinners. that's the best value three pack. that's a value. it was a really good value. 

They do have a six pack that's known for catching bass to  everything under the sun. mainly with the colors it’s about what baitfish to mimic. it's what works the best. so let me describe why these are the best. 

Spinner Sizes

Particularly this is the size four, which is too  small for bass. the most popular bass size is six. I believe that's the 1/8th of an ounce and this is one 1/16th. it's just  enough that It works with my light tackle gear.

I was wondering if I'll be little wishy washy on my actual fishing line weight. I believe it is  eight or 10 pound test line. I should go down to probably four and maybe six. I'm still thinking about doing that anyway and see if that's possible.

Spinner Colors

The most popular color for bass is red and yellow. they have it with red dots here. As you can see the red dots. that's great for bass in the spring worked along the shallows and drops.  the bright color has worked very well. Now the spinner has a totally different reason of why they have different colors. 

One the silver works better when it's really bright outside. that's the same reason I spoke earlier in a different video about color that you should use for minnow bait kind of lures. when it's bright you go white, and when it's dark you go chartreuse. in the spinner blade You want to go with a brass/copper kind of color that works better in dark murky water.  it reflects and better.

For the summer and fall the best colors are this black and yellow here. The one in the middle that has been known to be awesome for bass during the summer and also for the fall. So tomorrow which will be a continuance of the Panther Martin spinners video I will actually be trying out without a lot.

The water isn't actually the water in between murky and clear. right now it's more or less that it is full of weeds. it's actually clearing out, but I believe it will be an overcast day. so it may be a little dark. I think maybe it will not lure out a bass. So maybe the rat L trap you're coming in for that fall weather fishing.

I'm really getting excited about that. probably wondering what this last one is. It looks like a speckled trout. It has the green has the silver has the red it has the stripe to tiger stripes. it has the green on one side and white on your side to side with the top part of a fish. so when someone's looking down at it, it's dark behind it. so it kind of hides. when it's light outside the bottom if you look up at it it looks like this it's light in it's also kind of camouflage. so that's what it's trying to do there.

that depends on which side of the spinner that you tie the knot on. what your favorite one side or other and that one in particular is more keen to working with panfish, but I believe this size puck is just too big for to be a gigantic. maybe a pretty big crappie will smell good. for our next one will be good for a big crappie like we always want to catch a bigger fish. you want to go with a bigger lure and this would do that. 

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the size one and two is way better for us and perfect for panfish. I would actually need to go much lighter and do that. I would apparently need to go four pound test, which I'm really skeptical of using. if I do use that something big bites, which I always want to happen. I will lose it because it might scrape up against something. it might just break and I don't want to lose that fish. so always want to go a little bit stronger and test line strength. 

Other Types of Panther Martin Spinners

So what else can we do with panther martin spinners? There they work out pretty much any kind of really any fish. there's a large mouth bass, small mouth bass are really good with trout. They're heavily known for working well with. they have seen going to action and style as many fly lures which is what most people catch. traveling once you're  going saltwater fishing for expect a chat or something.

There's a bigger fish, like pikes and muskie. Oh yes. there's a whole different kind of saltwater fishing particularly for striped bass. that's the saltwater pressure for most Fisherman. When it's freshwater, people catch large mouth muskie and with saltwater striped bass.

That's why they are the number one trophy fish. the fish people like to do for tournaments they like to catch on for fun. sometimes they even eat them as well if they so desire, they fit the bill for everything. So you should try to catch them more often and get a little knowledge just to try to see how you can catch bass in your area easily. there's so much fun to do and catch, but if you don't have much skills, that's fine. it's warm out there. 

Panther Martin Spinners

for smallmouth bass, I believe that the speckled trout ones. particularly I heard a copper blade are fantastic for a smallmouth bass and they love it. If you put on a small worm or grub or some other type of a insect it doesn't really matter. you throw a little bit of bait on the end of it. he liked the taste their lures or the bait whether they're trying to bite a little bit before they actually like given completely and say I'm going to eat this thing. they don't really attack it as much particularly and when it's cold.

So if you add a little bit of bait a little bit of attractant on there. you're more likely to hang on and bite back that big old treble hook that's back here and tell them look so nice and all.  man when they get tangled into like weird corners of the fish like hope I can get this thing out or even worse. You let it she went too long and it gets got hunt you have to use a special device that I got recently have sitting on a bag.

It's this hook-a-meter, It has the little hole here.  you actually guided on a line it catches at the end of the hook. you turn in and the hook actually gets hidden inside and wrapped around the actual surface of this, which enables the barb to be released from their flesh and then you can twist it out, push it and pull it out. most of the time you can get free. This was like three or $4 on Amazon.

Now the temperature has dropped. it was 60 and let me get used to 60. this is a week I'm telling you it took two days to get used to 60 like man what a chill and then boom the day a high of 41. right now it's 31 degrees! it's freezing. it's mid October. I know in the past sometimes use the snow. it's good time, but we're in the northeast. I don't want to freeze while I go the fishing I'm sorry.

I'm gonna pull up my gear and I get ready and I get my stuff. I'll do my research and I'm gonna catch those fish if it's the last thing I do.

So, Dwight Norris of and we're signing off for this live but I can't click the button because its way over there. So I'm going to go do that. Thank you for tuning in. If you're watching the recording, Please go down below click the subscribe button, hit the like button. Make a comment tell me what you like. Tell me what you want to see. I will reply and try my best to actually do that at a later time.

Thank you.


panther martin spinners

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