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How To Get A Fishing License

How To Get A Fishing License

Hello I'm Dwight Norris of, and today we're gonna be talking about how to get a fishing license. Now getting a fishing license is not too hard if you have certain things in your area as you see from this homepage, which is different from what I usually do, which is a face to face conversation. I'll be going on the internet. 

Buy Fishing License At Your Local Fishing Store

So the number one place to get a fishing license is from a local fishing store. If you have a place that sells bait or fishing gear or hunting gear; they will most likely have fishing license for sale. They'll also have them for your boat as well, because a fishing license can be for an individual or it can be for a boat. it can be a commercial fishing license or it can be for some other type of special fish. Iike a lobster.

Buy Fishing License At A Retail Store

So other than a fishing store to get your fishing license you can also go to large or big box stores like a Walmart or even some targets I believe. I've seen them in places like that, I personally in the past have gotten mine from Walmart.

You go in. you go to the fishing section. you get a little entranced, buy a couple lures because you obviously need more lures. they need more line. then you're looking at fishing rods and fishing reels and you're like okay... stop it. then you go to the line you talk to the person. 

Hey, I need a fishing license. okay, that will cost X amount of dollars. Maybe it's $12 maybe it's $20. It really depends on where where you live. the unfortunate part about buying a fishing license is the fact that it only goes for a calendar year so if you bought it in January, it will last 12 months for you, awesome.

If you bought it in November it will last one month. that sucks. you still have to pay full price. it's not prorated. you don't really care. it's the government so the price is the price. you can either fish or hunt or whatever, but it's not going to change

Buy Fishing License Online

Now the other way, which is so much easier. I'm so glad they started doing this. i have been waiting a long time to have this as we have here in Massachusetts. a website where you can get all the licenses you need for your extracurricular sports.

hunting and fishing. so this is their official site from, which they handle all their governmental business. here you can login, mass fish hunt that's what they call it to buy a license or report a harvest not even quite sure what that means. What are you harvesting? oh yes oysters and clams is also called harvesting.

Buy Fishing License Online

Then there is a license for that as well. licensing for everything that you see here. There's antlerless deer preference because they obviously are a trophy buck so they're different. In this log in here. enter your last and name your customer ID. most people will not remember the customer ID after 12 months.

Buy Fishing License Online

I never do. I usually have to fill this in my last name and all that stuff like. zip code will show up if maybe if you have your your quick links on this show. what zip code you're in. cool stuff and your date of birth and then you're in. Can also print or reprint your licenses using the same technique.

I think recently I bring my fishing license fishing and it rained and I didn't have a waterproof fishing bag. the paper got completely soaked. who laminates a fishing license? no,  just reprint it cheap. It's easy, especially if you can go online and you don't have to go into Walmart or somewhere else to give them like your name and the code. they have to call somebody and all that crap. No, just go online and print it out super easy.

Buy Fishing License Online

your freshwater fishing licenses is the same thing. You could buy your hunting license here. It's cool. it goes to the same place. You just have to choose what you want to do. there's links also here to see how much does it cost. it shows the complete list hunting in fresh water.

Now I'm showing you that mass website and your state might actually have something similar. Hopefully they do. hopefully this is cool and it shows everything. hopefully it's a lot cheaper for you. Because here it is not cheap to have a little fun. I mean if your age 15 to 17, which is a resident minor sure why they have those arbitrary years, it's free.

Buy Fishing License Online

obviously it's really zero to 17 that it's free. children don't need a license at all. Oh, no, I understand. 0 from one to 15, you don't need a license at all. Once you turn 15 and all the way to 17, which is basically the end of your high school years, you need a license just to identify yourself, but it's free.

I'm guessing they're tracking you and once you become 18; they'll know that so that he can give you $150 ticket for catching that tiny little fish that you get that one day. they snuck up on you! I'm only saying that from my experience. I just forgot that day. don't make that error. it could cost you a new fishing combo set.  I really could have bought some good stuff with that money.

Here are the resident fishing licenses. I don't know why they call it this, but this is freshwater fishing in Massachusetts called resident fishing. It doesn't make sense just call it freshwater fishing. they also... why can't I find... no there's another option called saltwater fishing. That's only $10. So if you want to be a individual person who fishes saltwater here it's cheaper.

Buy Fishing License Online

if you want to fish and they have the rivers or lakes or streams that flow into the river, it costs $27.50 over double the price. quite amazing. obviously there's there's senior discounts. Hopefully your place has that and if you're really old, like more power to you man, still fishing, still doing it. I love that. I love doing that too.

sometimes you'll see like a special area, cabin and reservoir is actually a water source for Boston. They don't like it. I don't think they let motorize vehicles there. they want to keep it like pristine. They've stock it with trout. they actually last over a year. So not like you are talking to all the time and they want to keep it pristine so they charges of money.

hunting is a similar way, but hey this is fishing at work. if you want to hunt awesome. there are lots of laws and lots of rules and lots of charges for that as well. You have to pay and you have to pay more. then there's big game, dear, bear, turkeys, I've even seen a moose go through my neighborhood. Now I only live a couple miles out from Boston It was an oddity. there is also coyotes around here. they are a little ominous. there's trapping. trappings a pretty popular pillar along the Appalachian Mountains.

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Bears everywhere! I think they're everywhere, but they're not as prominent as they used to be. it could be a further buyer and all these other weird things that don't know anything about. for all of you hunting folks, this is what you need to do and this is an easier way to do it. stinks when you can't make heads or tails of some of the rules and regulations, but here in Massachusetts they they actually charge you a monetary fee called a wildlife conservation stamp that's $1 or $5.

Yeah, $5 on top of what you already paid! so yes, more money to help the environment which is good. there's no guarantee that it's all going there, but somebody is trying to do more. hopefully your money is going the distance that it should. if not you should find out and make sure it does that.

So this is the end of the presentation on how to get a fishing license. I hope that once this 2019 year starts you go directly to the site, you get your license and you get prepared to go fishing. that's what I'll be doing.

Buy Fishing License Online

I'll be getting all my gear ready. I'll be getting new gear. I'll be finding places to store gear. I'll be trying to find ways to buy more gear without alerting the family. Hey Dwight where did you get all this stuff from? it was on sale... use that one. That one works! 

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