January 23

How To Put A Lure On A Fishing Line

In this video, we're going to talk about how to put a lure on a fishing line. in theory, this is a very simple thing to do for most fishermen. however, those of us who are just getting started or would like to properly teach ourselves or our family to go fishing want to know the best way possible. In this blog post, you will get a quick and clean method to put a fishing lure on your fishing line and go fishing.

In the video above you will notice that I go through several things while doing this process. One of those things is the Palomar knot that I use the tie on the Frog lure. You can use any type of fishing knot that you choose. However, I believe this is the strongest one which will help save you from losing your lures. 

How Do You Put A Lure On A Fishing Line

I personally remember the days when I wondered how do I put a lure on a fishing line. All the lures were different and needed to function differently. You would think that a different knot would have a particular time and place to be used. This is actually true but most knots are basic.

Frog Lure

Frog Lure

The work is done before you even have the lure available. You have to make sure you're line is on your reel properly. You have to make sure that you have the right fishing line strength and the amount for that fishing reel. You have to make sure that you're lying is going to line guides on your fishing rod.

Lure Preparation

To prepare your lure you have to do a couple of things. The first thing you should do is clear off any old line that is left on the hook eye. Most people just cut off the line when they finish using a lure. This creates future work for you when you have to use that lure again. do yourself a favor and just cut it off.

Cutting Off Excess Fishing Line

Cutting Off Excess Fishing Line

You also have to think about how are you going to use this fishing lure. a spinner type lure well actually causes your fishing line to twist while you reel it in. to counteract this you need to use a particular type of knot that isn't actually tight. This allows the swivel to do the twisting instead of the fishing line. Of course, we aren't going to use this type of not today.

Palomar Knot

The Palomar knot is one of if not the best fishing that for most freshwater fish. Since switching to this after doing the improved clinch knot for many years I am a firm believer. the reason for this is that it works well with braided line. I talked about my grievances with braided lines in certain knots before. Let's get into the details.

Fishing Knots

Learn all the fishing knots you will ever need to go fishing in your local area. These easy to carry cue cards will help you practice and utilize the best knots available.

Instead of going through line-by-line exactly the steps that it takes to make the following that I will give you a short synopsis and then reference the video I made which clearly shows you how to do it. Please look at the list below and then at the video.

  1. Make a 1-foot loop in the fishing line

  2. Put half of the loop through the hooks eyehole

  3. Make a simple twist in the looped line, but don’t tighten it

  4. Put the lure through the open end of the tip of the loop

  5. Pull-on both ends of the fishing line until the knot is tight

Cut Off Knot Excess

You have to remember to take off the excess fishing line from the end of the hook. Does extra line can impede the natural action of the lure. It also looks unnatural to a fish who sees it. I would suggest that you leave half an inch of line two accommodate line stretch. Once the line gets wet the not may release just a little bit to completely tighten. If you had taken all of the excess fishing lines and tightened your lure just a little bit more it would have completely undone the knot.

Cut Off Excess Fishing Line Afterwards

Cut Off Excess Fishing Line Afterwards

How To Put A Hook On A Fishing Line

Just to let you know this isn't a technique that you can only use for fishing lures. You can use this with a simple fishing line as well. The most basic application is for a Texas Rig plastic worm. this doesn't always work in every situation. If you are tied on a leader or connecting two lines the process would be different because the knot would be different.


In an effort to keep this blog post short I have kept my answer very concise. I hope that this blog post has helped you to learn how to put a lure on a fishing line. I also hope that it helps you put a hook on your fishing pole as well. Once you have done this many times I am sure that will become second nature.

Fishing Knots - Pocket Guide

Having a small book that shows you the best knots to use in whatever situation you are in is important. It will also show you how to do it properly so you don't make any mistakes and lose your lures......Yes, I have done that, but not anymore!

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