September 15

Inflatable Fishing Kayak

Hello I'm Dwight Norris of Today we're going to talk about what I said I was going to do, but I've chosen not too. That is to purchase an inflatable fishing kayak. Okay, now you're probably wondering why I said that and boasted about getting an inflatable fishing kayak. It was so I can go out on the water. It's hot weather and the fish are going deeper, which is a reality. Having the whits to think that I could get everything going and pumped up and out there and having an efficient timeframe and getting back in time. It kind of seems a little far fetched per say.

You know what? If you were thinking that you were right. I was pushing the limits. I had to test it. I had to really test it. I went through the theory and did my research. I let people know  what I was doing. It took too long. Doing all the things to get this done is tough. It just reduces the level of enjoyment of fishing down to what I believe is that's too low.

Inflatable Kayak

There are different types of inflatable fishing kayak. You can get big two person ones and small ones are single person. There are hard shell ones that have a marriage between the too, but right now I'm focusing on the inflatable. A good two person one that can handle a big guy like me alone is the Sevylor / Coleman Colorado Inflatable Fishing Kayak.

Every boat has a possibility of being used. In my current situation, I commute to work either by a bus or bike. I work in the city like skyscrapers and stuff. A few blocks from there, there's a river full of fish. it only takes 10 minutes to get there.

Inflatable Canoe

So thinking about that there's a reality that they say and practice it takes about five minutes to pump and deflate, which is fantastic. Theoretically, that will leave you in my current situation about 25-30 minutes of fishing.

There were so many other things to think about. Obviously it's easier to have a car. it's easier if you can lock up a boat of some sort or roll one out on your own given time. Maybe you have all your stuff together and you don't have to carry around so much along with the inflatable fishing kayak.

Inflatable Canoe Issues

I actually made a list of things I was worried about and why this is a problem. So first of all, self bailing. I was looking at that. if you're going to do all the work of rowing with a paddle you need drip rings. It makes sure water doesn't roll down your arms and get you wet.

Self Bailing Kayak

There's that problem also that there might be water that gets inside of your inflatable fishing kayak and then you're sitting in it also not fun. maybe you should wear some swim trunks when you go fishing.

Hmm, seems like more time is needed. then there's the fact that you're doing paddling instead of using the motor. that is an expenditure of energy that you don't want to actually do. walking to a place or biking to a place is enough energy for most people. they want to make this whole fish at work thing really easy. so last thing you want to do is start sweating and then you start fishing and you're still sweating.

Single Kayak

What if it's 90 degrees outside and you're out in the hot blazing sun. it's hitting you from above. it's reflecting off the water and then from below. you get that nice even tan everybody wants except you don't want it right now. you're sweating and you're nasty and you start to stink.  I gotta go back to work, I gotta get this thing broken down. my backpack weighs like 40 pounds crazy and I'm expected not to stink. more time or effort or more money not good for us so that was one problem that drove into many other problems.

Preparation For Your Inflatable Kayak

Next one is a yes. the pre and post prep time. so let's go through this step by step. if you say you're walking or biking or taking a bus or some of the mode of transportation that isn't your own vehicle that you own like a car truck or whatever like that you can just put in the backseat so you have to think about it. usually portable kayaks that are one to two persons weigh between 30 and 40 pounds. The Coleman Colorado can do one or two persons for an inflatable fishing kayak.

you can wear it like a backpack, but it's still 40 pounds on your back. it can unbalance you. You might be carrying something else like a briefcase or your gym bag or whatever else you want to do some other day. Its obvious that you're going to go fishing so you can use junk clothes.

Heavy Back Pack

If you try to use it as a handbag it's weighty and you are trying to be discreet. that's a problem. then I think about all the other things you need to bring with you. You aren’t going to paddle so you're obviously going to bring a marine battery and the minn kota 40 pound thrust trolling motor with you. It’s probably not the most discreet thing do unless you're gonna lock it up outside, which is not advisable thing to do in the city. Maybe where you are It's a possibility but for me No.

There's that and then you have to think about oh wait, I can't go there. my dress clothes are a suit, a brown shoes, khaki pants, and a collared shirt. Don't get that wet. Can't trust those drip rings on those paddles not good. So okay, maybe I can change my clothes. When I leave in the bathroom.

Business Suit

About three minutes I can pop on trunks and a shirt and boom I'm out there. everybody might ask and I can tell the truth about my appearance. You can say I'm going fishing or not telling the truth and don't go for a swim. I know you can call up your own solution or you can ask me and we can you come up with a good solution to your problem.

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besides clothing try and trying remember this off the top of my head. you have your fishing gear. you have your nice little backpack rod and reel. you know the basics. what you want to fish that day as I said before, you probably want to choose something specific on different worms.

Choose something for where you're gonna fish and higher efficiency. If you're probably gonna use the boat you're going to go to deeper water. You want to fish a Carolina rig or just put a nice little live worm or some other live bait.

Fishing Gear

That's cool. We had to prepare for that as well. then we had to get all this stuff and take it to the river or lake or wherever is near you. For me, it's 10 minute walk with all that stuff with me. Multiple bags are not easy to do. It was hot weather and it’s is gonna make me sweat. If there's people around there. I'm like, What the heck are they doing with two bags? It looks like he's carrying around an army pack.

Unpacking Your Inflatable Fishing Kayak

So that's the pre-part. When you get there. You have to roll it all out. Get all prepped. You have to pump it up. You have Oh yeah, you have to pump with a two way double action pump. they're usually very light. They're usually large. I'm talking like one to two feet across. it's like a one, a two foot square box. You know, generally that's the space that's pretty big. Yeah, that's the width of your backpack. No, not easy to hide. That's something else.

You take a few bites of your food and then you have to pump it up. Then you have to get all your stuff together. you have to put that all into the bag that you aren't using for your good clothes. you keep them folded, permanent pressed and put in a dry bag and everything you need and go out.

Then probably by that time, you've wasted another 10 or 15 minutes on top of that leaving you with less than 20 minutes to go fishing, which is not optimal. then when you take those 20 minutes, you come back feeling like crap.

Inflatable Fishing Kayak

Here we go again pull out the pump, deflate the kayak. Find some random tree to hide behind or maybe you're lucky and there is porta potty there. You can change back into your dress clothes at a restaurant or back at the office. Depending on what kind of job you're you're working in.

You have to get all your your stuff packed up into those bags again, and drag them back to work. You're Feeling tired, frustrated and maybe you caught some fish and that's good. You did what you said you're gonna do! He went fishing! We have a boat, but you only had a very small amount of time and it just wasn't worth all the effort.

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Why An Inflatable Canoe Is No Good For Me

So that's the reason why I started to think that maybe I shouldn't go through all of this. But I'll speed it up. So there's the way I talked about the 30 or 40 pound inflatable fishing kayak bag being carried back and forth.  Not good for the size. It's gangly. It's like a rectangular shape and is wider than your body. It doesn't look like a backpack so you can't be discreet.

The only real discrete thing I could find is a fishing backpack. Like the one made by spider wire. It has 4 nice medium size Plano style boxes on the bottom and the top a foiled refrigeration section where you can put your lunch. you can do your shoreline fishing no problem.

I thought about changing clothes and I also talked about less time fishing obviously this is horrible and I'm sorry for stoking your your interest about using an inflatable fishing kayak.

The Best Inflatable Kayak Is Not Inflatable

let's talk about the situations where this is possible. let's say first and foremost you own the car and you go to work. you can put a kayak on top. you can put up a inflatable kayak inside of it or better yet you can put your hard bottom boat and Jon boat or whatever like floats and just lock it to a tree for the day.

Kayak Fishing

It’s not very good luck maybe get somebody’s permission and put it on their property. It'd be better to go to the local boathouse to say, “hey can I can I lock my boat up at your house on this lake or river?” Actually I did that today at the Boston Community Boating center and they told me “that’s not possible buddy!” They don't let any other boats park there.

You know its a reputation thing. I tried to rent their canoes even though they don't open up to one or 3pm based on what time of season, but it is not very optimal for lunchtime fishing. So the car is definitely the most functional thing if you want to get out in the boat because you can take it with you in the car on top of the car behind the car or at the lake itself.

Community Boating Center

If you're somewhere where you can actually keep a boat at the place you're going to fish that's awesome! You can lock it up anywhere. If I could lock my boat to a tree near where I currently work that would be cool. However, doing this in a state park technically is against the law and it'll be vandalized. Also the park rangers will unlock it, put it into their truck, and take it home...

I'm pretty sure they'll donate it or destroy it. That’s a really interesting though. You're wasting a good product. No! More likely they'll find a good home somewhere else that's not me. Also I’ll have it registered with the state you know it's big enough to be registered with the state and they contact me and maybe pay a fine. They’ll tell me to pick it up. Either way they're going to make some money and what other way would be good? Yes, I think there are only two ways the boat either needs to be on your vehicle or it needs to be at the location.

Rowboat Fishing

That's what has to happen if you want to use a boat. So whether you choose an inflatable fishing kayak or you want to go out on an inflatable sea kayak, inflatable whitewater kayak or you just want to do your local river. You can go get something like a Jon boat. A great upgrade would be an Advanced Elements Kayak.

Inflatable Whitewater Kayak
Inflatable Sea Kayak

You can get something even cooler called a Porta-Bote, which is a folding boat and it's been around for a long time. It's really cool and sizes sizes between 8 and 14 feet. people use them in the sea all time. It folds up to the size of a surfboard. It can be tied to your roof and people think you're a surfing probably not fishing.

Maybe you're really cool. you actually own a fishing boat. You actually work near where your boat is. You can go to your fishing boat and take it out fishing or just cruising. You can have a nice little lunchtime fishing cruise and even take some friends out. Yes, make it a social event.

Kayak Fishing Conclusion

So that's basically what have to say about getting an inflatable fishing kayak and how I'm not gonna be able to do that in my current situation. Because where I currently work doesn't allow me to keep my boat in the water. The land is owned by the state of Massachusetts. I also don't drive my car to work because it's the city and parking per day is like $40 and per month is like 300 and that's just not worth it. And honestly I don't like the city.

Community Boating Center

So you if you have the same problem I do. You can think about getting a inflatable fishing kayak, traditional kayak or something like that or maybe renting one from the local facilities. There probably is a rental place nearby. Hopefully it has better hours. Hopefully you don't work in a city and you're able to use your own fishing boats.

Once again, This is Dwight Norris of I'm telling you to think about getting your own boat and Go Fishing!

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