January 2

Focus On Fish

Focus On Fish

Okay it says we're live, we're live here at my humble place to focus on fish. I'm Dwight Norris of fishingatwork.com and here I am on YouTube Live, I haven't gotten anything else happening, as you can see me right here, this is how it works, you just click the live button and you're ready to go.

It's January 1 and Happy New Years to everybody out there. whoever managed to get out here on this beautiful Massachusetts day of 57 degrees. A little would be great fishing be had out and about even if you didn't fish you just had a great time with your family or your friends or maybe just yourself and just enjoying the weather and everything else that's going on.

Um, I want to talk about  what people normally talk about, when a new year starts, we're going to make changes, we're going to improve ourselves are going to do what we've always thought we wanted to do and we're going to actually stick to it.

But hopefully better than most people do they go to the gym, after that first one, two months, every all the regulars know that everybody else is going to disappear, and there'll be alone again, they're just people that start and once they see that it's actually hard working.

You have to continue doing the same things over and over again to get the results and quite may go back to whatever they're doing that's easier and it feels better, your mind tells you that so I wanted to talk about this live videos about what I'm going to be doing typically, for fishing at work, I'm doing several things. 

Focused On Fishing

The first of which is focusing on is this channel. I'm actually focusing on 2, 1, fishingatwork.com and helping you get where you need to go. So if you just want to catch more fish and others what a actually fish more often both for cool and both are actually the same thing. 

I try to convey that in my 10 step process to go fishingatwork PDF and also in the how to catch more bass PDF which you can get on fishingatwork.com right when the homepage and what I'm trying convey is if you want to catch more fish or catch more bass, you have to have more time to do that.

No Time To Go Fishing

You have to get the time to actually get the skills, to learn everything you need to know, to find them to properly present them with the techniques, to learn the techniques, to master the techniques, and then go someplace where they are, where you've learned, and actually use those techniques to catch the bass. 

Because you don't have any time like most people do, which is I believe well it's me I believe a lot of people in the audience are like myself. You have a nine to five job you work really hard, you virtually have no time or you don't think you do and yeah kids maybe one maybe two maybe a whole whole fleet of them and you're and you're married as well maybe or maybe not.

If you're in those that particular type of situation you really have to buckle down on what you want to get up to get where you want to be, if you want to be fishing all the time like you are or like you wish you will be when you actually retire if that happens then you have to know that you don't have to wait that long.

old fisherman

Because if you do you'll be a different person than you'll be old you'll be tired everything will be hurting, I'm getting closer to 40 and things are already creaking back hurts, my posture man is old but I'm starting to feel it and a little worried about what's gonna happen when you're older.

But I'm so happy that this plan so now I can actually fish every day I want to because my goals for like really are very simple. I kind of want to I don't want more but it says so simple. I want to be able to fish every day, I want to be able to bike, I bike every day. I want my big a pickup truck or the crew cab like to have a 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD if you know what mean.

It was lifted up a little bit had the bigger beefy tires. I don't like the big rims. They're stupid, I like the big, big tires come from Virginia I know, backroads mud slinging mud around also. I want to boat I don't know what type I now focus on getting the seagull 14 foot because I can go the ocean and I can go in the freshwater and I don't need 2 boats. 

I don't have a big driveway so I can't park there so it has go inside so I'm really tight of what I can do but everybody's different maybe you have a huge yard you can you can get a boat for cheap because they are on Craigslist. People are giving them away instead rotting on their their yards.

lipless crankbait

They're like us or like you or like anybody else you don't have any time you don't think they have any time in the boat sits there. The motor is rusted, you put it in the water after it's been sitting there for six months. It won't start or if it starts it's not peeing like I was talking about now.

Sorry, I was younger that the motor isn't team you got that problem. That means the words that going into the system and cooling it and actually lubricating it. So always make sure your outboard motor is peeing very, very important. But those are my goals. So I'm really focusing on actually giving you what you want, what you need to do that, you may or may not believe what I give you it's going to solve your problems.

But here's the thing I'm giving it to you for free to 10 step process to go fishing at work. It's down to the bare bones, I'm improving it and now it's in texts in the PDF. It's not that long. It's about 14-15 pages. One of the sections which is the time management section, which is extremely important.

There's a link there to go to the video you can watch the video and watch me do it. The process I do to find time to actually go fishing every day and you can do this as well, I suggest that you just get the PDF for free, do the time management strategy and then try it.

You don't even have to bring your fishing rods that will be worried about people finding you just try this out he not really good people think or say just have it written down somewhere and you say Oh, okay, now it's a  new boom, I'm gonna get my lunch that I've pre packed or that I pre-bought.

I'm gonna walk or drive or take the bus or train to wherever that location is and then I'm going to see how long that took and then I'm going to sit there for the pre describe time that I believe I have to actually go fishing. I'm going to sit there and imagine that I'm casting out and I'm fishing.

I'm catching fish. I'm smiling. I'm having a good time people watch me. Hey, that guy is catching fish. What kind of fish is that man? Little kids are all happy and stuff and then you open your eyes and then boom and time to go. Woah! I was here a long time, you go back your office and boom, you're there.

Maybe you have an actual fish tank because you actually took your fishing rod we just imagine it. You still have those memories in your brain and you are back in your job. I just want you to think about how you feel when you get there, where you're like oh man, what a waste of time.

Well, hell do I talk about this isn't cool. I didn't have any time to fish or holy crap do I I spent 40 minutes imagining fishing. Why ever my fishing rod how stupid I kind of caught a fish. I saw a fish I saw somebody else possibly fishing nearby. I wanted to join them. Hmm, maybe this is real. Maybe I should try this tomorrow.

This is all you really need. At this point, you can decide to do whatever you want to do. You can do an impression where you can do in salt water, maybe you have a boat nearby that you own and it's just tied to a tree or somewhere close to the water you could drive from your workplace back home which if you're that close that's pretty awesome and the slide in there go fishing and slide out go back to work and then everything's cool.

This is your time yet remember you go much that is your time given to you by the government to really do every you want to, it says lunch but it's not written down stone can do what ever you want with that time. You don't need to sit in their office, type at your desk in an extent Facebook or some other crap waste time.

Because honestly that's one of the biggest time suck summarize social media and this scrolling through the news feeds and other bullshit that nobody really cares about. Stop wasting your time and dealing with negativity and stuff you don't have time for that.

You have to focus on what you want to do whether it's quite fishing, going hunting you getting more money so you can afford more things or things you want to do, you have some of the goals in your life, need to focus on that because that's what's most important to you that's your top priority.

Take Action

For me right now my top priority is fishing, so that's why I put that on top that's why I'm going to be focusing on that. So that's very important to me, if fishing is very important for you you need to take initiative and you didn't you need to make it a priority and what you do and this really goes for anything like.

If you don't like maybe you don't want to go fishing because you might piss off your boss or something or you don't know what will happen, you're scared maybe it's about other things, maybe you're too scared to ask a promotion or what it takes to get a promotion or you're too scared ask for a raise after even after you've worked your ass off for three years you're just too scared.

So you probably don't know but if you don't ask you probably won't get by with a bother to ask you, Hey Brian, you seems to be working hard, you deserve a raise. Here you go Yes, sheath some money off at. It's a business, they want to keep as much earnings in their business as much as possible.

Business Suit

As long as you're there, you're working, you're doing what you're supposed to be doing. They have no incentive to pay you more, the only incentive they know it is the stats to say a certain amount of people will actually leave a job over a period of time and they don't want their top people to leave. So they'll give a little a little incentive but you always deserve more.

So you should ask them more, rather than asking make that your priority first and see what happens. They say no, you say oh, well, okay, what can I do to achieve that, export itemized list and when they give you the itemized list, you write it down and that's what you do the next six months whoever the next review is or the next 12 months and then when you have achieved those goals you go back to your boss and say I achieved these goals.

I'd like what I asked for, and honestly if you don't get that then you need to decide if that's the right thing place for you to work from now on. Maybe that's what's holding you back, maybe that's why you can do fishing because they're working to the bone, they don't want to give you anything, they're mean.

They don't want to they don't give their employees what they deserve and they think that you'll stay forever because you're too scared to leave and not like all the other people that are see value in themselves and their hedge.

I can go over here and get a bigger pay raise and get more time off and get better medical benefits and I'm closer to home and fishing spot. I'm gone man, peace, that could happen but if you don't try you'll never know.

So I kind of got off the rails there from fishing, but I believe that's important so there are two other things I'll be focusing on this year if you don't want to hear them because they're not directly related to fishing you can just leave, that's cool.

Check their is anybody only live stream, actually don't know how to figure out but nobody's talking the last 13 minutes and nothing's happening.

Visit My YouTube Channel

Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel. You can hit the subscribe button and be updated when I make videos which I'll be trying to do almost daily on great fishing topics.

Sleep Chronotype

So next thing we focusing on is getting some sleep because honestly haven't been component sleep at like one or 2am basically trying to make more time so. I love fishing go fishing at work I go fishing afterwards sometimes but not too often, now go fishing in the morning especially when I ride my bike.

So I'm getting my bike fixed right now so I can do that more often and you'll be seen excuse me a videos about that and I hope that maybe you'll try that as well, I've seen other people with fishing shows online that actually do that, they've never really named it or sending about it like commuter fishing or something but um.

Yeah I'll be focusing on the keywords, directional searches can hear my children screaming upstairs with my with my mother in law and my wife but uh. I'll be fine. Lost my trail of there, so yes sleep I need to get more sleep so I looked into some weird like down my asleep chrono type to pick out what I am.

I'm Chrono type problem with like some of the people that work themselves down that the A positive people who liked us, they are perfectionist they like to fix things they're engineers, I'm an engineer it perfect perfectly described me, so basically I need to sleep at least six hours a night.

Which is a lot, they say people need to sleep eight, but for me six is good enough, what I was getting? Four. So I'd come home and I would be passing out when the bus or just white on the bike, kind of like up so tired came and turn the pedals so, I'm gonna be doing more of that.

Because I've been kind of foggy brain do I get home and I tried to do the fishing at work stuff and my Norris unlimited  digital marketing for fishing which is my other thing I'm focusing on splitting my brain and I get home I'm I'm scattered range I need to focus on one thing that's what I'm doing.

Each thing I'll be focusing on one thing for fishing network I was focusing on getting those keywords which you're searching for. I want to focus in on the ones that you as my audience need to go fishing at work and just those and I'm going to writing awesome quality content on a video and one text and getting it out there and everybody can see and maybe you can start my podcasts to get my my sleep right.

then for Norris  unlimited my digital marketing I'm going to be going out to all those people in fishing industry locally first and try my best to help them I know I can I just need to tell them how I can and show them some results which I've gotten from my own websites and other people's websites as well and then I can help them move forward with that as well.

So sleep is important and if you're not getting yourself for whatever reason you should work on it immediately. Your mind will open up you'll get tons more energy you won't look like you're dying because you're staying up till like almost sunrise for like six months, I should stop saying like that's another goal .

Eat Better

Eating While Fishing

Another goal is to start eating better, because I've gained a ridiculous amount of weight. I'd say I need to lose about 40 plus pounds and be kind of odd to me because I'm six foot seven but it's there in a slow me down nice and it's taking more energy.

I mean I'm sleeping more energy away from this more energy from from helping you and that's the three things I want to focus on this year is actually providing value to you by visitors, a customers my clients, I want to sleep more so I'll actually be a better person and be able to do more work and also want to eat better so I will be healthier person that lives longer and this healthier.

So when I get older I'll actually still be able to ride my bike and go fishing every day around a truck with the big tires in my book, that's it that's all one simple, simple right why can't we have these things? So I'm working on this goal you have a goal for your year or your life both want you to really focus on that.

if it's fishing because you're here you should go to my website fish network that club you get a 10 step process to go fishing at work and just read it and try it out this try it out if it's not hard it's winter might be a little hard if you're up north every down south you should try it tomorrow.

The weather is going to be nice and I'm going to be going down there soon and doing some ocean fishing you'll see that on the tube. Hopefully I'll be able to catch something I'm gonna do a little research in this next couple of days and talk to some people down there and figure out where can I get on the fish.

Doesn't matter what it is I just got to catch them that we bring my son with me so if you'll follow the video. So yes and also get the more mass media which is a 45 page document with tips tricks and techniques about how to catch more and bigger bass.

Which is what most people want to know. if you really want to know, you have more time to catch a bass, he's gonna catch more bass. That's what you should focus on. Sorry clapping is too loud.

So I'm Dwight Norris, fishing at work, here on the live stream and I'm signing out.

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