June 24

Do Fishing Lures Work?

Hi, this is Dwight Norris of fishingatwork.com on a Wednesday at the Boston harbor. Once again, the easiest place for me to get too. Today I want to talk you about the question do fishing lures work. We're talking about the artificial kind. Now you may have seen me the last week or so, only using artificial baits and not using my worms. Well, I actually went into the fridge just now to look for them and realized they were gone. Nobody said they were cleaning out the fridge at work today. I have to check up on us this.

Pros & Cons

Anyway, let's talk about artificial baits. Why do I use them? Well, let's go over a few of the pros of artificial baits and do fishing lures work with this. One, it doesn't break down. Worms fall off over a period of time and fish are getting better and eating half of the worm. You may catch some good fish, but many are highly skilled.

They're getting worms off without getting caught, but your bait will stay on your line through and through cast after cast, at least for a couple of years. Most things will last that long, unless it's a soft plastic fake, but even those will last over a year, so it has that advantage. It lasts a long time and you can keep casting it over and over and over again too.  It makes you do fishing lures work.

It's a moving bait, so it's more realistic when you throw something like a worm in the water, you have a wait and let it sit there and wait for the fish to come to you. Whether you crossing the fish's path and when you're using a live bait and set up an artificial bait, you're relying on an actual hunger there. They're hungry, they're looking for fish or a worm in there. They actually don't want to take a bite when your lure is passing by and they're actually doing more of a reaction bite.

They see a bait going by. They know that bait is food and are like I have to eat. The next thing you know their mouth opens up and they suck it in and don't even know what happened. I'll say that's one of the more fun types of fishing. This can be attributed to things like topwater fishing, where you go in cast to structure like lily pads with a frog or using one of those zigzag ones where you could pull it into turn to the left and it turns to the right. 

If they are really active and you see a boiling in the water and boom they snatch the bait. It's. That's awesome fun. You won't be questioning do fishing lures work then. I should try to do more topwater fishing, but since there's less time, I wanna have my bait in the strike zone and going in the fish's face or wherever it is for the most amount of time, which will allow me to catch more fish with less time, which is what this is all about.

Do Fishing Lures Work Under Time Constraints?

We're about having fun, but we're also about having a set time. We're about catching fish effectively in time constraints, so that's what we want to use. Another reason you can have several of these baits and not take up much space. You can have your little minnows and shad, like I have with the treble hooks. You can have a worm, lizard or a frog or you're going to have that little white grubs thing that I've been using now. You can have the grub with a spinner or without a spinner.

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I've caught fish on both. I kinda liked having a spinner. I think mentally that the sound it makes might make a flash in the water and then they'll see the white grub and they'll think it's maybe more than one minnow or would that just turning awkwardly and flashing and they're like, well it's a minnow.

Fishing On Vacation

Rapala Countdown 5 Minnow

I learned that treble hooks don't do well inside of bags. They like too hook everything and then he gets stuck in a bag and when you try to pull them out they break. I'm going to have to actually buy new treble hooks to attach to that Rapala Countdown minnow 5 from the video. 

The Rapala countdown minnow is expensive so I'm not going to throw away because it lost a few hook. I can replace those hooks easily and I can get stronger ones, but in hindsight maybe i should stay with less strong ones so that the hooks breaks and not the actual metal body. Let's say you're using a worm, so you need to do a Texas Rig and you have all those bullet weights in there. It might get a little heavy. You don't want to carry that around in your back pack.

Berkley Power Worms

Berkley Worms Baits

Unless you use something like the Berkeley Gulp baits, which I highly recommend, you generally won't get dirty from using your bait. Worms will have that dirt in there. as soon as you grab it, it's all up in your fingernails and you can't get it off. It's nasty. You have to maybe cut them in half and all the guts come out and it's not pleasant.

You're a fisherman, I know you don't think about that kind of stuff or the question do fishing lures work. You don't care until you look down at your hands, you want to eat a sandwich and you don't want get the worm guts on it. Hmm, not good. Also, if you have like a live bait well you can have minnows in there.

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Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel. You can hit the subscribe button and be updated when I make videos which I'll be trying to do almost daily on great fishing topics.

You don't want to get bait in your food and you don't want people to smell it afterwards either. So that's another reason that you might want to use artificial lures and shun the question do fishing lures work.

What truly compels a fish to bite something that is the equivalent of me biting wax fruit. The way it looks, the way it reflects, the way it sounds, but also the way you work the bait. What techniques, which I won't talk about today. There's many jigging and trolling, reel in and start, stop sinking ones, floating ones it goes on and on. So back to the premise. Do fishing lures work?

Yes. They work, they work great. Use Them. So that's what I'm going to do right now. Yesterday I caught the largemouth bass next to the lily pads. I will use that little white Grub with the spinner on it. I'm gonna try it again on the other side of the water. Well, further toward the ocean side of the river. Get out there and go fishing.


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