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How To Put A Hook On A Fishing Pole

Learning how to put a hook on a fishing pole isn’t that hard of a thing. There are just a couple of steps to make this happen. If you have tiger shoes before or need a small nap to connect something to something else you generally have it down. The real problem comes when you want to catch a fish that has a significant amount of weight.

Wait there’s a problem because you have to use that or not make sure you don’t lose your hook when you get hung on something or catch a fish. What I’m going to teach in this blog post will be all the things you need to start from zero, and the hero putting on a fishing pole.

Hook Types

There are several types of hooks that you to put on your fishing pole.Each of these types has a particular purpose. I will briefly go over the types a hook that you can use to put on your fishing pole when you need it. you don't have to go out and buy every single hook there is in the world but it is important to know at least one or two ways to do it.

Gamakatsu Live Bait Hooks

A good set of live bait hooks are important if you want to make sure you hook fish when they try to take your bait. You don't want to be like me Florida and lose 20 shrimp before I figure out I have the wrong size.

Bait Hooks

Bait hooks are a particularly good bait for teaching people how to fish. You will find me some bait stores with a liter attached for people who like to fish with Bobbers or live bait. As you know I fish with live worms all the time and I have an large amount of them.for the most part these are pre-tied to a leader. You can almost tie them any way you want to onto your fishing line. You could even use a simple loop knot this do it twice and that's all you need. 

Bait Hook

Bait Hook

Of course, if you're trying to get something bigger than you're going to have to use a better knot. In the next section, I will be doing just that with the knot types and how and why you should use them.

Circle Hooks

Circle hooks have become extremely popular with striped bass fishermen. The reason for this is that is a real environmentally-friendly hook. It's a circle shape and prevents gut hooking fish. You don't even have to use a real hook set because that would actually prevent you from catching the fish. All you have to do is real identity full weight and then pull hard. the hook will twist and then catch the fish in the corner of the mouth almost every time. 

Eagle Claw Circle Hook Kit

These are the best and fish safe hooks you can get when using live bait. Circle hooks are starting to become popular with fishing advocates and is being required by many states. Do you part and use the right hooks.

Another good thing about this is the fact that you know it is not going to get out or possibly hung on something else so you will have less of your hooks you need to cut off because they've got hook something or they been hung on something. A lot of striped bass fishing around here or large pushers of this type of hook and believe the local government should push it as well. I will second this notion.

Treble Hooks

Treble hooks or something that is only used on stick baits and crankbaits because those dates are usually slammed at high speeds and getting a proper hookset is very hard.When I first started using stick baits and crankbaits I was really worried about my Bates getting hung in the trees and stumps and rocks analogs and all the other things are out there in the water. Little did I know is getting into these areas where the fish are and hitting and then pausing with these lures is the best thing I could do to catch a fish.

Mustad KVD Triple Grip Musky Treble Hook 4/0

When you are fishing for things that are harder to catch or you need replacements for your current lures a good set of treble hooks will go far. Make sure you don't go cheap otherwise you will just have a trail of tears.

There's really nothing to these hooks because you don't tie them on they are attached to the base and there should be no reason you're using them without being attached to a crankbait or stick bait or jerk bait or something like that.

Octopus Hooks

Octopus hooks or something I've used a lot when I used to fish on the Potomac River in Virginia. These are great hooks for large hunks of bait. We used them on soft shell crabs which are also called peelers.You will notice that they have a slight been right at the eye of the hook and then the point of the hook actually kind of points toward that bend. This keeps everything aligned so when the fish grabs the big hunk of bait it almost instantly gets hooked.

Gamakatsu Octopus Hook

Octopus hooks have been used on bait hooks for a long time. You can use it in it's normal form however you want. 

Unlike circle hooks this will lead to gut hook if the fish are extra hungry and you are not good at feeling bites. Be careful using these when you have small children around and they don't know exactly what they're doing. These have been used for a long time and they are really the standard for saltwater fishing with live bait.

Worm Hooks

Like any other self-respecting bass fisherman, worm hooks are in your tackle box. You will use these with the worms that I've outlined in a previous blog post about the best plastic worms for bass fishing. These hooks help the worm or lizard or crayfish stand up so that the back of it can create an action for the past or any other fish to be tantalized with.

Gamakatsu Offset Shank Hook

These hooks are the standard for plastic worm fishing. They are perfect for Texas Rig fishing and allows you to stay weedless while you use your skill to find and catch fish.

Eagle Claw Pack It - Largemouth Bass-2

always have several different kinds and sizes of worm hooks in your Tackle Box. I am a very big worm fisherman and I do like to try lizards a crayfish a lot as well. You can make these weightless and throw them just about anywhere and use just about any presentation at any death in any environment. This is the reason you will find that worm hooks are your most-used hooks.

Jig Hooks

Jig hooks have gone through a Renaissance area in the last 10 to 20 years. They've changed more than I could have possibly imagined. In the past, you'd simply have around to head with a big hug out the back and he may or may not have a weedless brush guard. Back then a brush guard was Innovation. Now we have jointed Jigs and bouncy head jigs and jigs with rattles in them. jigs with lights on them.

Owner Ultrahead Shaky Head Jig Hook

Shaky head jigs have been all the rage now in 2019. They allow the bait to stay upright and they stick on the weight head by way of the screw. You are able to make more action on the bait (Senko) with it.

the best part is that it's easy to tie these on and you don't really need to know anything but the fishing knot you want to use.

Fishing Line Types

You're probably thinking that up fishing line is nothing to be concerned about when putting a hook on a fishing rod. You'll be very mistaken when you actually try this and realize that sometimes it's easy and sometimes it's hard. 

That's the reason I have added fishing lines as a key component of putting a hook on a fishing rod. Certain apps will be much harder with certain fishing lines. I didn't know this before I tried it but once I did I became very upset about what I couldn't do and had to change up my game. This is why I'm going to help you today.


Monofilament has been known for a long time as the go-to fishing line. It's widely abundant. It's cheap for the price. most importantly it gives you a little leeway with the amount that it stretches. Most people don't think too much about the stretch of fishing line when they go out for a day of fishing.

Stren High Impact Monofilament

A super strong monofilament will help you get your lure and the fish back time after time. Make sure you buy right so you can catch right.

Most people go out and get a fish to bite a real back and hook set it as hard as they can. When this happens usually two things will occur. the first thing is that you're liable stretch you have a very strong hookset. The second thing that could happen is your line breaks.

The struts that monofilament has actually helped you to tie your fishing line on a hook. also the fact that it's a single strand helps this as well. Any fishing line is a single strand of fabric that will be easier to tie difficult knots with.


Braided line came out in the early 2000s.  It was all the rage among all the fishermen and everybody had to have it. Be honest the only one who didn't use braided line was me. How the student back then college and I didn't have any extra money to spend. So I use what was cheap and that was monofilament.

Once I did move to the braided line like a magnet fishing more often as you can read about on the homepage of his website I found out the differences. The first thing I learned is that braided line doesn't stretch at all. There's no reason for you to be hooking like your on a tuna to get the hook to go in. doing this will cause you to physically rip the lips off the fish. If you happen to go hook the fish it's game over.

Spiderwire Stealth-Braid

Spiderwire was one of the first players out with quality braided line. Till this day they are still innovating to make sure they stay the best.

I am personally going to stop using the braided line as of today because of several facts. Let's go over those below:

  • Have to use scissors to cut the line

  • Multiple lines make up the braid and make it hard to thread them into a hook

  • Braid eventually comes apart if it gets old

  • Can’t cast as far

  • No stretch in line so you either rip the lips of a fish or your lure comes off


For a carbon is a pretty cool middle ground when it comes to fishing line. It has to stretch up on the filament but it also has the meaning of the perks of braided. This is a stronger line that's not any thicker than monofilament. Therefore you have a higher weight line but with less size. Obviously, this is a win-win.

Berkley Trilene Fluorocarbon

If monofilament isn't meeting your needs maybe it is because you use lighter lures that need to be more discreet. Fluorocarbon will not sink fast and it will be even harder for fish to see. 

These are the things I didn't think about in the past with the fact that it's near invisible. You can get different colors but the Baseline color of white is near invisible to you in the water. This means it's also less easy to see for fish. When you're going for a much larger fish that is much smarter you need to use every advantage you can.

Knot Types

Learning a couple of knots to tie your fishing gear on is very important. When I was young and learning I didn't pay too much attention to learning about a knot. I was too focused on trying to catch fish then you get into the nitty-gritty of details. I'm going to say that you should take some time out of your day and learn a couple of nights pacifically the first two not in this list which is the Palomar knot in the improved clinch knot.

Fishing Knots

Sometimes you don't know what is the best type of knot to use. This ultimate fishing knot guide will help you make all the knots and also measure your fish!

these will give you the variability and the power that you need internet to hold your lures on no matter what you hook into. When you start buying expensive lures or you are stretched for time, then you will appreciate this.

Palomar Knot

The Palomar knot is the strongest knot you can use on a hook to put on a fishing pole. I have switched over to using this just in the last year after being told again and again of its strength and power and ease-of-use. This is also one of the knots that is easier to do with braided line. Since you don't have to thread the needle with the point of the fishing line this makes it easier to do even in the Wind.

In the video above, I show how to tie this knot in detail. with a little bit of practice, you will find that this not is easier and easier to tie. Don't get frustrated because things don't work the first time. Everything comes with practice and if you catch a lot of fish and want to change your Vape you will get a lot of practice while changing your lures.

Improved Clinch Knot

Improved clinch knot is something I used to call a slip knot. As you can guess it involves twirling some line around itself and then through a different hole and then Poland and having the line slip down itself and tighten around the eye of the hook.

improved clinch knot

improved clinch knot

The video may look a little intimidating but the actual process is quick and easy to do. I recommend that you only do this with monofilament or fluorocarbon. If you use the braided line you will find that it doesn't tighten at the bottom the way you want to. Also right at the line will be smaller and actually be able to go to the side of the eye to hook and slide out the opening. I had this happen many times and was very annoying but my line wasn't attached to the eye of a hook and was actually near the point of the hook

Blood Knot

The blood knot is an essential knot because it helps you tie two pieces of line together. I personally don't use this too much but this will come into play if you're doing saltwater fishing. The reason for this is that many people have one leader or several leaders when they're fishing for bigger game fish. As you go down the line the colors may change and the thickness of the line will change as well the deal with the fishes teeth or power.


Hook-eze is a handy hook and swivel stabilization device that allows you to easily make knots without all the fuss. I think you know how hard it is to hold a very sharp hook or spinning swivel while making a complicated knot. Those problems are no more!

if you seen a blood knot before you will notice that it looks oddly like and improved clinch knot coming from two different directions. If you thought this it's because you're right. You have to be studying for hands and be in a place where it's not too windy but it's definitely not a hard thing to do to tie two pieces of line together.

Double Surgeon’s Loop

The double surgeons Loop is made for lures that spin or Shake wildly and need to be able to move freely of the wine. If you've used a very wide body crankbait you know that it has a large degree of wobble. When you tie a fishing knot directly to the lower it will reduce the amount of wobble on your crankbait. This is obviously a bad thing so using an open loop is better.

 Another word that has this problem is a spinner like the Panther Martin spinner. Spinners actually spin around themselves and will cause the line the twist naturally. If you never use a spinner and pulled it out the water you'll notice that it spends almost forever before it stops. using a double surgeons Loop will help prevent that by allowing it to have that little degree of play to keep it from twisting upon itself.


If you've ever bought a baithook from a fishing shop you come across a snell hook.  Most people don't want to tie snell loop to a snell hook but if you want to if possible. You will find this mostly being done by Charter Fishman and your local area. I believe that you shouldn't waste your time doing this and just buy this from your local retailer. 

eagle claw snell hooks

Eagle Claw Snell Hooks

When you were going out with your live worm did you use a snell hook. I have used them for over 30 years and they have not done me wrong. Get a variety pack so you can cover all the bases.


I placed the video in two places because I want you to see it immediately before going to another page but also to know that the process is also in the video. Stayed in the same things and about those would be a waste of time for you and me. So below is the video you will see the process in action live and can pause and start and stop it however you please until you understand.


I hope that this blog post has helped solved your question of how to put a hook on a fishing pole. I went to the details of the hooks and the fishing lines and the knots because they are very important. I'm in the process of putting a hook on a fishing pole is a relatively easy thing once you have a little bit of experience.

I want you to spend some time looking over the nuts in specific and seeing which one works best for your situation. Once you learn this take some time to try these knots out. Just a couple of minutes a day will help you become more efficient in making these knots. This will help you when you go fishing at work and you want to use more than one lure. Also, you will find that you lose lures and we'll have to tie a another one that one quickly.

If you have any questions please leave your comments below. you can check us out on YouTube at fishing at work. if you have any questions you can email us through the email page above. remember to like share and subscribe on YouTube and any other social media channels that you find us on. 

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