July 13

How To Go Fishing

Hello Dwight Norris of fishingatwork.com and we're here today to talk about how to go fishing. Now, this probably seems like a pretty elementary thing to do. You get your fishing rod, fishing license, a hook and some bait. You walk down to a body of water, which has fish in it Then you start fishing. So why can this be something that's hard for people? Well, one of the many ways is you don't have any time.

I have read many questions that are similar like the following. Time to go fishing. Where do I get the time to go fishing? I want to go fishing? Let’s go fishing. These are the questions that I have seen before. they're kind of not useful questions. They are kind of plain questions. They're “open ended”. That's the word I was looking for. So you could say a million things about it, but for fishingatwork.com, we focus on a singular type of person.

Now I want to talk to you specifically. You the working man or woman who likes to fish and you don't have any time. You have to make those dollars so you have to work every day and you rather be out on the water. It’s even worse if you have a job where you can see the water, but you can't find out a way to go there. That is why I've made my 10 step process to go fishing at work PDF and you can www.fishingatwork.com. There's a nice little button there that you can an opt-in for the PDF and email list. I will be providing more information along with the free pdf and you can learn just how you can do that at work, but that's not the only way.

Let's Go Fishing

Lately I've been seeing a lot of people fishing after work, 5:00 pm, 6:00 pm. 7:00 pm just because the time allows or the weather's good and they have nothing else to do. It’s fantastic. I've been talking to people who want to know how to go fishing when they don't have time. I have asked where they work. Where they come from? what lifestyle do they have? Do they have a family? Do you have kids? How long do you fish? How long have you been fishing? What are you fishing with? Where else do you fish other than here where I am?

Fishing With My Son

It is great information and that's why I want to get information from you. I want to get more information. I want to know how I can help you. I want to know how I can be of service to you and help you get out here where the fish are. Where the people are. Where people are happier and having a much better time while they're at work, while they're going to work or while they're leaving work because we all want to fish and we want to fish more.

We want to catch more fish. You want catch bigger fish. You want to catch fish with friends. You want to go fishing while your on holiday, while on break or anywhere. You may want to go fishing somewhere else. You want to go fishing in a tropical location. You want to catch those giant big game fish.

Big Game Fishing

It's not usually possible, but I have seen some opportunities before and after work with just a few hours to get out and actually get big game fish. If you're near the ocean, it's possible and there are people providing these services. Charter fishermen that have boats that will allow you to do under four hours or a few hours for a reduced rate. I've been trying to contact them and maybe set something up in certain locations like Boston where I am or New York or somewhere down in Florida where maybe you can provide a subscription service to my particular audience.

This audience is you! You who wants to fish more often and have some expendable income. You want to use some of your income and maybe you can get that big game fish and not have to schedule things around your weekend when you are doing other things.

If you have family and they don't want to know how to go fishing as well,  you could spend some time in the morning, spend some time at night, spend some time anytime. You just have to work and hook up with nice sailfish, a big striper, a Mahi Mahi, whatever else is out there. Oh, I would love to catch a wahoo. They are Delicious. I will tell you that.

How To Go Fishing - I Know How!

Help With Stress

So I'm going to be working more on how can I help you. I'll be thinking about all kinds of ways I can really help you out and get you out in the water more. For that I'll need more information, more data. So please, please go to the website. You don't even have to get the 10 step process to go fishing at work. You can just contact me. Write me an email and say “Hey, I saw your videos. I read all your content on the blog and just wanting to say it is good.”

Maybe this content on how to go fishing is bad or isn't what you expecgted. You should add this if it doesn't solve your problem. You can ask questions like, “could you possibly provide a video or a blog or just give me an email to say, hey, how can I fix my problem so I can go fishing as well?” We can even do it in the Private Facebook Group (search Facebook groups for “fishing at work”). Ask questions there and I will provide solutions on the private facebook group. You can write it in the comments in the Youtube Channel. Right below any of the videos I get those comments and they will come into my email when they happen and I'll be able to immediately provide a solution or an answer to your question. It's simple.

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Take Action

Actually, right now a guy just walked past me with his fishing rod in his hand, I'm not gonna point him out or anything, but he has a bag. He has his fishing rod and he's on the phone. Maybe he just finished his fishing for the day at work. Maybe he's going to go fishing. Awesome! He didn’t need any instructions on how to go fishing. He knows what to do. He knows there's a possibility to do it and he's taking action and that's what you need to do as well. There are certain things you may need or may not need, but the basics are just fine. Just get started. Get out there and have some fun first. Then you can make it complicated.

You start thinking about catching bigger fish or using live bait because you have a little bit more time or a little more experience fishing. Maybe you want to go out and do ocean fishing on a charter boat. Or you have your own boat or you have a boat. You dock somewhere and you can just hop on and get in some quick fishing and rollout. Or maybe you have an inflatable boat, which I'll be getting soon and you can blow it up in five minutes and then deflate in five minutes.

Then you can use the other thirty to 40 minutes of straight fishing time. That's awesome too! You don't have to be stuck on the shoreline. You can learn how to go fishing in any situation. I do lots of fishing everywhere. So when you're thinking about places to go, it's wide open.


My Goal = Your Solution

If you're a beginner it's not that hard to learn how to go fishing. There's many YouTube channels other than mine that teach you how to fish. That's not my main goal. My main goal is to get people that know how to fish or used to fish back into fishing. They have lost that time and desire and they're kind of downtrodden. The workday has beaten them down. The work life and the day to day monotonous.

The last thing I want to think about is fishing, even though I would love to go fishing, but just thinking about it makes me depressed because I can't go. Wondering how to go fishing shouldn't be the way you have to live. There should be a way around it. And I want to help you find that solution.

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Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel. You can hit the subscribe button and be updated when I make videos which I'll be trying to do almost daily on great fishing topics.

So if you're listening, please ask me questions. Ask me on Youtube, ask me on facebook, ask me on one of my blog posts on the website, contact me through the website, through email, any kind of way you can contact me. You can if you are a charter fishermen or you're somehow involved in the fishing industry, hop onto my other marketing website www.norrisunlimited.com and give me a call or couldn even refer me to somebody else. Hey, this guy's doing some cool stuff. A little bit of shameless self promotion, but do what you want to do. Let me help you solve your problems. So as I say, lets go fishing.

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