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Learn Largemouth Bass Facts That Will Help You Catch More And Bigger Bass!

Largemouth Bass Facts

Hello, I'm Dwight Norris from and today we're going to be talking about largemouth bass facts. Now I've stated before that I finally finished my "How To Catch More Bass" PDF. So I wanted to read you some great largemouth bass facts that I've written in it. I think you're going to be pleasantly surprised about the amount of info and the great data that simulated on how to catch more and bigger bass.

Now I'll be obviously reading the whole thing to you. you can go to the website and actually get the "How To Catch More Bass" PDF directly there by providing my email address will be sent to you ASAP. So let me show you the the actual front of the page here on my iPhone because it's easier to show this way.

I thought just cut it into the video, but I'll just do this way because it's easier. So boom, right there, you look on "How To Catch More Bass" PDF right here on your iPhone and we'll talk to you more about the facts then the actual techniques and places to go and like how to do specific things when you want a class like situations.

You can go and download it and get it and read it at your leisure. for here, I'm going to give you a little preview of what's in there because it's fantastic.

Sense of Sight

First we'll start with something called the sense of sight. Now, why would you want to know more about largemouth bass facts? it's a fish! he got the eyeballs they can see. they can see my lure that I paid $10 for and they're going to eat it. Cool! Well, that's not exactly how that proceeded.

So let me read you a few tips I have on the page here. Yes, at a water less than 10 feet the largest percentage of extra large bass strikes will occur between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Now you're probably wondering when it's 10 feet deep or less than 10 feet deep. why would a large bass feed all the day?

presumably the larger bass don't need to feed that much. That's a great largemouth bass facts. They actually go out in the middle of the day and it does to roam. They don't get up early in the morning and chase things. Large bass don't make the move, they're just like older larger people. You get lazier and looking for that easy meal. that gigantic meatball sub mmm...

I don't have to like run down my like a rabid or something and like hunter and killer and be like ripped and shredded. Not one of those guys. This is a nice largemouth bass facts and like most people they like to be lazy, especially if there is moving water like in rivers here, here at the Charles River. They're staying as far as way as possible from a current because that will make them use energy and therefore lose weight. That's pretty smart.

largemouth bass facts

Another information here is a scientific research has shown that a largemouth bass vision improves with age. largemouth bass facts show that their eyes continue to grow throughout its lifespan. no matter what the size they are. This improves their vision exponentially.

So just like your fingernails and your hair even after your deceased or even when you get old point everything else stops rejuvenating your skin and stuff in your bones. The hair and nails keep going and that's the way the eyeballs work on a large amount of bass. They keep growing. they keep getting bigger and their eyesight actually gets better.

So what does this mean for you? their eyeballs get bigger. they can see better. what do you think that means? It means they can see better. they know you're standing over there on that boat. They're old and knowledgeable. they have a nice long beard like Merlin. they're like here's the guy again with that crankbait trying to hit me over the head again, I'm getting out of here. 

even if they don't see you and they see something like going around. They're not thinking, "is that a crankbait or is it a real worm? Is it a real lizard? Or isn't a real crayfish?" No, no, they have bigger eyes. Now, with better eyesight. they can tell the difference between alive and a fake. that's why if you want to catch an extremely large bass you're gonna have to work hard to actually trick it.

You're gonna probably have to go at a point where it's very hungry. it's like not going to think too much. It can be more of a reaction bite, which doesn't happen too often with larger bass. when they're really hungry like on a spring or you have to go get live bait and hook on a crayfish if you can find one. sometimes you can find them in a creek bed like I used to when I was a little kid.

There's hundreds of them, but now they're gone. Not sure what happened. I think the water quality gets worse. Yeah, the pH in the water quality. yes, that's never tip crayfish when they're around. That's what the bass prefer. Sneak that one in there. Oh my screen closed.

Sense of Smell

Also there's the sense of smell. This is might be an obvious one. when the light levels get lower the largemouth bass depends more on its sense of smell. largemouth bass facts show that they use a chemical communication that can distinguish odors for up to 25 feet.

The same set is created when prey is scared or injured. This helps to bring in predators just like when shark smell blood in the water. So if you thought largemouth bass facts state only small things, like if it goes up to it, and like sniffs it out, oh, no, they're not unlike a shark. They can smell things for a large distance. So that's when you use things like the Berkeley Gulp worm with the salt in like the extra smell. it gets dispersed evenly because it's a water soluble smell instead the oil set that goes straight up.

The water soluble smell actually spreads out in a circle around the bait. the oil base, which just floats up to the top. therefore it goes straight to top like oil slick. always go with the water soluble sense on your baits or inject them.

So when they're released and they get a distance a fish can smell that. they can track it right to it. So don't underestimate your scented baits. There are other things it does other than keep a bass holding on longer. they actually can smell it. they can track it down. then they can decide they're going to eat it or not. they taste it and they realize it does taste like what they wanted to taste.  they give you a larger percentage of time to actually catch it.

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So awesome. Don't underestimate the sense of smell of a bass and I believe it gets older. Yes, older, a bigger bass have better developed sense of smell and if you wonder why the older largemouth bass always seemed wiser it is for a reason, they have bigger eyes and bigger noses. What else what else is better than that? Keep bringing the find out.

yes, it's another thing that makes them older, wiser and that long beard I talked about like, Merlin. They can smell better too. they can see better. they can smell better. they're getting more and more elusive because of this fact. you have to take into account when you're trying to catch larger fish. They're smarter and you're getting smarter. So you have to up your game and come ready to really slug it out because it's not attacking a lot more than it used to

Sense of Sound

Also with the sense of hearing because largemouth bass facts. I will do something a little different toward the end. Okay, so cool, boats can create wake. wakes that disturb the shoreline. When this happens baitfish and crayfish are disoriented and become vulnerable and when a boat zoom's by largemouth bass. they've been known to equate that to associate this with dinner time.

So you're right in that boat a little faster than wake speed, oops. You disturb the the shoreline with the of all the structure, rocks, overhanging trees, stumps and sunken branches. the bait fish to get washed out. they don't know what's going on.

The next thing I know they've been pulled out into the main channel where the bass are waiting right at that drop off. it goes like this and then they sit there and those things wash a little closer to them. oh, it's dinner time baby. they come up and then the fish are all spinning around and disoriented. Where am I? Where's the structure? Where can I hide? then everything goes black.

They've been eaten. that's the time when you want to actually  roll over there real fast. You can you can even make a wake yourself.

cast that minnow. cast that crayfish. the crayfish with the red tips. you can actually be a little more aggressive because they're supposed to be oriented and floating around. maybe moving a little more than usual and get yourself some action big time. you also figure out what the fish are.

Feeding Behavior

There's another section I have called feeding behavior. The temperature of water affects the metabolism of fish bass feed once every two weeks in extremely cold water. So right now it is going between 30 and 40 degrees and 60 degrees. Last week, every day was around 40 degrees and the wind was ripping at like 20 to 30 it was ridiculous.

I was getting tangled in my line. I'm fishing for like over 30 years. actually I will cast my line about getting tangled, but it was rough. obviously that cold front shut things down. Fall has started and I was looking like oh, cool to give me bait fish schooling, fish jumping everywhere, attacking like everything.

I'm gonna pull out the buzzbait. I'm gonna pop on the spinnerbait and call out the the the Rapala crankbaits in this leg have a great time, there's any jack out there. Nothing. It's still dead and they tell me to go near the bridge abutment and I can tell that they are there but they are very sluggish. 

the world temperature has dropped. I felt it it's cold. it is cold. I just remind myself that I'm in New England. this is Boston. it's supposed to be cold and the fish shut down earlier just like your summers are much longer in Florida. The winters are much longer here. Woohoo...

So if you're down south and you're fishing awesome, go out there and do it. There are too many more largemouth bass facts. I just want to give you a good just of the "How To Catch More Bass" PDF and the fact that you need to read this. It's free, I'm giving it to you.

How To Catch More Bass

Learn the secret techniques, tips and tactics to catch more and bigger bass!

Please take it, consume it. Try some of these tips out they'll work you will enjoy yourself. please come back for more valuable content. I'll be making it regularly. Yeah, if you have any suggestions, please write down in the comments below. I might even make a video reply to you. make it into a nice little video montage like this.

It's like totally describing your thing. now link it to a comment so you can watch it and consume it and other people can as well. Also subscribe. I'll do one more thing. One more thing, salt techniques, why they take home and here I made so much valuable content. It's astonishing, 45 pages, 45 pages of tips, techniques, and tactics on catching bass using largemouth bass facts.

Spawning Phase

So many people are alluded to by the spawning phase of largemouth bass. When are they going to be on the flats when they almost have flats. when they gonna leave the flats. What kind of fishing can I get when I go out there. what can I expect it. it really depends but there is a reason for everything. it mostly has to do with how much sun there is and what temperature the air and the water is.

That will determine when the spawning phase starts, where it starts, and for how long it goes because not every bass actually spawned the same time. Sometimes you'll have a spawned it bad. that might be used three or four times in one season. then after that the bluegills in a crappie.

the movement to the shallows to spawn is influenced by how long the daytime is, the amount of sun, and water temperature. I forgot about the daytime. So right now the time isn't that long. obviously strong on seasons spring, but on the flip side in the spring when it's still dark outside the fish know that it's not time to do this. it's not gonna be warm enough. pH is going to be off. some other things so they're going to wait until the optimal moment.

for the spawning phase actually miss spawning phase. it will spawn next to cover so they have less area to defend. so they're barely enough people and stuff. they're coming from all four directions that's kind of hard yet the spin off 360. So why not put yourself into a corner not a quarter because you're trapped a corner that. you can actually defend easier so you're if you're in this like there's a triangle here so imagine. you're in this corner all you have to do you have to defend this way and that way boom boom.

Bluegill come at you get them up, crappie come out to him up, some other kind of baby lifestyle fast comes in once the eggs too. light them up. you only have to have two directions instead of instead of four it's crazy. I never knew about largemouth bass did that and I did some largemouth bass facts research, so you should do some research too.

There are plenty of publications that you can go to and learn about fishing in general. one is on the water media. they have everything fresh water and salt water. they have it for every type of fishing to actually talk to the local kayak fishermen for salt and fresh were here in Boston. he actually lives in the next town over. his name is Eric Harrison. you'll get some great largemouth bass facts and striped bass facts.

those are the two big game fish. let's be serious here on the East Coast for most people. So yeah, that's all I wanted to go over with the largemouth bass facts. Just want to let you know about this "How To Catch More Bass" PDF and that you can get it on the website. I haven't made the link yet, I'm going to actually add it to right to the middle section temporarily.

How To Catch More Bass

Learn the secret techniques, tips and tactics to catch more and bigger bass!

Right now there's also a "10 step process to go fishing at work" which is more important for fishing at work. That's what we're about, I want to give you something else that you would love to download and use and catch more fish. So I've created this for you and it's even longer in a "10 step process to go fishing at work".

It's 45 pages of valuable content and I'm going to put it right in the middle of the website will be just below the fold. Just go to website and scroll down and you'll see a little section talking about "How To Catch More Bass" PDF, please subscribe here. You'll put in your email address, and then you'll get the document write your email. Thank you.

After that I'll say thank you and then I'll give you more valuable content through email about getting bass or catching perch or catching bluegill catching crappie or whatever else. I'm going after here in the Charles River or somewhere else where I go vacation catfish or striped bass. next year I actually have a person that has agreed to teach me how to fly fish.

So I'm going to get out there in the spring and start slinging that fly rod. hopefully that won't land my eyeball. we'll work that out. I'm going to see how the fly fishermen live because it looks pretty cool and doing a slow mo. so I'm Dwight Norris of telling you to go get this PDF.

Subscribe down below, right comments, hit the like button, go to the website, get a "10 Step Process Fishing At Work" PDF and "How To Catch More Bass" PDF.

Thank you and good night.


largemouth bass facts

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